Post-Draft Chat Transcript From 4/30

Wednesday we joined Aaron Wilson and Earnest Byner in the Insiders chat room to share their comments about the very successful Ravens draft, thoughts on the upcoming mini-camp next week, the newly announced turf at Ravens Stadium, and more. It was a night where all caught up on the off-season progress of their Ravens favorites. <br><br> If you missed the chat last night, we hope to see you next Wednesday at 8:30PM. In the meantime here is the transcript from Wednesday evening.

aaronwilson Sorry for being so late. Couldn't be helped. Office duties. Ready for your questions and I'd be happy to extend the chat to make up for the lost time.
aaronwilson Who's first?
awalt I read the write-up on Marcus R's workout - I was concerned he was icing his knees. What did the Ravens really think?
Macadamia Good evening gents, ""highlight man"" has returned. LOL!
aaronwilson They said they were impressed with his mobility and health. George Kokinis, pro personnel director, said he thought Robinson looked pretty good all-around.
awalt Did MR give any signals he favors the Ravens over about 5 other teams?
aaronwilson He seemed to be of the opinion that Baltimore was a good fit, but he needed to think things over.
mocoravens Any idea what kind of money it will take to sign him?
aaronwilson Veteran minimum likely with some incentive clauses and a moderate signing bonus, perhaps $250,000 or so. Remember they have extra money to spend on a veteran receiver or a backup quarterback since the Jamir Miller deal is dead now.
HDDream Any chance the Ravens look to add another guard?
aaronwilson There aren't many available at this point. They will likely be post-June 1 shoppers, though.
mjoh42077 Any chance they look to add a DL?
Macadamia I have some undrafted free agents' names I'd like to see if we are indeed signing when I can please.
aaronwilson They would like to, but they are pretty enthused with Jarrett Johnson and Aubrayo Franklin, their second-day picks from Alabama and Tennessee.
Macadamia I'm enthused too about those guys!
Crowdog89 We were talking about the TE the ravens took. This was the only pick that confused me. What are the plans for him to be used? and Will the Ravens really keep all the TE's on the Roster this season?
aaronwilson As for undrafted free agents, we've heard names such as cornerback Art Smith, quarterback Grant Noel and Stanford's nose guard as well as a former Princeton wideout from Baltimore named Chisom Opara and Minnesota kicker Dan Nystrom. Nothing is official until they actually sign the contract, though. Brian Billick said it will be a short list of about 15 guys since depth is at a premium compared to last year after the roster purge.
adminsteve awalt you have mail BTW
Macadamia I've got a list of 11 so far including those 5.
aaronwilson I think Wade Harman, tight ends coach, will analyze the situation and try to keep as many as possible. Trent Smith as a seventh-round pick is guaranteed nothing, as are Terry Jones and John Jones. However, it's clear that Smith does have potential as a red-zone target in double tight end sets. He's an interesting player, not much of an in-line blocker.
HDDream I'd be shocked if Terry Jones doesn't make the team
mocoravens Another money question - How much do we free up June 1 (McCrary retires)?
Macadamia I think with Mughellii a big blocker, we could let John Jones and keep Smith if he's as good as advertised.
aaronwilson Certainly, Terry Jones and John Jones have a leg up on Trent Smith at this point. But that's why you compete: to find out who's best.
Macadamia Meaning a big FB takes the place of a big TE.
HDDream Aaron, have you seen and/or felt the new turf? If so, what were you impressions?
aaronwilson I've heard roughly $3 million upon his official retirement. Then, he becomes an assistant apparently to defensive line coach Rex Ryan.
mocoravens I'm glad he's staying with the team
aaronwilson I have walked on the new turf. It smells like the sole of a tennis shoe. It's really soft, contains silica, sand, yard and other elements. It has some give so people can fall normally and not have their cleats stick as many players have been prone to do at Veterans Stadium.
aaronwilson As Brian Billick said, you would rather play on the BWI tarmac than play football at the ol' Vet.
Crowdog89 Sole of a new tennis shoe...LOL, Nike or New Balance?
aaronwilson Not sure. lol.
awalt Is there any concern about Biscotti saying he will bring in a new President next year? That could really disrupt management chemistry
aaronwilson I doubt it simply because David Modell, present president, spends much of his time working downtown although he maintains an office in Owings Mills. Keep in mind that new ownership normally means more than cosmetic changes to, say, PR or financial or marketing staffs. Bisciotti doesn't want to carry a heavy stick, but he does have the right to put his imprint considering how much he will pay Art Modell to be the majority owner next year.
HDDream Any chance the Ravens might try Pashos at guard?
