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Arthur Jones' training gives him chance to start By Aaron Wilson

OWINGS MILLS -- Arthur Jones charged out of his stance, immediately engaging a blocker with his hands before dipping his shoulder and weight to generate power as he busted into the backfield. A year ago, the Baltimore Ravens' defensive end might have lacked the requisite quick hands, feet and stamina to win this kind of encounter. This is a different year, though, and a different Jones.

Listed on the roster at 6-foot-3, 313 pounds, Jones has lost a considerable amount of body fat following an unproductive rookie season after being drafted last year in the fifth round out of Syracuse.

Now, Jones regularly works with the first-team defense at left end where he's competing with veteran Cory Redding.

"Arthur has worked tremendously hard, he's really matured and come along since last year," defensive line coach Clarence Brooks said."It's good to see he's really competing. The best thing that could happen to us is we compete against each other and he's able to do a lot of things for us. It's a nice mix, and Arthur is a big part of that."

Besides a healthier diet where he incorporated more vegetables, chicken and fish and stayed away from fried foods, Jones practiced a demanding training regimen of mixed martial arts he practiced with his brother: MMA light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones.

The results: He's noticeably leaner and quicker. "It was awesome," Jones said. "We pushed each other. He was training for his world title and I was training for this year. It was a great change of pace and cross-training.

"I was in his corner for his fight. I'm his biggest fan. He's unbelievable. He's very strong for his size and he's taught me a lot of things like how to take angles, and how quick your hands and feet need to be."

For a defensive lineman, martial arts training appears to translate well to the action on a football field.

The first things a lineman needs at the line of scrimmage are a strong hand punch and a rapid burst.

"I'm working angles on the football field as a pass rusher and when I spar in the gym," Jones said. "I feel like my hips and hands are working together, really, my whole body out there on the field."

Jones was only activated for two games last season, dressing out for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints contests. He was deactivated for the playoffs and didn't record a tackle last season.

When Jones began training camp as the starter ahead of Redding, it came as a surprise. "Arthur Jones is doing really well," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "He's grown and matured. He's a little bit leaner and a little bit quicker. He's just making more plays. He's a better technician. He's doing a nice job.

For the former Syracuse standout, his first NFL season was a major disappointment after recording 145 career tackles, 38 1/2 tackles for losses, 6 1/2 sacks and four fumble recoveries for the Orangemen. The Ravens drafted the All-Big East Conference selection 157th overall last year. "I feel a lot stronger and a lot faster than I was as a rookie," Jones said. "It was like I was a freshman all over again. Now, I have a sense of urgency. I learned how to push myself farther. I'm learning fast and I'm ready to compete. "Last year, was more of a learning experience. I'm feeling confident. Now, I have a grasp of the playbook and I understand the defense better. I just want to go out there and dominate every single play."

One major plus with Jones is his versatility. The Ravens can line him up at defensive end, defensive tackle or nose guard. "He's getting better every day," defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano said. "We've played him in a couple different spots. So, he brings some versatility that way. He comes out here and he doesn't say a word.

"We press him pretty hard, coach Brooks does a great job with him, and you can see him just starting to take off. So, he's been a pleasant surprise at this point."

Despite his collegiate success and NFL status, Jones has yet to achieve as much as his relatively famous younger brother as a professional athlete. Jones is intent on gaining some bragging rights this season.

"I'm the older brother, so I try to tell him everything," Jones said. "It's a great sibling rivalry. It's a great competition. We want to make our parents' name a great one."

Notebook: Yanda still out with back spasms, Harbaugh says he'll be back

OWINGS MILLS – Baltimore Ravens offensive guard Marshal Yanda will be sidelined Friday night against the Kansas City Chiefs after missing his fifth practice in a row due to back spasms. Although it's unclear if Yanda will play next week against the Washington Redskins, coach John Harbaugh downplayed the injury.

"We're definitely playing it safe," Harbaugh said. "He's got back spasms, like I've told you. Nothing major. No new injury or anything like that to the back. The linemen, they always have back issues over the years. All football players do to some extent or another. We're going to keep him out the rest of this week for sure.

"Whether he'll go next week or not, I don't know. You know Marshal, he'll want to go. If we have to hold him back, it will be us holding him back. It's not a serious thing. He's not going to be out for the regular season or anything thing like that and he'll probably play next week."

With Yanda out and six-time Pro Bowl center Matt Birk still out following left knee surgery, the Ravens will deploy Oniel Cousins at right guard and rookie Jah Reid at right tackle with Bryan Mattison starting again at center.

"I don't think we're going to look like we're at midseason form," Harbaugh said. "But I'd like to see us be solid in pass protection and get the run game going a little bit."

