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Pre-Draft Insider Chat Transcript

<p>Last week, before the draft, we opened up the BynersInsiders chat room to all. Aaron Wilson was in rare form and was quite prophetic with some of his statements. <p>We hold these chats every Wednesday at 8:30PM. Please consider a <A HREF="">subscription</a> so that you can join us this week. For a limited time, a years subscription to BynersInsiders includes 52 weeks of The Sporting News magazine. Ra! <p>Enjoy the transcript.

AaronWilson Good evening everyone. Ready for your questions.
ravensrock aaron - whats up with jamir miller? are we going to sign him anytime soon or are the browns going to get him?
AaronWilson It remains quiet on the Jamir Miller front. No contract has been struck with either franchise. Judging from Carmen Policy's comments from earlier this week, a greater probability exists of him eventually signing with the Baltimore Ravens provided he makes a decision soon.
ravensrock hopefully we canget him before the draft so we dont have to draft an extrea linebacker
AaronWilson The Ravens don't want to have to expend any high draft selections on an already well-stocked position obviously. They are unlikely to let Jamir Miller's decision or indecision rather affect their draft philosphy.
AaronWilson I think it would require in addition to the Ravens' 10th pick, a second-round pick in next year's draft and definitely a third-rounder in this one.
crowdog89 Hey all
Prolific It's Pro here, first time being on chat. Do I have to wait my turn?
weblink21 wow. do you think that is worth it for a franchise qb?
ravensrock Do you think that if Leftwich is unavailable, than Kennedy is a solid #2 option if he's there. He looks like a good selection from the stats ive seen.
ravensrock o ok sorry about that
AaronWilson In my humble opinion, Byron Leftwich is worth expending more than one first or second-round pick. He's a very good football player.
weblink21 i didnt know there were turns either. sorry about that. please let me know when i can ask a ?
ravensrock ok
AaronWilson As far as Jimmy Kennedy aka ""Grizzly Bear,"" the Ravens would be thrilled with that option at 10th overall. What I believe they would like to avoid having to do is not being able to trade up, having Byron Leftwich and Jimmy Kennedy off the board and being forced to take Washington State cornerback Marcus Trufant at 10th overall. It's an unlikely scenario, but an unattractive one, too. They could always trade back, which is always simpler to accomplish.
Prolific Aaron, how's it goin? Must be hectic for ya huh? My question is if the Ravens were to trade back and miss out on Boller, what other options are they considering?
AaronWilson Going well, Prolific. Thanks for asking. How are you?
AaronWilson In terms of your question, do you mean outside of the draft or, say, in the second or third round in regards to quarterback?
HDDream I've got a question whenever a spot is open
Prolific I'm good. This is a little different being my first time and all. In regards to my last question, I meant in the first round regardless of position.-Pro-
AaronWilson If they miss out on Kyle Boller having already moved down to acquire him, they would likely draft the top wideout or defensive lineman that could fit their 3-4 to wherever they trade down to in the first.
AaronWilson Think, say, Bryant Johnson or perhaps Johnathan Sullivan or William Joseph.
AaronWilson Just depends how far they would move down to.
Prolific Isn't Johnson a reach in the middle of the first round?
EAP52 can we ask questions at anytime??
darb72 so much for the password huh
EAP52 I have a question steve
AaronWilson I think the Ravens won't have any problems looking at the draft and understanding how far they can move and still ensure get Kyle Boller. Johnson is an example for if they moved to the end of the first round.
weblink21 I want to draft Leftwich bad but I think that dt is our biggest need. who do you see being there in the 2nd. i really am not a big kelly gregg fan.
crowdog89 EAP, I think you go after HD
ravensrock Aaron, do you see us drafting a Chris Simms or someone like that, a QB in the second round if we dont get Leftwich or Boller in the first?
darb72 just whenever you get to it, do you think the Ravens would trade their second and third rounders to pick up Kelly Washington?
AaronWilson Kenny Peterson from Ohio State, Texas A&M's Ty Warren, Colorado's Tyler Brayton and Nebraska's Chris Kelsay.
weblink21 i would like to get warren. didnt think he would be there in 2nd
AaronWilson I believe they like Chris Simmms more than Dave Ragone at this point, but, probably not enough to draft a QB in the second round. It appears the Ravens would address other higher-rated players in the second round rather than reaching for another quarterback.
ravensrock ok
Prolific I'd like to ask another question whenever I can get another turn.-Pro-
AaronWilson That would indicate they are actually serious about getting involved with Brian Griese after he's cut from the Denver Broncos after June 1.
weblink21 steve. can i get back in line?
darb72 and so it begins
ravensrock i have another 1
AaronWilson No, I don't think they would give up that much for Kelley Washington. They are one of the teams that has reservations about the spinal fusion surgery he had in November to fuse two vertebrae damaged on a concussive hit against Georgia.
