Sergio Kindle's DWI court date set

OWINGS MILLS -- Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Sergio Kindle was assigned a May 18 court date in Howard County District Court in his driving under the influence case, according to Maryland court records. The case was postponed on March 8 due to Kindle's lawyer, Warren Alperstein, having a scheduling conflict.

Kindle was arrested on Dec. 26 shortly after 4 a.m. after being pulled over in Howard County in Savage when an officer saw his vehicle weaving in and out of lanes.

According to a police report, an officer detected an odor of alcohol and reported that Kindle had bloodshot, glassy eyes.

Kindle acknowledged having a few drinks, telling the arresting officer that he was coming from a Washington nightclub and was driving a friend to the airport.

Kindle is looking forward to putting the case behind him.

"The main thing is I want to get it over with and figure out what they're going to do," Kindle said in a recent telephone interview with the Carroll County Times. "I don't know how the Maryland law works, but I want to get it behind me and not have to worry about it anymore." Ravens coach John Harbaugh recently expressed optimism that Kindle could eventually be cleared after missing his entire rookie season with a fractured skull.

"There's some hope there, there's a chance," Harbaugh said during a conference call with season ticket holders. "I'm more optimistic now than ever before that he has a chance to come back and play. It will just be a matter of seeing how well he does."

Kindle visited neurological specialists in Boston and Michigan and told the Times that it went well, but emphasized there was nothing definitive learned about his status. "I don't know how to describe it exactly in medical terms, but they're very pleased with his progress," Harbaugh said. ‘There's a chance he could be cleared to compete in football at some point and time."

Harbaugh was adamant that Kindle has to get medically cleared before the team can begin making any plans for him on the field. If the Ravens get Kindle back, they'll have a second-round draft pick who never played last season and was named All-Big 12 Conference at the University of Texas.

"He'll go out there and compete with everybody else," Harbaugh said. "If he can regain some of that form he had at Texas, here's a guy that's a big, fast, strong, aggressive guy who loves football and can rush the passer, that would be a bonus for us. That's for sure." The Ravens have been scouting several pass rushers as they look for someone to work in tandem with Pro Bowl outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, including Purdue defensive end Ryan Kerrigan and Georgia outside linebacker Justin Houston.

Kindle said it wouldn't bother him if the Ravens drafted another pass rusher given his situation. The Ravens signed Kindle to a one-year, $320,000 contract last fall that didn't include a signing bonus. They have retained his rights by assigning him an exclusive rights tender.

"Of course, I have no say in who they draft," Kindle said. "I don't mind at all. I would welcome the guy in as a teammate. If they clear me, you're going to have a hell of a competition on their hands to beat me out. I love to compete, so I'm not worried about that. Nobody is going to hand you anything on the football field. You have to earn it."

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