Macadamia Good question HD
aaronwilson They said he's a right tackle candidate, but his physical nature and tough-guy mentality would work well at right guard. Keep it in mind definitely.
awalt I hope new management doesn't impact Oz, he is doing a great job!
EAB that can depend on his stature. his body might make him just a swing tackle
aaronwilson Ozzie Newsome can sleep easily along with Phil Savage and Brian Billick. Nothing football-related is likely to change in any way whatsoever in Bisciotti era.
adminsteve Welcome Earnest everyone.
EAB he has a long term deal.
HDDream Hi Earnest
awalt Hi Earnest!
aaronwilson He's a bit tall at 6-foot-6 to lean over and play right guard, but he could definitely do it.
mjoh42077 Do you think the Ravens considered taking a risk on Talman Gardner when he was still around in the 7th?
EAB hello everyone
mocoravens Hi Earnest
mjoh42077 hi Earnest
aaronwilson Good evening, Earnest.
Crowdog89 Hi Ernest!
drkraven hi Earnest
EAB how is everyone
Macadamia Hey EB!
adminsteve Let me say Good job before everyone else :)
HDDream I heard one of the scouts compare him to Kevin Gogan, Pashos, that is, if he played guard
aaronwilson He is facing a felony charge for concealing a loaded weapon and a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge. Gardner is the type of character risk you might want to leave alone, and the Ravens obviously chose to do that.
Crowdog89 AB-SO- LUTLY!
EAB it was a good draft...we will see just how good when we reach the field
adminsteve Mini camp is this weekend right?
HDDream next
EAB next
aaronwilson Friday through Sunday of next week.
HDDream Hey Mista T
EAB a lot of teams are going this week
EAB hello Mista
aaronwilson Expect to see everyone with the possible exception of Chris McAlister, who hasn't signed his franchise tag tender of $5.962 million.
Mista_T Hey all, just stopped by for a short visit!
Crowdog89 I'm sure they will be checking Redman out a lot in the mini-camp.
EAB chris should be there
Macadamia Aw man, he needs to be there
Macadamia Good
awalt Do the Ravens consider themselves a little thin at CB? I count 5 legit guys (CMac, Baxter, Knight, Porter, and Fuller), with 1 probably at safety and 1 (Knight) maybe a ? health wise?
aaronwilson His agent said he might not attend, but he could choose to of his own volition certainly.
EAB There is nothing to gain by holding hope is that he recognizes that
EAB BMO...what's up
Macadamia I'm guessing this has been asked before, but I haven't read the answer: are we going to bring James Trapp back?
aaronwilson In my humble opinion, they're pretty much set at cornerback, especially if Gary Baxter continues to develop. Corey Fuller is a safety at this point opposite Ed Reed. Chris McAlister and Baxter are the corners and Knight is a top candidate to be the nickel back. Of course, everything could change depending on how people respond to competition.
HDDream that Steve has got the power to do all types of things, lol
EAB No we should be OK at corner. especially with the competition there for playing time and the addition of Suggs
HDDream Any chance of bringing James Trapp back?
aaronwilson James Trapp is a possibility, according to his agent, George Mavrikes, to be re-signed. He is also a possible target of Tampa and Carolina.
BMODADDY haven't had much time to check in lately. How bout that draft? FO is too damn funky!!!
Macadamia Jinx you owe me a beer HD. ;)
EAB Trapp is a possibility especially after training camp if the others don't work out. he is a veteran that will be read at any time
Macadamia Our FO rules BMO!!
mocoravens The secondary improves with a better pass rush!
awalt CB: I was thinking depth. We have never carried less than 5 CBs, and if you count Fuller as safety seems we have 4 proven ones
adminsteve BMO that could have several interpretations.
aaronwilson Trapp is an exceptional special teams player and a locker room presence that can't be discounted. A legitimate tough guy with leadership qualities and cover skills.
BMODADDY interpret as SOLID!!!
aaronwilson Northeastern cornerback Art Smith is a larger defensive back at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds reportedly signed with the Ravens, according to the Boston Globe.
aaronwilson He plays corner.
Crowdog89 I like Trapp a lot. He's one of my favorite Ravens
EAB he is a quality guy and an excellent candidate to be a coach
Macadamia Never hurts to have a solid veteran around for the young guns, especially at a ""Ravens price.""
EAB agreed
BMODADDY I like him cause he kicked plexi in the corn row
Macadamia LMAO!
EAB you to much
EAB just one corn row
awalt Aaron do you get to watch the whole minicamp next week? We are interested in how they all look..
Crowdog89 Well, I didn't like that too much...but I did like his enthusiasm
EAB I will be right back...going to kiss the babies good night
BMODADDY Respect that!!!
aaronwilson Yes, we get to observe the practices. It's hard to tell much other than quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs. Remember, it's not full-contact.