HDDream Aaron, do you think the Ravens worst case scenario is that it's either Gross or Trufant of the top 10 players who are still around at 10? Also, which team do you see being the most likely to move up from the teens? NE with the 14th? The top 4 DTs will likely be gone at 14, so I think they make sense
darb72 wow. we're being all nice and polite this time around. Aaron must still be tired from all the articles he's put up
ravensrock i have another q
AaronWilson Yes, that's their worst-case scenario unless your name is Jim Colletto, the offensive line coach, or Donnie Henderson, the secondary coach. I think New England, the Saints and the Jets are all potential trading partners with New Orleans appearing to be particularly eager to move up for defensive assistance.
EAP52 Good evening all!! My question is a later round question. How interested are the Ravens in WR David Kircus?
darb72 this is not that kind of chat room Steve
HDDream EAP knows his place, lol
weblink21 do you really think that jax is serious about taking leftwich or do yu think it is a smoke screen. i would love to get him without a trade
HDDream nah, Darb, that's a Bengals chat room, they are used to being beaten
darb72 lol
AaronWilson They haven't exactly been gushing about him. They seem to have their eyes on a few sleepers such as Rob Adamson, the QB from Mount Union, and an offensive guard from Arkansas Pine-Bluff named Courtney Van Buren. Haven't heard Kircus' name bandied about.
EAP52 thanks!! he was a sleeper pick of mine!!
AaronWilson No, apparently James ""Shack"" Harris really wanted Daunte Culpepper over Chris McAlister back in 1999. He's of the firm belief, as a former Pro Bowl quarterback, that you never pass on the franchise quarterback.
darb72 welcome back Crow.
EAP52 the Mt. Union kid is GOOD!!
crowdog89 That's 1 darb
weblink21 damn. i now hate jax
weblink21 sorry i alredy entered mine
Prolific I like WR David Kircus too Darb72, he's got raw talent. My question is, what teams are the Ravens entertaining in regards to both trading up and/or trading down?-Pro-
ravensrock Aaron, is there any possibility that we get suggs at 10, if the cardinals dont get him. He'd be a great addition (besides his 40 time) and ive seen him go to us in a few mock drafts around the web.
darb72 Will Crow ever get a stable internet connection?
weblink21 put me back in line please
HDDream I think Minnesota would grab Suggs if he was there
ravensrock nah i dont think so
darb72 don't worry about me Steve. I just want to read and make sarcastic remarks. :)
HDDream Darb, sarcastic? who would have guessed?
AaronWilson If they trade up, it's probably with the Minnesota Vikings, whom they have good communication with because of Brian Billick's friendship with Vikings head coach Mike Tice. The Chicago Bears' Jerry Angelo will want an arm, a leg and your first-born to move from No. 10 to No. 4. Plus, he wants to get this pick right after drafting Keith McCants in Tampa Bay 13 years ago. This time, look for him to play it safe and get Kentucky'sDewayne Robertson.
darb72 this time I think he just quit.
Prolific Is EB on? Hope he has time to stop by. I'd like to know what his opinion is on Willis McGahee's amazing comeback.
AaronWilson I think they would have trouble with Terrell Suggs not only because he's likely the target of the Arizona Cardinals, who want to sell tickets as well as win football games, and he's viewed as a 3-4 outside linebacker by Baltimore. He might not fit their need particularly if they are confident that they'll eventually acquire Jamir Miller.
darb72 Pro, EB and the rest of the front office are a little nervous after I threatened them with ex-lax reece's penutbutter cups.
HDDream Aaron, do you think they might look for another RB in the middle rounds to add to the backfield as another backup with Taylor?
weblink21 do you see us taking any wr's in the draft. if so who and what round?
ravensrock On June 1, what veterans do you see getting released that the Ravens would be interested in?
weblink21 any new news on marcus robinson ?
darb72 Web, if Johnson from Penn is still there in the second, I don't see how the Ravens could pass him up.
AaronWilson Yes, I think they have sincere interest in City College graduate Bryant Johnson, the Nittany Lions' versatile senior. They would love to draft him in the second round. Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, Phil Savage and David Shaw have all expressed enthusiasm about Johnson, who visited the Ravens training complex.
weblink21 he would look good in purple
darb72 damn I'm good
EAP52 IF Jordan Gross is still available at 10 do the Ravens take him?? Or will they be happy with Brooks and Brown at tackle??
AaronWilson Muhsin Muhammad, Shaun King, Brian Griese to name a few.
ravensrock ok
Prolific How close are the Ravens to actually getting Miller to sign on the dotted line? Will they reduce their offer if Steinberg makes him wait until after the draft?-Pro-
weblink21 i like muhammad
darb72 I like Kyle Turley.
AaronWilson It's been quiet on Marcus Robinson, but he'll likely visit after the draft. His agent, Ken Sarnoff, told me that he would visit Arizona, Oakland and San Francisco first. Apparently, the Redskins and Patriots aren't interested.
HDDream I'd be surprised if the Miller situation isn't resolved one way or the other before the draft
darb72 hey, 16 minutes. Maybe i'm finally letting it go. Nahhhh
weblink21 turley and ogden would of looked good on the same line!!
AaronWilson They have already made their contract offer. It won't get ay higher. It could be reduced if he doesn't push the button on a deal. Leigh Steinberg, his agent, has been out of the office a lot and seems more focused on rookie client Kwame Harris, the Stanford tackle likely to go in the first round.
