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Remember, get 52 weeks of The Sporting News Magazine with every full year subscription to BynersInsiders.">

AFCN Hot News Digest Part 1. Ravens/Browns

Another smattering of Hot News from the AFCN. Tonight, Baltimore and Cleveland.<br><br> Hot News appears at the top of everyp page on this site and is available to <A HREF="">subscribers.</A><br><br> Remember, get 52 weeks of The Sporting News Magazine with every full year subscription to BynersInsiders.

Chris Redman Make or break season

Chris Redman said he is unfazed by the Ravens drafting Kyle Boller in the first round. But Redman understands that this is a make-or-break year for him since he will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. "The timing couldn't be any better for me," Redman said. "I really think I'm in a great situation. I feel really confident about getting the chance to show people what I can do. Hopefully, everything will work out."

David Nugent Re-ups with Ravens

The Ravens have re-signed defensive end David Nugent. A restricted free agent, Nugent signed the team's $605,000 RFA tender. After being released by New England last year, Nugent signed with the Ravens and played in 9 games.

John Jones Ravens re-sign TE

The Ravens have re-signed tight end John Jones. Jones, a restricted free agent, signed a $605,000 tender. Heading into his fourth season, the Indiana (PA) alum played in 15 games last season, catching 6 passes for 47 yards, including one for his first career touchdown.

James Trapp Headed south to Jacksonville

James Trapp has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 33 year-old cornerback, who played the last four seasons with the Ravens, makes most of his presence known on special teams these days, where he is one of the best gunners in the NFL. Terms of the deal, reported on the Jaguars' official website, were not disclosed.

Jeff Faine Spirited first showing

Center Jeff Faine was a spirited participant in the team's first mini-camp. Faine showed spirit and fire in pushing several defenders during a short-and-no-pads minicamp. Antonio Garay, the team's sixth-round pick, said the rest of the rookies fed off Faine's early intensity.

Ryan Pontbriand Looks sharp in mini-camp

The general consensus in the press is that Ryan Pontbriand looked good during the rookie mini-camp this weekend. As advertised, he was very effective long-snapping and looked at times to snap the ball harder than previous long snapper Ryan Kuehl.

Nate Hybl Could be in the mix

Accoding to Mike McLain in our Ask the Insiders forum, Oklahoma quarterback Nate Hybl has made a good impression on the Browns coaching staff. Hybl has a chance to be in the mix with Josh Booty and Pat Barnes for the #3 QB spot. Hybl signed with the Browns, according to Mike, because they were the "most persistent" of the teams interested in him.

Dave Petruziello Gets Davis' attention
According to the Lorain Morning-Journal, tryout player Dave Petruziello got the attention of Head Coach Butch Davis. "I like him," Davis told the Morning-Journal, "We brought him in a couple weeks before the draft in our area tryouts. He's a big, physical, rugged guy."

Petruziello had an opportunity to play several positions for the versatility-conscious Davis, including playing center for the first time.


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