Macadamia A good dad right there.
Crowdog89 cool
awalt If you need an asst. to carry your laptop I am your man ;-)
HDDream Aaron will certainly be able to tell you how good they look in a t-shirt and shorts!
aaronwilson We'll be able to see Kyle Boller and Chris Redman throw, Ron Johnson catch and Ray Lewis go through some motions with his rehabbed shoulders apparently.
aaronwilson Lol, I'll be able to tell some things by what is said and who takes repetitions with which group.
mocoravens Tell Ray to take it hurry!
Crowdog89 That's why Chris needs to be there...timing and to see how he moves.
Crowdog89 true
mjoh42077 lol..Ron Johnson catch
drkraven Travis Taylor catch
Crowdog89 I'd like to see RJ regain his college form...or his pre-season one.
Macadamia RJ is going to rebound this year, I'm tellin' ya guys.
awalt What's the thoughts on JR Jenkins this year - will he be 2nd kicker? Could he beat out Stover?
Macadamia No way
Macadamia He's stinkin' it up in NFL Europe.
awalt Jenkins is bad in Europe?
BMODADDY Sorry to interrupt but can anyone tell me how to change this wussy dolphin like text?
Macadamia When I saw him a couple times yes.
Macadamia Shankin' FG's and not getting KO's in the end zone.
aaronwilson J.R. Jenkins is in NFL Europe, but Ravens have apparently signed Golden Gophers all-time field goals leader Dan Nystrom, too.
Macadamia If you're referring to your name BMO I think it shows up that way so you can tell which chat member is you.
EAB Travis looks to b in excellent shape and was out catching yesterday and today. He is bigger and his energy is up...expect some good things from him.....
Crowdog89 It looks black to me BMO.
adminsteve Colors are at the bottom of screen
Macadamia I think he's referring to his name.
EAB JR is a kick=-off man ...period for us
Macadamia Not his type
adminsteve I'm the dolphin I guess LOL
BMODADDY mt text is aqau dolphin like. I WANT PURPLE!!!
aaronwilson Travis Taylor improved markedly with Jeff Blake late in the season and could have a solid season. It's obviously necessary that he perform at an optimum level.
BMODADDY Change it!!!
adminsteve At the bottom. 5 buttons
Macadamia Weird, it's black here.
mjoh42077 I hope so I really like Travis
Macadamia Travis needs help, that's all.
BMODADDY Thanks Steve!
adminsteve NP
EAB Yes...improved...he should be more consistent...that's all he needs to do...he will help us win two more games with that
drkraven I hope so
awalt Has Jamal Lewis been around?
aaronwilson If the Ravens are able to sign Marcus Robinson to go with Frank Sanders and Travis Taylor, it could be a solid group when you factor in Todd Heap and Randy Hymes.
HDDream Even if he doesn't improve, it's not like we have anyone any better at WR
EAB He is down in Atlanta working out....boxing and training with Allan Ricard
Crowdog89 How's Redman looking? Anyone seen him throw or move around?
HDDream Although I like Taylor more than most anyone on the message board....other than Crow, of course
EAB He is looking good...he has been throwing with the guys as well as Anthony Wright
aaronwilson Redman has really improved. Excellent throwing motion now that his lower back and lower body aren't so inflexible. The surgery may have really did the trick.
EAB Chris that is
HDDream Earnest, have you seen the new turf? If so, what were you impressions?
Crowdog89 That's good news
drkraven How many years has Wright been in the league?
EAB Yea..I actually tried it out one day it was raining...they wanted a pros feel for it...OLD pro that is
aaronwilson I believe he's entering his fourth season. Has started about five games, all for Dallas Cowboys. He watches the cut-ups from those starts quite often to try to improve his decision-making ability.
EAB It is nice ...real nice
adminsteve 3?
drkraven thanks
BMODADDY Hey I know I've been absent for a while but what was Jamal's reaction to the Smith pick? Did anyone realize we didn't pick a WR??? Sanders has how many years left at best?
aaronwilson Brian Billick and David Modell said you were cutting just like the old days, EB. Wondered if you wanted a uniform from Ed Carroll or something? lol
EAB I spoke to Anthony today...he is excited with the challenge
PD Isn't almost all the new stadiums having problems with turf, pitt cincy and Cleveland
HDDream that's two positive reviews of the turf, should ease some fears some fans have
awalt Wright is going into his 5th year. Had 1 year with Pitt.
EAB Just a pay check without the licks
HDDream I think half the league will have some form of that turf within the next few years
aaronwilson Of course, we knew they didn't pick a receiver. Ozzie Newsome said he didn't like the value over what he was able to do with linemen in the second day. As for Jamal Lewis' reaction to Musa Smith selection, he'll handle it fine. He's the starter and will remain that so long as he's healthy and eligible.