HDDream Aaron, can you fill us in the new turf being installed at the stadium? Will it be simliar to the FieldTurf used in Seattle and Detroit?
darb72 that's two Crow. just four more and you beat your own record
weblink21 do you think that miller would play end or linebacker
AaronWilson As far as Jordan Gross goes, they would take him if they have to because he would carry the proper grade for that position, but they are content for now with their right tackle situation. If Bennie Anderson doesn't get himself in top shape, they might have some competition for him at right guard. I know acquiring a guard is a goal of the Ravens.
Crowdog89 I left on my own that time darb...doesn't count.
darb72 I thought you did. Oh well, back to five
AaronWilson They are holding a press conference tomorrow at 1 p.m. to discuss all the particulars of the new surface. I will attend this press conference, which will include Brian Bilick, Matt Stover and Orlando Brown and get the whole skinny on the new field. I understand Stover loves the new surface.
AaronWilson Miller would play linebacker.
AaronWilson He would work at end on third downs and other obvious passing situations.
darb72 What guards do you think the Ravens would be looking at, and what round
darb72 I still love what you said about guards being undervalued. That made my week
AaronWilson Montrae Holland, third round, Vince Manuwai, second round, Derrick Dockery, third round, Torrin Tucker, fifth or sixth round, Courtney Van Buren seventh round or free agent contract.
darb72 Torrin Tucker would be a great pick-up that late. The guy has some skills
EAP52 I am on a GVSU kick Aaron!! Is there interest from the FO on Kurt Anes? Mainly if they don't get Lefty or Boller in the first.
HDDream guards, centers and safeites are the most undervalued positions in football
AaronWilson They traditionally like Southern Mississippi football players, too.
darb72 and guards are never problems off the field. We're to fat to cause trouble
Prolific I hope that they like my guy, OG Montrae Holland. He's severely underrated. This guy only gave up two sacks in the last two years starting. That's incredible! Aaron, what round do you think they may try and get him?
weblink21 do you think redding will will still be there in the 3rd?
darb72 that's because the South grows their linemen big and mean.
HDDream Aaron, any chance they grab a RB in the middle rounds to add another backup to go along with Taylor?
AaronWilson I think they like Curt Anes, but obviously he wouldn't solve their quarterback problem anytime soon. He would need development and coaching that perhaps isn't quite available here. Baltimore hasn't done particularly well as far as nurtuing a young passer's development. I'm not convinced that Chris Redman improved that much in his first couple of years watching Trent Dilfer and Elvis Grbac.
AaronWilson I think they will look for a one-back type in the middle rounds as well as taking advantage of the wealth of fullbacks.
AaronWilson The Ravens like the depth at running back, just not the quality at the top.
EAP52 Agreed Aaron. Anes will be a good pick up for a team that has time to develop him
darb72 I just hope they stay away from Onterio Smith. We really don't need him and Jamal hanging out togather.
AaronWilson For example, if Georgia's Musa Smith was available in the third round, the Ravens would likely pounce on him.
weblink21 i do not think Redman has what it takes to be a quality qb in the nfl
HDDream oh no
weblink21 just my opinion
darb72 oh yeah, all he did was guide the Ravens to a 3-3 record in his first six starts, against the toughet competition we faced
AaronWilson As for Onterrio Smith, he had positive test for marijuana at Tennessee then a drunk driving arrest reduced to driving with a suspended license after his transfer to Oregon. Still, he's got speed to burn.
darb72 7-3 td to int ratio
AaronWilson Next question, please, before we incite any Chris Redman debate/riots. lol.
EAP52 IMO Redman will be fine with a line and WR's to get the ball to.
HDDream If they trade down from 10, any chance they will decide to trade back up from their 2nd round pick?
weblink21 do you think corey redding will be there in the 3rd?
darb72 to late. I'm the president of the Redman forever club. Formerly known as the Trade for Kyle Turley Club. The front office will never listen to me will they
AaronWilson Perhaps, if there's a player they truly covet a few spots ahead. Remember how they engineered that move last year to get Tony Weaver by trading with the Washington Redskins.
weblink21 i think the fo knows something about redman. they see him practice everyday
darb72 now if the Redskins had any picks left to trade, then we'd be sitting pretty
AaronWilson Cory Redding from Texas probably would be there in the third round, yes. There's such a proliferation of defensive linemen, particularly tackles, that he'll slide a bit. He's talented, though. Former USA Today High School Defensive Player of the Year.
HDDream that's what I'm thinking, it seems like they have a top 50 or so, and then after that they view the next 50 pretty similiarly, which is why they seem to never end up with a 3rd round pick
Prolific Aaron, what players that'll be available after round one would fit the Ravens 'Pro-fyle' for a good NT? This year's draft is a weak one for true NT's and I'd like to know who the Ravens are considering?-Pro-
AaronWilson Chris Redman is working extremely hard and his rehab is going really well actually.
weblink21 i hope he gets back to 100%%
weblink21 i hope that he will prove me wrong
darb72 about Redman. I'm never wrong. I thought I was once, but I was mistaken
weblink21 lol
EAP52 This could be a little off topic and I am out of the loop, but how is Ray doing?
