Tom Zbikowski to fight again April 23

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Following his toughest boxing match yet as a professional, Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is going to get back in the ring next month in the Dallas area. The April 23 fight is set for an Indian casino, according to Top Rank boxing officials.

Zbikowski won by unanimous decision over Caleb "True Grit" Grummet in four rounds Saturday night. It was his first fight that has gone the distance after winning his previous two bouts by knockout.

Zbikowski is being trained by legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward, and Roy Jones Jr. is interesting in sparring with the NFL player. Zbikowski is expected to fight this summer in Los Angeles on June 5. Potential sites include the Staples Center or Dodger Stadium. Zbikowski proved he can take a punch in the fourth round when he was struck by a hard uppercut by Grummet that temporarily wobbled him. He gave Grummet a bloody nose in the third round with an uppercut of his own. "Good, learning experience," Steward said. "He got hit real hard. He's beginning to learn what it's all about. People think boxing is easy, but it's not. I want him to come with me for personal boxing training."

Zbikowski would like to eventually fight in Baltimore. Zbikowski wants to win the cruiserweight title.

"It's still young," Zbikowski said. "This is my third fight and only my second fight back after five years off. So, just keep progressing and see how it goes."

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