EAB it will hold up fine...without to many adjustment
Crowdog89 It's gotta be an improvement on last seasons field..that was awful at the end of the season...
aaronwilson As for Frank Sanders, he signed a four-year contract. He could play at least that long if he remains healthy.
Crowdog89 Looked like a driving range after a bunch of 12 year olds got done practicing.
aaronwilson They were spending exorbitant sums of money on the sod. It became an untenable situation, too costly and not all that effective.
BMODADDY 12 year olds are better than 40 year olds. That I can guarantee!!
EAB Jamal should be fine and should be challenged...the draft choice is a threat to unspoken terms
Mista_T Gotta go (kids are all out of the house for the next 1/2 hour, gotcha?). Thanks Aaron & Ernest!
adminsteve Yow!
EAB good night Mista
Crowdog89 yaaa.I'm blinded. Goodnight T
mocoravens Bye T
HDDream Earnest- which draft choice among the second day players really caught your eye? Same question for Aaron
aaronwilson Musa Smith could eventually start in this league. Keep in mind that insurance behind Jamal Lewis is critical considering his injury history and other factors. Plus, there was some fumbling issues last year. This will push him to continue to realize his awesome potential. He'll be fine. I wouldn't worry so much.
EAB They were spending on the practice field as well as the game turf
PD EB or Aaron when you look around the division after the draft who do you see as the strongest team and the weakest, and Hi back EB
aaronwilson EB, why don't you take that one first about the second-day picks.
BMODADDY Dang T you need to get with Steve on the font thang
mjoh42077 all those fumbles came at critical times to
EAB I like the FB and the Defensive tackle....both can contribute right away
BMODADDY Right on! Did we go Smith because of Jamal's injury, or was it his greasy fingers? Honest
aaronwilson In terms of second-day choices, I felt like they got good value with Alabama defensive end Jarrett Johnson, a high-energy motor guy, as well as sleeper center Mike Mabry and oversized safety Gerome Sapp. The fullback is an elite lead blocker type.
EAB I like the fb and the dt that we took in the fourth round..both can contribute this year is a challenge to both positions
Macadamia Are Sapp and Anthony Weaver good buds?
awalt RBs and QBs in the NFL like pitchers - can never have enough
Crowdog89 Probably just to not get caught with pants down around ankles like in 2001 BMO
aaronwilson As for the division, Cleveland looks like it's taken a step backward and Cincinnati is slowly becoming a contender under Marvin Lewis, a shrewd selector while running his first draft.
awalt How do you assess Pitt at this point?
HDDream Could Jarrett Johnson start opposite Weaver as early as this year?
EAB Warren Sapp??
Crowdog89 The Browns took two centers I think...huh?
HDDream Cincy had a really nice draft, Steinbach, Washington, Weathersby were all very nice picks
aaronwilson Everyone I've ever talked to from Notre Dame, including Tyrone Willingham, Jeff Faine and Shane Walton, speaks of Anthony Weaver in glowing terms. Gerome Sapp, former ND teammate, likely is of the same opinion.
Macadamia Gerome Sapp from Notre Dame
EAB I will give you some insight after mini camp..he sounded like a good kid on the phone
aaronwilson It's too early to tell, but Jarrett Johnson has 3-4 skills and is good at anticipating the snap count and offensive scheme. Shrewd operator. Mean, too.
PD Aaron just got back from Cleveland and those folks are depressed, they want Couch gone and really question the draft
EAB Yes. Sapp said that AW had spoken highly of the team when I called hi
Macadamia The Browns just don't get it. Which is great for us.
BMODADDY Does anyone find the not able to cover anyone ""Safety"" pick kind of humorous? The dud is basically a college linebacker, with often cranium quakes.
aaronwilson Sapp has unique safety size at 6-1, 217. His wrist is healing well. Give him time. You'll hear more about him in August than you will in May.
Macadamia I heard he's a thumper?!?
BMODADDY I'm talkin squeelers
Macadamia Thanks Earnest.
EAB Terry Jones likes Harrett
EAB Jarrett
Macadamia That whole alma mater thing has got to contribute to team chemistry.
EAB Welcome BMO
aaronwilson Troy Polamalu is a tough hitter and, if he can stay concussion-free, I would watch out for him in the box. He visited the Ravens and he's a powerful, compact athlete.
awalt gotta run bye all, thanks Aaron and EB!
BMODADDY can he cover?
aaronwilson I spoke to Johnson on Sunday. He was highly enthused about hearing from Ozzie Newsome.