AaronWilson There aren't many classic two-gappers, though Penn State's Anthony Adams is certainly stout enough. They could also consider someone like Rashad Moore, James Lee or Aubrayo Franklin in much later rounds.
darb72 way to change the subject EAP. What the heck does that stand for anyway
AaronWilson I saw Ray Lewis today. He said he feels great. He comes in to work out every morning fairly early, around 7:30 a.m.
darb72 Eating All the Pizzas
EAP52 Edgar Allen Poe
darb72 I like it
weblink21 how about calico? where will he go?
darb72 is the front office still ""arguing"" about Boller at the 10th spot
AaronWilson Tyrone Calico should probably last until the latter portion of the third round. He has the computer numbers, but lacks the route running skills and hands. He has a Terrell Owens build, though.
weblink21 i hope not. i dont want him at 10
Prolific Aaron, I might have missed it but is there any info on DB Tom Knight's status? Is he working out with the others in the offseason programs? How do the Ravens intend to use him in their defense and will that effect DB Gary Baxter? Thanks.-Pro-
darb72 I want Kennedy at the 10th, but we'll just have to wait and see
darb72 everybody is going to laugh at me, but I don't care. Aaron, pass on some advice to Knight for me, or his posistion coach
weblink21 i saw kennedy in college a few times. he would look nice in purple. he is a monster
AaronWilson I don't think it was a real argument, more of a debate. They're not looking for yes-men. Ozzie Newsome encourages people to make their case and attempt to convince him that their opinion is a valid one. That's how real consensus is built. It's not a dictatorship, but Ozzie has the final say. He also has the track record to encourage confidence in his final decisions.
darb72 tell Knight to take some ballet classes. It will stretch out his muscles and keep him from getting those pulls and tears.
darb72 make him a little more limber
AaronWilson Tom Knight remains an uncertainty until we see him move around at minicamp. It's my understanding that he is participating in the offseason program. He will compete to be the nickel back. I doubt he'll compete for a starting job.
HDDream Aaron, on a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances that the Ravens first pick (no matter where it is) will be a QB?
AaronWilson I would say about a 6.5.
weblink21 i would rather have leftwich the palmer
AaronWilson Next qustion please.
darb72 hey Pro. want to meet in here saturday to talk about the draft. I don't have anybody to watch with either
Crowdog89 Thought you were coming up here darb
weblink21 do you see any surprise in the top 10. seems to be one every year
darb72 I'm coming up for the Seahawks game
darb72 my wife is a huge Shawn Alexander fan
AaronWilson Yes, I think Terence Newman could slide potentially as well as Terrell Suggs. They both qualify as X-factors and under normal circumstances if Charles Rogers wasn't from Michigan State, he would be a question mark, too.
darb72 ok. I said that and every body got quiet. Sorry
darb72 any chance that the Miami receiver falls to us
darb72 Johnson I belive
weblink21 is there any chance of the texans taking gross at 3?
AaronWilson Highly unlikely. The Vikings or Panthers wouldn't let him get to that point if the Texans hadn't already drafted him.
Bmodaddy Foxsports has us taking a OT first pick.??? Opinions, opinions?
AaronWilson Not much. They want to protect David Carr and they love Jordan Gross as a player and a person, but they know they have to get him some targets, too.
darb72 good question. the Texans need to upgrade their offenisve line. It looked great on paper last year, but injuries destroyed them
Prolific Aaron, I was wondering if you knew what Jamal Lewis was doing for his offseason workouts? Is he still participating in Chris Carter's speed camp or is he working out in Ray Lewis's offseason 'death-camp'?-Pro-
AaronWilson They are still waiting to see if Tony Boselli will be available.
AaronWilson I haven't seen Jamal Lewis around or heard what he's doing for his offseason program. I will check on that for you.
HDDream Aaron, what middle round OT's are on their radar screen?
HDDream their- being the Ravens
AaronWilson They would be happy to get Florida State's Brett Williams, Wisconsin's Ben Johnson or Memphis' Wade Smith.
drkraven MOTIONS/playful.gif Is Mac retiring June 1?
weblink21 how about mike doss. he would look good next to ed reed. could he be there in the 2nd?
Prolific I was wondering whether or not they had any specific targets in undersized DT's that they can convert into DE's like they did with Tony Weaver?-Pro-
darb72 BMO, I doubt that the Ravens will take an offensive lineman with the first pick. The top two tackles are perfect fits for a LT spot, but a little weak in the running game to be RT's
AaronWilson They would be enthused if they could acquire Mike Doss. However, they want safeties who excel in coverage not just kamikaze types like Doss and USC's Troy Polamalu.
darb72 that, and the Ravens are completely anti-fat guys
AaronWilson Yes, he apparently is and will be involved as an assistant to the defensive line coach Rex Ryan.
darb72 I thoght Doss was a concussion case.
AaronWilson They think Kevin Williams could be a 3-4 end along with Jimmy Kennedy, Ty Warren and Kenny Peterson.
