Round One Winners...And Losers

While its' still on paper and very early, a quick look at the winners and losers from a fast and furious first round of the 2003 NFL Draft.


Baltimore- You can look at this a number of ways but we feel they may have gotten the bargain of the draft with Terrell Suggs at pick ten and basically used next year's first round choice to get their quarterback of the future 12 months early...and only gave up a second rounder.

Cincinnati- Palmer is not a sure thing and may not even be the best player in the draft but considering the way Mike Brown does business, having their first selection signed a week before the draft rather than a week after the season starts is a step in the right direction.

Jacksonville- They choose their quarterback of the future and a player many anointed as the first pick of the draft last September...all at selection number 8!

New England- Ty Warren should provide immediate production and they got an extra first round pick in 2004 with their trade.

Philadelphia-In the end they traded Al Harris for Jerome McDougle...not a bad deal.


Arizona- The recent trend of drafting in the top ten does not look like it will end anytime soon.

New Orleans- We like Sullivan's potential but they gave away an awful lot to draft him 7 picks earlier than his grade warrents.

Denver- Trading down to take a project at tackle like Foster would've been the smart move were they hell bent on taking the Georgia blocker.

Cleveland- Much to early for Faine.

Indianapolis- Now they have a pair of tight ends who can't block.

Kansas City- Like the player, don't like the combination of Johnson and KC....newsflash; Vermeil was ready to pull the trigger on Johnson in the 16th slot.

Oakland- Nnamdi Asomugha is a nice player but not first round material.

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