EAB see ya awalt
Crowdog89 Bye Awalt!
aaronwilson Polamalu is more than an in-the-box type. He can play. He runs a 4.38 and has a 40-inch vertical leap. He is a headhunter, but he's not overly reckless. He loves to hit, though. He's for real, definitely.
bmorecasual do you think we will sign Marcus Robinson
ravensfan and do you hear if he's healthy?
EAB his workout was a good one..could be a incentive type contract
aaronwilson The Ravens have more salary cap space than most of the other contenders other than Arizona. Winning games is important to Marcus Robinson, so he will consider the Ravens extremely seriously. George Kokinis, director of pro personnel, said he's healthy now.
EAB it could be determined by the sell to him and the other interest that he may receive
Macadamia Ravens or Cards, no contest. That franchise is a mess.
HDDream be glad Bidwell didn't end up moving here...that draft they just had was terrible
bmorecasual do you see us signing a offensive lineman before camp
aaronwilson It's a fairly long list of teams: Arizona, San Francisco, Oakland, Detroit, Baltimore, Green Bay and perhaps New England at some point.
EAB not at all.
Macadamia I've always wondered who the FASTEST player on the Ravens is?
ravensfan do you know if ray was there to help convince him to stay? :-)
Macadamia And who's the STRONGEST?
aaronwilson I think they will watch the June 1 market for offensive guards possibly. I wouldn't rule it out. I've heard Bennie Anderson is working hard down in Atlanta, though. Jim Colletto said he believes Bennie Anderson will report in good condition.
EAB we will let the guys battle it out...although if someone happens to pop up and can improve us then we will have to look at him
HDDream my guess on the fastest is Brightful or Hunter
bmorecasual if it does not work with Marcus are their any other receivers we may look at
aaronwilson Fastest: Lamont Brightful or Javin Hunter. Strongest, pound for pound: Kelly Gregg (550-pound bench press).
BMODADDY If any negative scenario occurs with Redman, what is our back up plan?
EAB strongest may be Zeus and the fastest may be Brightful
Crowdog89 With the Drafting of Boller does this mean that even if we do bring in a vet QB that it WON'T be Griese? :)
HDDream I think you can pencil in Griese for Miami
Macadamia Cool, thanks guys.
mjoh42077 Neil O'Donnell would be a good fit
aaronwilson They would be more inclined for someone like Neil O'Donnell possibly. Griese has made it clear he wants to be a Dolphin.
Macadamia Agree with HD
EAB sounds like it is his preference
mocoravens Bring Neil back to Maryland!
HDDream Earnest, what's your feelings about the possibility that Boller could end up starting at some point this season?
BMODADDY Redman can't go (speculate) Who becomes #2?
Crowdog89 Crowdog doing an Irish jig around the house at that news...:)
EAB depends on how chris does and how Kyle picks the offense..i like his eyes and his willingness to learn.....
mocoravens Would we have drafted Leftwich if the Vikings trade went through?
EAB yes
aaronwilson If Chris Redman is unavailable, Kyle Boller would likely go into the football game unless for some reason the coaching staff wants to keep Kyle Boller out until he understands the offense and/or is acclimated to the speed of the pro game.
aaronwilson Yes.
bmorecasual any big name undrafted free agent coming
adminsteve Have you fixed the phones since Saturday :)
aaronwilson Terms for the deal that never was: 10th pick and a fourth-rounder and a sixth-rounder for the Vikings' seventh pick.
Macadamia Changing the subject a bit, I'd just like to say thank goodness for compensatory picks!!
mjoh42077 we had Leftwich's name on the card
aaronwilson It wasn't the Ravens' phone. It was the busy signal at league headquarters.
adminsteve I know wink wink
aaronwilson Also, the Vikings have admitted that they waited until 32 seconds were left to consummate the deal.
BMODADDY Mike Tice hates phones!!!
mocoravens lol
ravensfan will Suggs be asked to cover much or is he strictly a pass rusher?
Macadamia Mughelli, Pashos, Mabry, and Sanders
aaronwilson Also, the Jaguars dragged it out intentionally to get Byron Leftwich. Give Jack Del Rio and James Harris credit for playing the poker game to the hilt.
EAB Big names...would take too much money to bring in..we have a system that we stay within for free agents
aaronwilson Suggs will go forward much more often than reversing field.
bmorecasual any locals
Crowdog89 WE ARE NOT THE REDSKINS....write that on the blackboard 10 thousand times...
aaronwilson They will spend very little on undrafted free agents. No locals so far other than Princeton wideout Chiom Opara. Nothing official yet.
EAB rush the passer young man rush the passer
Macadamia I think ""bigname undrafted free agent"" is kind of an oxymoron. HA!
aaronwilson They can always change their minds and sign with another team until they actually finish the paper work.