HDDream Polamalu has issues with concussions, not sure about Doss, though
Crowdog89 What effect will Mac retiring have on the Ravens salary cap this year and next?
weblink21 how come petterson seems to be slipping?
darb72 thanks, I got those two mixed up
AaronWilson It will save them roughly $3 million.
AaronWilson Word is he has pulled up lame at end of 40-yard dashes due to hamstring problems. Some teams question his conditioning.
darb72 and after we sign CMac to a long term offer, we'll be sitting pretty next year for cap space
AaronWilson His talent is there, though.
HDDream I still think Peterson doesn't make it out of the first round though
Bmodaddy Will suggs be there at 10 because of his inability to run down a wide receiver at ter a 40 yard catch?
aTrueravenFan if the gavens pick gross will he play guard
AaronWilson Yes, if you sign him. Mitch Frankel, his agent, hasn't shown much signs of budging. We'll see if it happens after July 15 or if he simply plays this year under tag and then maybe gets tagged again next year.
darb72 Aaron, do you think the Ravens are looking seriously at any of the Bama defensive linemen this year.
AaronWilson Well, Suggs has sudden quickness and is great over first 10 yards. He runs, when he's 10 pounds lighter, a 4.75. He can play. 24 sacks don't lie. The Cardinals will take him in all likelihood.
weblink21 do you think that there is a good chance of robinson signing here. i think that would be a good 3 wide set.
darb72 for some reason, those Bama boys play well for the Ravens. At least Terry Jones Jr. does
AaronWilson I think they do like all of the Alabama guys, but probably are most impressed with Jarrett Johnson and Kenny King over Kindal Moorehead.
AaronWilson I think Robinson is more likely to go to Arizona, who could pay more.
aTrueravenFan aarond if the gavens take gross are they thinking of having him at guard
weblink21 i think so too..if they pay him
HDDream Johnson is the best of the 3 imo, all three project best to 3-4 DE
AaronWilson Unless Baltimore wants to give him some of Jamir Miller's money.
HDDream gavens?
darb72 gross at guard?
AaronWilson They haven't said that, but Jordan Gross would be a good guard. Erich Steinbach of Iowa is the best guard-tackle swing player.
AaronWilson Gross would need to bulk up a few pounds to play right tackle or guard, too.
aTrueravenFan Its one thing to have a qb of the future on the bench but a tackle would be stupid
AaronWilson He's more of a left tackle type anyway.
AaronWilson If he came here, he would need some time to grow into a right tackle role. Kwame Harris might be better long-range prospect. Jordan Gross is ready to play left tackle right now.
darb72 RT's need to be beefy. Run blocking and all that
darb72 hey, where's DEV
AaronWilson He has enough versatility to help at several spots, though. He's played all over for Utah and gave up his last sack years ago to Cal and future 49ers end Andre Carter.
HDDream If he's around in the 2nd, any chance they look at drafting George Foster, with the idea that he could play guard for a year and then move outside to replace Brown or Brooks?
weblink21 where do you think that kelly washington will go?
AaronWilson Yes, George Foster at 6-5, 338 is more of your classic right tackle type. He has a wrist problem though that will likely require surgery soon.
AaronWilson I think Kelley Washington will make it to the Oakland Raiders at No. 32 overall.
AaronWilson He's a serious risk. Al Davis will love his Michael Irvin ""I'm the best"" attitude, too.
darb72 I don't think he'll slide past Tennesse. They need receivers more than we do.
darb72 and that's saying something
weblink21 so do we
AaronWilson He's also a bit old after stint with the Florida Marlins' farm system.
aTrueravenFan Aaron how do the ravens feel about Calico
darb72 he's 25 isn't he Aaron
AaronWilson They haven't said much about him actually. They are careful about tipping their hand too much. They've talked a lot about Taylor Jacobs and Bryant Johnson.
darb72 who want's to chime in on Florida receivers
weblink21 not another fla reciever please
AaronWilson Washington is 24.
HDDream Aaron, where does McGahee go? And btw, Rosenhaus has done a brilliant job of selling him this off-season
darb72 come on Crow, I know you want to
aTrueravenFan how big of a need a rb to the ravens
AaronWilson McGahee has a good chance to go to a team like Oakland that can afford that sort of risk, or, say, the Eagles in the second round.
AaronWilson Not big at all. They might not draft any until the second day. They want a backup fullback to Alan Ricard, though. Harold Morrow is mainly a special-teams ace.
darb72 I can see the Raiders taking him. They can let him sit on the bench for a year and continue healing his leg
bugspit good evening
HDDream If you had to guess, will Miller be signed by the time the draft starts?
darb72 nice name bugspit
bugspit thanks man
AaronWilson No. It's so quiet and there's no conversation, so I wouldn't be optimitic at all.
darb72 anytime
aTrueravenFan Do you think the ravens can see T.Taylor as a number any more
AaronWilson Not in the true sense. They feel like he and Frank Sanders would complement each other well.
darb72 sure they can. 89 jersey. 5 drops a game.
