Tom Zbikowski suspension rescinded

OWINGS MILLS -- Baltimore Ravens backup safety Tom Zbikowski has been cleared by the Oklahoma boxing commission that initially suspended him for 45 days after he allegedly tested positive last weekend for traces of marijuana, according to his boxing manager and attorney.

Zbikowski was retested by an independent drug lab in Chicago and has now had his suspension rescinded following a successful appeal.

"Tommy is very relieved," Mike Joyce, Zbikowski's manager and lawyer, told the Carroll County Times. "Tommy works too hard and puts his body through too much to risk his NFL and boxing career by putting anything illegal in his body. Tommy has never used illegal or banned substances. He's a clean-living guy.

"We're very grateful that the Chickasaw Nation acted so quickly. The people at the Chickasaw Nation were very professional and treated us with courtesy. Tommy is glad that this ordeal is over." The Zbikowski camp immediately questioned the validity of the testing procedures in the wake of the NFL player and four other boxers all testing positive. Joyce said that the fighters had to urinate into a cup and then a testing strip was placed in the cup, comparing the procedure to taking an extremely inexpensive home pregnancy test.

"Like I said, the guys I know that smoke pot are all big fat guys that have the munchies," Joyce said. "Tom doesn't even eat pizza. He treats his body as a temple. He has passed hundreds of NFL and NCAA tests. He doesn't do drugs." Zbikowski is 4-0 with three knockouts, including a first-round technical knockout on Saturday in Thackersville, Okla., at WinStar Casino.

Zbikowski has upcoming boxing matches in California, including a June 4 bout at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

However, the former Notre Dame star's boxing schedule will depend on the Ravens' offseason program schedule now that the players have been granted an injunction halting the lockout. The NFL has appealed the ruling.

"Depending on the lockout, everything is up in the air," Joyce said. "Tom is a team player and he's up for a starting role this year. As soon as they're allowed back into the building, he might be going back to Baltimore to start training with the Ravens. We're at the mercy of the NFL."

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