HDDream lol Mac
Macadamia Which is why I've only added the 3 guys mentioned on this site to our roster. WINK!
ravensfan will Ovie Mughelli start and how does he compare with Ricard? who is the best blocking fullback right now?
Macadamia Smith, Noel, and Freeman
HDDream Terrence Edwards, the WR from Georgia, changed his mind, agreeing with Pittsburgh, but then signing with Atlanta
Crowdog89 Think Couch/Holcomb and Maddox had uncontrollable shakes starting this past Saturday?
BMODADDY We could get some undrafted if Snyder wouldn't offer em first round money.
BMODADDY Thanks Dan!!!
aaronwilson Alan Ricard will start. Mughelli will back him up. Matt Simon was joking with me today about no planned conversion to the wishbone.
bmorecasual who will start at nose..... Kelly
EAB Allan is the starter at this time and will remain unless he is outplayed or he just drops off....
aaronwilson Even though it would be a good group, say, Musa Smith, Alan Ricard and Jamal Lewis with Anthony Wright or Kyle Boller running the option.
HDDream not Redman, that's for sure
EAB I feel like Allan is just starting to come into his own and with him working in ATL with Jamal he will be ready for the challenge
aaronwilson Kelly Gregg remains the starting nose guard. Aubrayo Franklin will work in behind him.
ravensfan do you think they might share some time during the year so both are fresh?
HDDream Aaron, how does Kemoeatu factor in?
aaronwilson I think Mughelli will get some playing time, especially working for Gary Zauner on special teams along with chief wedge buster Harold Morrow.
EAB They all roll into the game...That is Rex's style of play
aaronwilson Kemoeatu is a factor at nose guard. The Ravens like him a lot.
Crowdog89 What amount of playing time will Bernardo Harris and Cornell Brown see this year? will they both alternate?
EAB Depends on what Kemo is doing this off-season and how he comes back
aaronwilson Bernardo Harris will work well as a reserve. Cornell Brown will contend to be a starter with Terrell Suggs.
Macadamia So Kemo hasn't been working out in B-more?
bmorecasual were is the playing time for Adalius Thomas.
EAB Cornell will compete for playing time as a starter and Harris will be a back-up just like last year
mocoravens How is Suggs vs. the run? I haven't heard much about that.
HDDream Speaking of Rex Ryan, how long do you figure he lasts here? He's one of the best defensive coaches in the league, don't you think a smart team would come after him to be their DC?
aaronwilson Adalius Thomas could still play at lot in rotation at end. He's too good an athlete to sit on the bench.
EAB Mac.....NO
BMODADDY We got A&W and a frosty mug. So Aaron, Did we do what enough to make the playoffs?
Macadamia We are loaded man, just loaded. EB, you guys have done an awesome job or rebuilding this franchise!! We are the envy of NFL fans everywhere.
Macadamia of not or...whoops
aaronwilson Suggs is tough against the run. He made several tackles for losses and was tough to run at. He's 260 pounds and has a strong upper body.
Crowdog89 Harris did real well after Ray got injured last year..I was glad he came here from Green Bay.
Macadamia That's too bad about Kemo, young guys like that NEED to be there in the off-season.
aaronwilson I think Rex Ryan will eventually be a candidate for a defensive coordinator job. He's good at motivating players to perform.
mjoh42077 Can't wait to see Suggs blow by Jon Jansen in the Preseason game
HDDream He did a great job with the DL last season, Crow, the top 6 the Ravens have at LB is the best in the league imo
EAB Suggs will lose some weight so he can get that step back...he will play lighter than 260
mocoravens lol mjoh
aaronwilson The Ravens are close. Their playoff contention depends largely on the integration of so many new elements to lineup as well as the continuing situation at quarterback as well as receiver.
bmorecasual who starts at safety
ravensfan his agent probably lost him 4 spots but in the long run he will be better off here.
Macadamia Fuller and Reed
BMODADDY So chemistry is what you mean. Right?
Macadamia Fate is a beautiful thing my friends.
Crowdog89 Who plays FS?
Macadamia Fuller at FS
HDDream I bet you Patrick Ramsey can wait until Suggs blows by Jansen
Crowdog89 LOL
EAB Our play-off contention will depend on guys just making the plays available....the league is not that good we are in a great position
mjoh42077 lol
ravensfan is there a good chance that will Demps doesn't make the team? I've always liked him as a playmaker but he has some real competition this year.
aaronwilson West Coast scout Art Perkins made a strong point about Suggs being able to use his hands and hips well to drive past blockers. Art Perkins' opinion should be listened to. He scouts the Pac-10 Conference and is a football veteran and a former pro running back.
Macadamia Totally agree Earnest, I look around the NFL and I am not impressed.
aaronwilson I think Corey Fuller and Ed Reed will be the starting safeties.
