Exclusive Interview With Nate Bolling

Nate Bolling spent the 2002 training camp with the Baltimore Ravens before ending up on their practice squad. He has been assigned to the Scottish Claymores for the 2003 NFLE season. Gridiron Gateway got a chance to speak to him at the Claymores practice facility.

GG: What had you heard of NFLE before you came across.
NB: Well last year, at Baltimore , about half the D line had played in NFLE. Guys like Kelly Gregg (Rhein Fire 2001) , Marques Douglas( Rhein Fire 2000) Riddick Parker (Rhein Fire 96) So those guys told what to expect in Europe. They had been across to perfect what they were good at, it's a lot like Triple A baseball. I hope I can come across here and get a little better while the other guys are at home lifting weights and running . I'm getting to do what I do for a living

GG: What do you hope to get out of being a Claymore
NB: No doubt, win a World Bowl

GG: Have the Ravens given you any ideas of what their plans are for you next year
NB: Nope , but I have a training camp spot for next year and I've a good shot of a roster spot.

GG: What's your preferred position , End or Tackle
NB: Tackle. At college we played 4-3 for a couple of years and I was tackle, then we went to 3-4 and I moved to end where I played with the Ravens and now with the Claymores.

GG: Ever fancied playing Nose Tackle
NB: No, I don't have the ass for NT

GG: Who has been the biggest influence on your football career
NB: There's several names , I guess the first one would be David Hansbarger, my High School coach. Then Jim Caldwell my head coach at college for four years, I was a punk kid when I went to college, he turned me into a man. But really there are a lot of people responsible for my career.

GG: What do you make of coach Tomsula's style of coaching
NB: It's great , he's in your face and I love that style. But he's also a great motivator as well as a great coach. He knows his stuff and I can learn a lot from him over here.

GG: Do you have a nickname
NB: None that I'd care to repeat, other than one of the Scottish journalists is calling me Captain Caveman

GG: Any other Wake Forest graduates in NFLE this year
NB: My college roommate for four years, Mike Collins has been allocated by the Ravens to the Amsterdam Admirals. He plays offensive line so I'm really looking forward to playing against him , if he's fit.

GG: Did the game against Thunder go according to plan
NB: We exceeded our expectations, going into the game we had in our minds that all NFLE were close and that both teams would have a chance to win the game in the last two minutes. Hopefully we can build on that performance

GG: What about this week against Galaxy
NB: It's going to be interesting, they have the best defense in the league we have the best offense , lets see who wins

Special Thanks To: George Pate / Rams Nation

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