Crowdog89 A number one? is that what you mean?
bugspit Will Billick ever live up to his offensive reputation?
darb72 those are the numbers he brings to my mind
bugspit Our offense has been poor since he's been here
HDDream Billick and Cavanaugh should be studying the films of KC's offense to see how a team with a great TE and a great RB, and not so great WR's can still be a great offense
weblink21 i think that it is cavanaugh
darb72 the last half of the '99 season, we were unstoppable on offense.
AaronWilson I don't know. He doesn't have Randy Moss, Jake Reed or Randall Cunningham at his disposal or Brad Johnson. The personnel isn't there for him to really realize his play-calling potential. He's doing quite well as a motivator, though.
darb72 HD, the Chiefs have a great offenisve line. Probably the best in the NFL
bugspit I like Billick, but despite all of his 25 cent words, he has been very poor at choosing and leading quarterbacks.
AaronWilson Following the Chiefs' model centered on tight end Tony Gonzalez and Priest Holmes is an excellent theory. The Ravens have that type of personnel with Todd Heap and Jamal Lewis.
bugspit Any thoughts Aaron Wilson?
weblink21 how did hartwell fall into the 4th round. he is a player
AaronWilson I won't argue with you. They've clearly struggled with the indecision at quarterback. It's not an admirable record at all. It's an albatross on the franchise's shoulders.
weblink21 that is why we should get leftwich this year
darb72 points for the first person to tell me where the albatross expression comes from
Macadamia Finally!
AaronWilson He attended Western Illinois and pro teams weren't sure if he was big enough to stop the run or swift enough to be a three-down linebacker. Similar stuff that's tagged on Maryland's E.J. Henderson, another ultra-productive college middle linebacker.
bugspit Aaron, I came late, what do you see us doing regarding the QB on Saturday?
HDDream something to do with Kyle Turley I'm sure
darb72 good plan weblink. another brittle QB behind a horrible offensive line
darb72 lol
AaronWilson They will try to get Leftwich, but they won't mortgage the farm to acquire him.
darb72 The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, HD. A great poem. I would suggest reading it
bugspit Would you be happy with that Aaron?
HDDream I will check it out Darb
weblink21 horrible ol...we have brooks. lol
darb72 and the Turnstile
Macadamia Good evening fellow Ravens fans!!
HDDream Hey Mac
darb72 howdy Mac
bugspit Oh wow, another nut
AaronWilson I have no stake in what they do, but as a football observer who likes to see some points scored every once in a while, I would welcome Leftwich. I believe he has character and arm strength and true accuracy. He's legitimate and should be drafted if available.
Macadamia The nuttiest my friend bug.
HDDream Do they view Kelsay as a possible 3-4 DE, or a 3-4 OLB?
Macadamia I have a question when it's my turn...
bugspit What becomes of Redman if we draft Leftwich?
HDDream ask away Mac
AaronWilson A 4-3 end. Chris Kelsay is more of a classic upfield rusher like Michael McCrary.
AaronWilson Redman will start, if his back holds up, but Leftwich would be waiting in the wings.
HDDream I doubt he makes it their 2nd round pick, and they wouldn't take him the first, unless almost everyone they want is gone when the trade down, Kelsay that is
Macadamia Cool, this may have already been asked (I'll be late for my own funeral), but do we see the Ravens going DL or WR in Round Two if they do get Lefty in One?
AaronWilson They may not draft him that high, you're right.
AaronWilson They would probably opt for taking advantage of the defensive line wealth because of its a rich position worth using.
bugspit Aaron, how could the Sunpaper choose a no-talent hack like Laure Vecsey over you? Is there no justice?
Macadamia That's what I was thinking. Now say we miss out on BOTH Lefty and Boller in Round One, do we try to get a QB in Two?
darb72 got something a little brown on your nose there Bug.
darb72 you get two questions in a row
HDDream Aaron, along the lines of what Mac's question, how much difference do they view between the top 3 QB's, and Grossman? and then the other 2 QB's?
Macadamia Aw see there Darb, you pissed off bug. LOL!
darb72 I really need to stop doing that. ;)
AaronWilson There's a clear delineation between Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich and Kyle Boller and the lesser talent of Rex Grossman. Grossman has great football savvy, though. I think he would be good for the Green Bay Packers.
AaronWilson After Grossman, it's definitely Chris Simms then Dave Ragone.
darb72 so far in this chat, we've lauded Florida receivers, and now a Florida QB. Saturday can't get here soon enough
Macadamia I like Simms in Round Two if we get Kennedy in One!!
HDDream Have you heard any indication of where Pittsburgh and Cleveland might head with their 1st round picks? I've heard Grossman's name linked to Pittsburgh
Crowdog89 Just say NO to Simms :)
darb72 Grossman, or one of the safties would be my beat HD
darb72 my bet. sorry
Macadamia Aw c'mon Crow, he's going to be decent.
AaronWilson Pittsburgh might draft Troy Polamalu or Rex Grossman. Cleveland might acquire Erich Steinbach or E.J. Henderson or Wayne Hunter.
