Ravens union rep Chris Carr

OWINGS MILLS - Baltimore Ravens cornerback and players' union representative Chris Carr took part in a Ustream video where he answered questions from fans regarding the labor dispute with NFL owners. As we all know, the union has decertified. The owners have locked out the players. And the union has filed an antitrust lawsuit in federal court in Minnesota. Here's a sampling of what Carr had to say

"We've been doing everything in our power to get a deal done. We want to get a deal done. That (decertifying) was our last option. Our strategy from the get-go was to get a deal done. "Litigation was a last-ditch effort to get a deal done. Two years of negotiating didn't work. Now we're in a lockout."

And Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Tyson Clabo also weighed in on the situation, staying on message with similar remarks as the decertified union reached out to fans in the ongoing public relations war.

"Decertification was our way of ensuring that we had football," Clabo said. "So we really did it for the game. We appreciate all your support, all your love for the game and we'll do everything we can to get all this figured out."

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