EAB Will has some intangibles that should keep him around...he will compete
Crowdog89 So Fuller is basically this years version of Rod Woodson?
aaronwilson Fuller at free safety, Reed on strong side. They are somewhat interchangeable in Ravens' scheme. Donnie Henderson will do an excellent job of playing his best four defensive backs.
Macadamia You got it dog!
adminsteve How do you guys think the new 7th round center will do in camp??? Have they told him about Kelly Gregg LOL
aaronwilson I think Will Demps will make the team again, but it will be competitive in camp.
Macadamia Good question Steve, that could get interesting. LOL!
BMODADDY He is an over achiever!!!
bmorecasual will we still play 4/3 at times
mocoravens Competition is good...brings out the best in people
HDDream Do you think we'll see more blitzing from Lewis and Hartwell?
EAB Not yet Steve
Macadamia He scared Mike Collins all the way to Europe. LMAO!
aaronwilson Mike Mabry is a tough guy who will grab and clutch and claw to make the NFL. He has great intangibles.
adminsteve not.:)
Crowdog89 yet anyway
HDDream Mabry and Gregg should have some great battles in training camp
aaronwilson I think Mike Nolan will use Ed Hartwell and Ray Lewis a tad less on blitzes because of Terrell Suggs and Peter Boulware's dual pass rushing presence.
ravensfan has anyone heard if ray likes the turf? this really has me concerned especially with Jamal's' knees.
Crowdog89 Let him find out on his own...maybe another nice pic in the Sun :)
Macadamia Buddy Lee kicks butt!
aaronwilson We haven't heard Ray Lewis' opinion on the turf yet. Matt Stover and Adalius Thomas vouched for it.
EAB The mix will be which guy is coming along with the outside two..Hartwell did a great job rushing last year and should get better
Crowdog89 I heard Mule didn't like the turf idea.
Macadamia If our ""damn Pro Bowl kicker"" (Billick's pet name for Stover) likes it, I like it.
BMODADDY Ray could prosper in a corn field.
mjoh42077 Peyton Manning will tell you Stover's opinion doesn't count
bmorecasual how many sacks will Suggs have this year. I think he will get 10. lets see who gets the closest
Macadamia Suggs gets 13, but PB gets 15
aaronwilson A baker's dozen.
Macadamia you got it
EAB I showed him what Rice did as a rookie and that seemed to get his attention...;
ravensfan do you know if we are finally going to have a kicker that can kickoff past the 20 this year? ;-)
HDDream Now you're talking Mac!
ravensfan Jenkins again?
EAB what is the rookie record
mjoh42077 Anyone else glad Boller only had one year with Tedford? If he had more then one I don't think he would be a Raven
BMODADDY Right on Mac, no more one sided affairs
bmorecasual we should hire Tedford
EAB well well
HDDream Aaron, when you saw that the Ravens didn't come down for their press conference after the Suggs pick, did you know something was up? We're you thinking they were trying to move up to get Boller?
aaronwilson Pete Carroll, USC coach, told Brian Billick that he wasn't sure if Carson Palmer, his Heisman winner, would have gone first overall if Kyle Boller had another year with Jeff Tedford, a rising star in coaching ranks who worked with Joey Harrington, Akili Smith, David Carr and Trent Dilfer in the past.
Crowdog89 Don't know EB...
EAB it might be Kearse
aaronwilson Yes, we knew because Kevin Byrne, Ravens' PR boss, told us that Ozzie and Phil were hard at work on a potential trade. That's why they didn't immediately comment on Terrell Suggs.
Macadamia I was sitting outside in Ravens stadium knockin' back a cold one with my bro' when Kyle's pic came up on the board.
aaronwilson We were aware of the situation and common sense told us that Kyle Boller remained a possibility.
Crowdog89 That guy on the Packers...milla something or other had a lot a couple years ago.
EAB got to roll out....been nice
Macadamia I almost spilled my beer jumping up for joy.
EAB have a great evening
aaronwilson Goodnight, EB. See you tomorrow.
EAB out
Crowdog89 Thanks EB!
Macadamia C-ya Earnest.
HDDream Thanks EB!
mocoravens Thanks Earnest
mjoh42077 Thanks EB!
drkraven thanks
aaronwilson How about another question or two apiece from everyone?
aaronwilson Let's try to go in some sort of order and make sure everyone's questions get answered.
HDDream I know it was a crazy few minutes there Aaron, but when you saw that Suggs was still there, were you sure the Ravens wouldn't pass on him?
HDDream pass on him?
aaronwilson I thought they would draft him because they told me they would draft him 10th overall if Byron Leftwich was gone.
aaronwilson I mentioned it as an outside possibility in print, but didn't expect it to happen.