HDDream Grossman has something every other QB from Florida before him didn't have....a gun for an arm
darb72 until you play in a big game, then he goes all Grbage
darb72 that last comment was about Simms by the way
HDDream I'd take him over Simms and Ragone, although I really want Boller or Leftwich
Macadamia Does Randy Hymes have a chance of staying on our team or do we see him falling off with the Sanders signing and possibly adding a high draft choice WR.
AaronWilson Yes, he will likely still stay and be used in a situational manner as a red-zone target.
bugspit Aaron, I look at Hartwell asa Ray Lewis clone. Is the sky the limit with him?
AaronWilson By the way, we'll wrap this up at 10 p.m., so please get all of your questions in now.
AaronWilson I think he's more of a Carlton Bailey/Gary Reasons type of career track at this point.
darb72 it's only 8:49 here. We have another hour and 11 minutes
HDDream lol
AaronWilson He's a good football player, probably due to be overshadowed in Baltimore due to Ray Lewis' presence.
HDDream If they don't draft a CB in the 1st round, any chance of them looking for one in the 2nd or 3rd?
Macadamia Gotta love me... or not. LOL!
bugspit he's nuts
darb72 HD or Mac?
AaronWilson Yes, they would likely be interested in players like Sammy Davis, Nmandi Asomugha and Drayton Florence.
HDDream Asomugha reminds me of Baxter in that he could play both CB and S
bugspit Who will back up Jamal?
darb72 any chance of the Saints trading their two number ones to the Ravens for their 10th pick
Macadamia Aaron, who is the biggest pain in the butt to try and interview on the Ravens (player or staff)?
Macadamia bug, what's wrong with Chester?
HDDream Good question Mac
AaronWilson Yes, someone else with the Ravens made that comment about Asomugha.
AaronWilson Jamal will be backed up by Chester Taylor again.
Macadamia Gary Baxter rules! I love him at corner.
darb72 I agree with Mac, the highlight guy
AaronWilson That's too much for the Saints to surrender. It costs the higher first and a second and a third to move that far.
HDDream Aaron, who's your ""Go-To"" guy when your're looking for some good quotes for a story (besides Billick, of course) ?
AaronWilson I will be at the Ravens' training complex to report on the draft on Saturday and Sunday as well as the rest of this week, too.
darb72 Steve and Crow have been really quite this time around
Macadamia All good admins are.
AaronWilson I talk to Edwin Mulitalo, Cornell Brown and Adalius Thomas for a variety of stories.
Macadamia AD is one funny dude.
darb72 I like Mule. I think I have his autograph
HDDream Is McAlister the toughest interview?
Macadamia How about my biggest pain in the butt question?
HDDream Is Pro going to write some stories?
Crowdog89 LOL
darb72 drive on the wrong side of the road perhaps
AaronWilson Chris McAlister is actually a good interview when he's in the mood to do one. He doesn't tend to talk when he's involved in a controversy because he worries that his words or the media's depiction of them will make the situation worse. He's never been anything but respectful to me in any dealings even when being asked about something unpleasant such as his airline incident.
Crowdog89 No, just tired...long day at work
darb72 what the heck is a banger. Never mind, I don't want to know
HDDream cool
AaronWilson Couple of more. Is there anyone who hasn't had the chance to ask a question.
darb72 have the Ravens said anything about the youngest Manning in next years draft? Jumpin ahead a little bit
HDDream Is it safe to assume that Leftwich, Kennedy and Boller (not at 10) are the 3 guys at the top of the list in terms of guys they want to come out of the first round with?
AaronWilson Yes, they like him as well as Miami of Ohio's quarterback Ben Roethilsburger.
AaronWilson Yes, that's a very safe assumption.
darb72 with a guard, RT or WR in the second I would imagine
Macadamia What kind of shape are Tom Knight and Joe Salave'a in?
HDDream How good are the chances of them actually getting one of those 3 with their first pick?
bugspit Have you spoken to Redman about the prospect of picking a QB?
AaronWilson I haven't seen Tom Knight around. Joe Salave'a appears to be rounding into shape.
HDDream Darb- or DT if they go QB in the first
AaronWilson No, he hasn't said much of anything about any subject other than his rehab.
darb72 I'm living in the Redman fantasy world HD. I think we'll get Kennedy
AaronWilson Chris Redman is upbeat about this season.
AaronWilson The Ravens like Jimmy Kennedy a lot. Plus, he made a good impression on his visit with the way he treated all of the staff, not just the general manager and coaching staff.
darb72 have you told him who the RT will be Aaron. That should bring him crashing back to earth
AaronWilson They consider Jimmy Kennedy to be a gentleman and a tough prospect.
HDDream What will Salave'a's role be? Will he play NT at all or just DE in the 3-4, and DT in the 4-3?
AaronWilson Chris is probably enthused about Orlando Brown actually.
AaronWilson 3-4 end.
HDDream Jamal should be, at the very least he should be able to run to the right now
AaronWilson Bonus time: One more question apiece. Hit me with them in succession and I'll answer them all.
AaronWilson Start with Steve.
AaronWilson Steve, ask a question.
