Joining a New Team

With the addition of Orlando Brown, Frank Sanders, Corey Fuller, Joe Salave'a and those to come, we are progressing toward a season that has promise and intrigue. The players that we have added all have some qualities that our team needs. One of the main qualities is experience as veterans. These players have all played for different teams and have done so at different levels. One thing is for sure is that they can and will assist both on and off the field.

I have had time to be around Joe while helping out in the weight room. He is has not backed down from any of the demands placed on him by the staff and has been a tremendously hard worker. Good examples can lead just by working hard...a good example and our kids need that.

I feel that Orlando, Corey and Frank will also bring along that quality. While Joe is a quiet type and a silent leader, these three will provide a more vocal presence. Orlando is a tenacious warrior type that will set the tone. He is the type of player that will intimidate an opponent and he is hungry. Better yet he is starving for some football. HE WORE HIS HELMET INTO THE WEIGHT ROOM TO RIDE THE BIKE. He is a tireless worker and is getting bigger and stronger every week. Corey was cited on many occasions for making sure the opponent knew where he stood. As you know we were that opponent. Frank is a confident type with a spiritual twang. This too will provide some special place for a team of young players trying to find their way.

This type of influence will be evident in the development of the younger players. It will serve as a motivator and will demand that they get to the next level. With this type of pressure coming from accomplished veteran leadership, our young and exposed players will have to step up or move to the side. I for one believe that our players will step up because of the experience that was provided last year. They already believe and with the new addition and challenge to their positions, the heat is already on. TRUST

As we progress through the upcoming mini-camps and training camp this summer, keep your eyes on these guys and what is to come.

Another aspect considering the addition of players from other teams is they will realize that the Ravens organization is a family and they will let our players know this. We take care of our players and their families. They players are kept fresh and prepared to produce on gameday with our system and the families are looked after off the field with our family room at the stadium and the excellent player development department that we have. (Toot...Toot) Just ask any of the players and their families that have gone on to other teams. They have told me just how good they had it here.

Overall, play on the field will be evident and what they give to the other guys through leadership will be an invaluable asset. 

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