Crowdog89 I was shocked the way it all went down.
bmorecasual do you guys think Suggs will have a better then Kennedy. that is what I am watching for this year
aaronwilson It was a combustible situation just like a high-stakes auction.
BMODADDY Does anyone know how Brunell responded to the Leftwich pick?
aaronwilson Terrell Suggs is more immediately ready to play than Jimmy Kennedy who has a lot of potential, but weight issues.
ravensfan is Brunell out after this year?
Macadamia Gotta jet fellas, it's been fun!! GO RAVENS!!
Crowdog89 See ya Mac
aaronwilson Mark Brunell said he's ready for a challenge. Said he's not going down without a fight.
adminsteve Later Mac
mocoravens If the draft happened with the Ravens top 9 players selected with the first 9 picks, would they have taken Boller at 10?
aaronwilson No, they wouldn't have. They would have likely traded down for extra picks to obtain Boller, possibly with New England or New Orleans if they hadn't dealt with Arizona.
bmorecasual do you think Redman and Boller will have a good working relationship
BMODADDY Ya Mine! No Mine!!
aaronwilson Yes, I do. Kyle Boller and Chris Redman are competitors, but Brian Billick said he expects them to become fast friends. Both are nice, reasonable guys.
mjoh42077 What other WR's might become available after June 1? Mushin Muhammed?
ravensfan do you see a place on this team for Sapp, sanders or Mabry? are some of them basically just for special teams?
mkg02 Do you know when training camp starts? Have they set official dates yet?
aaronwilson Yes, he's one. Keep in mind that if they sign Marcus Robinson that would preclude the need to sign another wideout.
BMODADDY Are we still lookin at WR?
HDDream What was the Ravens opinion of Simms and Ragone? Would they have taken them in the 2nd or 3rd round if they couldn't have traded back up for Boller?
aaronwilson I think Gerome Sapp, Antwoine Sanders and Mike Mabry could all make the team. As Brian Billick and Ozzie Newsome noted Sunday, if they beat out people currently on roster, it means the team is better.
aaronwilson July 28 is when players report.
aaronwilson To the Best Western in good ol' Westminster.
mkg02 thanks! I'll mark my calendar
BMODADDY So who's injury sit looks better? Mushin or Marcus?
bmorecasual how many wins will the ravens have this year. I think 10 wins
aaronwilson They liked Simms and Ragone. Not sure if they would have reached in second round for either player.
aaronwilson Marcus Robinson appears to be healthy.
ravensfan who is faster? Marcus or Travis?
aaronwilson Prognosticating the wins, I'll take an early stab and say, 11 wins.
mocoravens Thanks Aaron...night everybody! 11 wins, 1 tie
aaronwilson Marcus Robinson, but he had trouble cutting last year. Word out of Chicago was he had his straight-line speed back, but no cuts.
HDDream On a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances that Boller starts more than 1 or 2 games this year?
aaronwilson 7.
mjoh42077 Can we just please beat Pittsburgh at home this year
aaronwilson Let's get a few more in and wrap it up.
adminsteve Yup, couple more guys then we'll wrap up.
adminsteve What was the mood in the Ravens HQ when they took Boller?
BMODADDY How do you think our draftees will respond to our coaches and format? vs. what they have become accustomed to in college?
aaronwilson They were ecstatic. Brian Billick was smiling like a Cheshire cat.
adminsteve The club level erupted. I spilled my beer.
aaronwilson I think they will acclimate well. It's a teaching environment based heavily on video and Power Point presentations. They do a nice job of teaching people enough to do their jobs.
bmorecasual do you think we need to make any more additions before camp other then wr
aaronwilson Yes, offensive guard and possibly a veteran quarterback are possibilities.
HDDream Have you heard if they have any interest in Mo Collins?
aaronwilson I don't think they want to spend that much on an offensive guard. Look for the Carolina Panthers to try to sign him at some point.
HDDream Any idea what type of guard they might look at? Also, would the Ravens have drafted Suggs if they signed Miller?
drkraven I bet Miller is unhappy
aaronwilson No, unlikely they would have drafted Suggs. They could have gone for Jimmy Kennedy or traded down with Marcus Trufant sitting there to obtain Kyle Boller.
aaronwilson I'm sure Jamir Miller is a tad frustrated. Let's see what Cleveland does with him.
HDDream I'm glad it turned out the way it did
aaronwilson He could be back in a Browns uniform again.
adminsteve Guys I have to bail. Have fun. great chat!
bmorecasual any raven news we should know about
aaronwilson No, it's quiet other than the visit.
HDDream Good night Steve
aaronwilson Goodnight everyone. Thanks for your questions.

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