Tom Zbikowski wins by first-round TKO

Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski remains undefeated in the boxing ring following a devastating technical knockout victory Saturday night over Blake Warner. After a somewhat challenging unanimous decision over Caleb Grummet in Atlantic City in his previous bout, Zbikowski took care of business in the first round to defeat Warner at WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Okla.

Zbikowski is 4-0 with three knockouts. According to the Daily Oklahoman, the fight was stopped without a count when Zbikowski hammered Warner with a right uppercut. "This was my best win since coming back from a five-year layoff," Zbikowski told Oklahoma reporters. "I felt composed and relaxed out there."I'm a body puncher, and he was really leaning back in his stance, which was making it tough to get a clean shot. ..

"I had to get him leaning forward and the body shots did that. That was my cleanest knockout yet. It was a quick uppercut. I'm actually excited to see the replay myself." Zbikowski won't take much time off. His next two fights are set for May 21 and June 4 in California in Cabazon and Los Angeles, respectively.

The Ravens have been supportive of Zbikowski's boxing pursuits. As an unsigned restricted free agent in the midst of a lockout, Zbikowski is free to do what he wants.

"One good thing about it is he's going to be in great shape," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said during the annual league meetings in New Orleans. "You can't get in football shape boxing just like I'm sure you can't get in boxing shape unless you box. You can't get in football shape unless you play football. "I don't worry about Zibby being in football shape. I know it's very important to him. As a coach, I feel okay about that because I know football is very important to him."

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