HDDream Yeah, Admin Man ask a question
darb72 Steve is teaching Pro some ""stuff""
bugspit he went out for beer
AaronWilson Steve is skipped.
AaronWilson Next is Crowdog.
darb72 Keep them away from the lager.
AaronWilson Crowdog...
AaronWilson X...
HDDream I hope BMO has a question, lol
AaronWilson Anybody, feel free, seriously.
Macadamia Do you think the Ravens overpaid for Frank Sanders?
Crowdog89 Yes, Are we gonna flip our lids saturday? Or be happy?
AaronWilson Slightly, yes. They overvalued him because they needed a receiver so much.
darb72 Will we ever find Steve. Or is he gone for good
AaronWilson I think you'll be happy after Saturday. The Ravens usually have good fortune in the first round.
bugspit With a true right tackle, do you think that this could be the year that we finally see some offense under Billick?
AaronWilson Next.
HDDream If Jordan Gross or Marcus Trufant is that first pick, I imagine the fans at Ravens stadium won't be too happy Crow
AaronWilson I think that will help matters immensely, plus the receiving situation is improved.
darb72 when did we get a true right tackle
AaronWilson No, they won't.
darb72 maybe I should say a good right tackle.
AaronWilson They consider Orlando Brown to be legit in terms of size and footwork that has improved measurably.
darb72 I'm being sarcastic again Aaron. You should know me and the offensive line by now
AaronWilson Any of you all who haven't asked a question ask away?
HDDream Any chance the Ravens draft a kicker in the 6th or 7th round to groom to take over for Stover?
bugspit Yeah, Zeus should make a much more legit threat, running and passing, agree Aaron?
AaronWilson No, they will likely stand pat, but signing a free agent is a possibility.
AaronWilson He will give the quarterback more time than he had last fall.
Bmodaddy I'm sure you have already answered this 100 times, but I'm dumdaddy, are we gonna incorporate a pass rush?
darb72 I came into this off season looking for either Jansen or Turley as our RT. Now I'm sad
AaronWilson They're trying. Expect them to do something about it on Saturday within first two rounds.
AaronWilson Jansen was always an unlikely person because the Redskins wouldn't let him go anywhere. Turley is a poor locker room injection. They don't want the baggage.
AaronWilson Ray Lewis told us today he's feeling well and working hard.
HDDream Your mock is going up on Friday?
AaronWilson Yes, Friday afternoon.
darb72 should help opposing offensive coordinators sleep easier at night, a heatlthy and PO'd Ray Ray.
HDDream Where do you see the TE from Morgan State going in the draft?
AaronWilson Plus, articles on defensive back, recent history of No. 10 picks and a general preview.
AaronWilson Third or fourth round.
darb72 I guess you're going to sleep for a week after the draft huh Aaron
HDDream cool, love the stuff you've written so far
darb72 yeah, Guards rock. ;)
AaronWilson I wish. I will have plenty of free agency stuff to keep busy with along with preparations for minicamp.
AaronWilson Thanks for all the positive feedback and for reading all the verbiage.
AaronWilson It's appreciated.
bugspit Thank you Aaron
Macadamia You rock Aaron!
drkraven Good reading
Bmodaddy What makes Ray the best? Strength? Speed? Size? Heart? All of the above!!!
AaronWilson Glad to know people are checking it out. Tell your friends to buy some subscriptions. lol.
AaronWilson Ray Lewis' anticipation, speed and intensity make him stand out. He excels at film study, too.
drkraven Mine are too cheep
bugspit Goodnight all
HDDream Hey FE
AaronWilson Always looking for the edge in preparation.
Fat_Elvis Hey folks
darb72 oh, you I liked you just fine before, but you've climbed to the top of the Sports writers list for me. I'll be sure to get a subscription. Ya'll deliver down here
darb72 Fat Elvis is here. cool
darb72 can we have Sylevester Morris?
AaronWilson We could probably mail you the stuff from the Times, or you could just subscribe to the site. Either way.
Crowdog89 9 times Comcasted in a row! New record!
Fat_Elvis I thought I might drop in for a nice draft chat since we are all doom and gloom over at the Chiefs board
AaronWilson Sylvester Morris is unlikely.
AaronWilson Fat Elvis, I'm about to leave. Do you have a question?
darb72 congratulations Crow. It's a proud day for all of us
Fat_Elvis darb- I dunno, DV isn't too high on him
AaronWilson You're on the clock.
Fat_Elvis who do you think the chiefs will draft?
drkraven nite all
darb72 lol
ray52 aaron- trading up, trading down or staying put???
Fat_Elvis and please don't say Chris Kelsay
AaronWilson They will likely go for Jerome McDougle or Michael Haynes.
Fat_Elvis cool. I'd like to see McDougle
AaronWilson William Joseph would fit in well, too.
darb72 my cat is sitting on my mouse.
Fat_Elvis yeah,he would
AaronWilson Goodnight, everyone.
darb72 good night Aaron. thanks
Fat_Elvis Joseph would be a beeter fit, in MO
HDDream Thanx Aaron, goodnight
Macadamia Later Aaron.
AaronWilson You're welcome. Thanks for the great questions.

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