Draft News: Anes, Kircus To Workout For Ravens

Curt Anes and David Kircus, Grand Valley States record setting tandem, held a private workout today for a member of the Chicago Bears coaching staff. The workout, which lasted for approximately an hour and a half, allowed Curt to throw over 100 passes into and through a stiff 10-15 mile per hour wind.

Anes arm strength proved to be exceptional, as his velocity never wavered throughout the drills.

Kircus, who shattered multiple NCAA all-division receiving records this season and then went on to be named the Hula Bowl's MVP and Offensive Player of the Game, ran precise routes and continued to learn more about the professional game throughout the afternoon.

Finally, each player will be working out again this Thursday, April 3rd, for the Baltimore Ravens as they come back to GVSU for a second time in two weeks.

Curt Anes and David Kircus are represented by Masterplan Group International (MGI), a sports management firm based in Chicago. MGI is committed to serving the well-being of the athlete and their family with honesty, integrity, and respect. All questions can be directed to MGI's president Josh Wright at (312) 583-0269.

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