McClain: 'I'm in for Sunday'

Perhaps wanting to assuage rampant doubts about his sprained left ankle, Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl fullback Le'Ron McClain sprinted off the practice field Friday with reporters watching him dash into the locker room.

"I feel good, no pain or anything," McClain said. "I went out there and had a good pradtice. Yeah, I'm in for Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure. I'm good, man. I'm going to be ready for Sunday. It just depends on the coaches, if they want to use me Sunday or not." McClain wore a plastic brace around his ankle, and his cleat and ankle were taped up. McClain said that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has contingency plans in case he can't go. The team signed veteran fullback Jason McKie earlier this week. "Just like last week, I know Cam has got a plan if I play or if I don't," McClain said. McClain said he never had any swelling in his ankle. He denied rumors that he had a high-ankle sprain. "I knew it wasn't that serious because I didn't have no swelling," McClain said. "I knew it was all pain. I'm working all the kinks out of my ankle. I went out and had a good practice. I've got no pain. "It was just a whole bunch of pain. I couldn't step on it Sunday. Now, I'm running around like nothing's wrong." McClain said he worked with the first-team offense Friday. "I took reps with the ones," he said. "I did some pass block plays. I had a running play. I ran the ball. I feel good." Wide receiver Derrick Mason predicted that McClain will play Sunday. "Le'Ron looked good," Mason said. "It's hard to miss this game. He's going to do what he needs to do to get back to play Sunday." Ravens coach John Harbaugh wasn't in much of a mood to discuss injuries.

"He's spry," Harbaugh said with a laugh when asked about McClain. "I think that's appropriate." Wanting to keep the Steelers in the dark about McClain's status, Harbaugh claimed to have no knowledge about whether McClain will be able to play Sunday night. "About our fullback? I have no idea," Harbaugh said. "We'll see. I don't know. Thanks for asking, thoug

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