LEWIS EXCUSED: All-Pro middle linebacker Ray Lewis was excused from practice due to a relative's illness. It's unclear if Lewis will be back by Friday night.

"Personal, family matters," Harbaugh said. "Something he has to take care of."

FLACCO POWER GROWING: The Ravens insist that quarterback Joe Flacco has been granted increased autonomy to audible.

In the past, that wasn't the case under offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's control.

"I think we've seen that a lot," Harbaugh said. "It's just been built into the offense in the offseason. I said it last year a lot, that there's more stuff in there than you realize, but there's more this year. I think Cam and the offensive coaches have done a great job of building the offense in a way that Joe really has the choice almost every play."

Now, Harbaugh said Flacco changes plays quite often.

"He changes a run to another direction," Harbaugh said. "He changes a run to a pass. He changes a pass to a maximum protection or back to a run, and he's done a great job with that."

PLAYING TIME: Harbaugh outlined that the majority of the starters will play into the second quarter Friday.

Some veteran players such as Lewis and free safety Ed Reed will only play sparingly in the first quarter.

"I think the starting group, so to speak, will play well into the second quarter.," Harbaugh said. "We have a shorter offseason this year. We need to get ready to play. We're going to be playing a regular-season game very soon. "There are certain guys who don't need to play that much. I think Ray Lewis is an example; Ed Reed is an example. So, I think those guys will be pulled a little earlier."

INJURY UPDATE: Several players didn't practice, including Birk and Yanda, cornerback Chris Carr (left hamstring), wide receiver James Hardy (hamstring), running back Damien Berry (ankle) and wide receiver David Reed, who's coming off surgery on his left wrist. Returning to practice after being given a day off: defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, running back Ray Rice, wide receiver Anquan Boldin, defensive end Cory Redding, linebackers Terrell Suggs, Brendon Ayanbadejo and Jarret Johnson and cornerback Lardarius Webb.

CAMP BREAKING, SORT OF: Wednesday marked the usual time the Ravens would break training camp in Westminster.

This year, though, practices are being conducted at the Ravens' training complex due to planning delays caused by the NFL lockout. "It really kind of wraps up the training camp phase," Harbaugh said. "We're still in training camp in the sense that we'd be coming back home at this date. We'd be leaving Westminster right now if we were in a normal scenario. So, the format changes next week. We'll be in more of an in-season type of a format, maybe a little more than we would do in season but not a lot more than we would do in season: a couple plays here and there."

QUICK HITS: Harbaugh praised cornerback Cary Williams, who has worked with the first-team defense at times during camp. "Cary is very talented, he's worked very hard," Harbaugh said. "I think he's been in the system now for over a year-plus. He really understands the defense. But, what I like about him is he's playing with great technique, and at corner, that's so important. He's got a lot of talent, but he's playing with great technique." … Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is a proponent of the NFL eventually shifting to an 18-game regular-season schedule.

"I think it became such a flashpoint, that our negotiating team figured that it wasn't worth pushing," Bisciotti said during a conference call with personal-seat license holders. "What we did as a show of faith was to go from what we had as a unilateral opportunity to impose 18 games in the old CBA, we agreed to let it become a negotiating point with the union going forward Nobody likes things being forced on them, and the fact that the old CBA made it clear that we could impose it on them, I think that it kind of made them angrier that they didn't feel like they were getting heard. We felt that it was in our players' best interests to leave it out of this fight and open it up for negotiation a year or two from now and see what the additional revenue would be so that they're making a decision with eyes wide open."

…Bisciotti is awaiting a Monday night home game and was disappointed the Ravens weren't awarded one this year. The Ravens' last home Monday night game was four years ago against the New England Patriots.

"I will bet you a Ravens hat and a shirt that we are on Monday Night Football at home next year," said Bisciotti, who's on the NFL broadcasting committee. "You call back and ask for it if we don't get it because I'm going to fight like hell for it. They kind of slipped that one in on me and it was too late. I obviously didn't fight hard enough when they asked us for our preferences. I was very disappointed because I had mentioned it to the scheduling guys when we didn't get it last year. They took note." … Bisciotti is hoping the Ravens will eventually be asked to play overseas in London in the NFL's international series. "They haven't come to me," Bisciotti said. "My time is going to come up and I'm going to accept it when I do it. I think it's in the best interest. I would love to get some more Ravens fans over the pond.

"If it's our year in the next few, then I certainly hope that it's an away game and our fans still get their eight home games." What if it's a home game? Bisciotti's reply: "Hopefully we'll get a bunch of our season-ticket holders over there because they do give season-ticket holders a chance to buy tickets."

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