Earl Holmes Moves On

After a year with the Cleveland Browns, Earl Holmes is moving on. A little over a month after being cut by the Browns in a salary-cap move, Holmes has signed a three-year deal with the Detroit Lions.

Reports from ESPN and LionsFans this morning describe how Browns linebacker Earl Holmes has signed a three-year deal with the Detroit Lions. Lionsfans states that Holmes will make $1.75 million.

Apparently ignoring the Browns' lack of success stopping the run, GM Matt Millen and head coach Steve Mariucci have managed to sign both Wali Rainer and Holmes to man the center of their defense. Rainer preceeded Holmes as the team's starting middle linebacker and, like Holmes, led the Browns in tackles while he was here.

When the Browns signed Holmes, it was noted that his contract was constructed such that it would be relatively easy for the Browns to "rent" him for a year and then release him. Such was the case prior to March 1, when the the Browns released all three of the 2002 starting linebackers to get under the cap.

Another Browns linebacker may be headed for Baltimore. With Tampa Bay's signing of Dwayne Rudd and Kansas City signing Vonnie Holliday, it appears that the Ravens are the only one of three teams interested in Jamir Miller who haven't filled their needs in other ways. Monday, at the HOF luncheon club meeting, Davis stated that he would like to have Miller back if it can be done within the confines of the salary cap.

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