My Review of the 2003 Draft

Motivation has a way of emerging from different angles. It is both intrinsic-- when a player is motivated from within-- and extrinsic-- when a player is motivated from the exterior.

We have just witnessed the 2003 NFL Draft. The infusion of new blood on all teams will serve as a great motivator for all players in the positions affected, along with the players that want to keep their place of prominence. Each year this is the case. As new blood comes in, there is a possibility that someone who has been a mainstay with the team to move on. It's a tough reality and also a great motivator.

As a team, we just got better because of the draft. The players that we drafted, if the guess is right, will help us immediately and hopefully for a long time to come.

Now, because they are a part of the team, competition and motivation has arrived. Speaking from a player's perspective, the mere presence or thought of someone else coming in and taking my job or even competing for playing time is a great motivator.

It is more relevant if the player plays the same position because he is perceived to be an immediate threat. Don't think for a second that Chester Taylor and Jamal Lewis are not motivated when the team drafts a running back in the third round or that Adailus Thomas is OK with the fact that Terrell Suggs is going to take away some snaps as an edge rusher.

With these new additions to the roster, the players that are directly affected by the roster moves will work harder, and longer to ensure that they have a job in the fall. They will do what is necessary to protect what they have. Families and careers are on the line so you can rest assured that everyone will step up to the plate with home run hitting intensions; that is if they are the type of quality players that can help us win a championship.

So let's see what the young guns can do for us this year. Know for sure, right now we have just gotten better as a ball club. Just think like a player and feel the threat if someone new and promising is brought in to that may be taking your position.

Motivation is a grand thing and should be recognized as such. Let's hope that our players have the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to go to the next level.

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