Post mini-camp Insider Transcript 5-12-2003

On May 12 the Insiders were joined by Aaron Wilson, who answered many questions about the recently concluded Ravens mini-camp. Aaron gives his report on how players looked and performed, status of the rookies, any surprises amongst the undrafted free agents, and more. Check it out!

aaronwilson Good evening. Ready for your questions.
adminsteve Hey Aaron.
Vagrant Greetings.
Mjoh42077 Hello
adminsteve Do the Ravens have a different opinion on whether or not they will go for a vet QB backup now?
aaronwilson Not really. They will likely wait until after June 1 to make a final decision as to who's available. Also, Anthony Wright threw the football very well over the weekend. We'll see how it goes. At some point, they may add someone to the fold.
Mjoh42077 How are the Ravens NFL Europe guys doing?
adminsteve Hey Dev.
aaronwilson Marc Lester recently had a dozen catches. Mike Collins is on injured reserve. And Dameon Hunter scored a touchdown in his first game.
aaronwilson Nate Bolling has also drawn solid reviews.
Dev21 Hey guys.
Dev21 What's the status on Knight?
Dev21 Knight.
aaronwilson He has a strained groin, nothing serious. He remains in contention for nickel back duties. He's not in the running currently for a starting job. Corey Fuller and Gary Baxter are competing. Chris McAlister, of course, is all set.
adminsteve Did Pashos get any reps at Guard?
aaronwilson No, he worked at right tackle behind Orlando Brown. Casey Rabach and Jason Thomas played right guard.
TheFanatic Lemme know when to fire. speaking of firing, bare with me as Kenskin is lurking on YBR attempting to stir the pot so I'm watching and waiting on therere
Dev21 You give him hell Fanatic.
adminsteve Hi Debi
drkraven hi
adminsteve So is Zastudil going to kick off Aaron?
TheFanatic Aaron, any signs of Marcus Robinson ""Icing"" down his knees during the mini camp the way he had to after his pre-signing workout?
aaronwilson He's in the early stages of studying the form and going through the motion, which is highly dissimilar to punting. He's optimistic about it, used to share these duties one year at Ohio University and thinks it might actually extend his punting average by strengthening his leg.
aaronwilson No, I think that was more of a byproduct of Marcus Robinson having so many workouts in a row in so many different cities. He handled the strain of four practices just fine without any flare-ups.
TheFanatic That would be cool if he could pull it off. Would open another roster spot for WR, OL, etc.
Mjoh42077 Do the Ravens have any concern about Suggs predraft bar fight?
adminsteve I played soccer for half my life. I'll take $100K only if I can skip the road games.
adminsteve And not have to practice.
purplepoe hi everyone
adminsteve How was Demps?
aaronwilson No, they haven't said anything about it. We're, of course, aware of the details, but it's possible no charges will even be filed against him. He appears to have been protecting his brother and himself from an attack. Suggs has no other prior incidents, so Baltimore is unlikely to judge him harshly for this one isolated incident. Obviously, they felt comfortable enough to draft him 10th overall.
naca72 Has there been any kind of discussion or intimation that Tony Pashos would get a shot at competing for the RG job?
Dev21 How did Nolan's defensive fronts look at camp? IOW, was there a greater usage of different combinations of alignments than last year?
Dev21 Hey poe.
aaronwilson Will Demps performed well, splitting repetitions with Anthony Mitchell at free safety. He took more work throughout the weekend than Mitchell, but it's really early to get a true barometer for who will play there. Keep in mind that both of those players may be keeping the spot warm for Corey Fuller or Gary Baxter.
aaronwilson They consider Tony Pashos to be a reserve right tackle. If anyone plays right guard other than Bennie Anderson, it will be Casey Rabach or, unlikely but possible, Mike Flynn moving over from center with Rabach playing in his place. Anderson reported in much better shape, so he has a good chance to stay where he is.
aaronwilson They were in extremely basic defensive sets, rudimentary variations of the 3-4. Review for the veterans, installation for the rookies like Terrell Suggs and Jarrett Johnson.
TheFanatic Aaron, you missed my Marcus Robinson question above.
Dev21 That makes sense.
Dev21 Fan, he answered it above.
aaronwilson I answered it.
purplepoe wake up fan
purplepoe :)
Dev21 Did any of the UDFAs stand out?
aaronwilson He went through the practices just fine. Didn't see him icing his knees at all. That's more a byproduct of so many workouts and physicals in consecutive days throughout the league during his free agent tour.
TheFanatic Sorry, must of been one of step outs for Kenskin. Thanks Aaron.
purplepoe Aaron. What is your take on the WR situation as a whole. The way I see it is if Taylor doesn't really show up that he could become the 3rd WR at some point this season. Is that possible?
Dev21 LOL, he is very distracted Aaron.
aaronwilson Yes, Hugh Smith, a kick returner from South Florida, is one of the fastest players on the team. He has an extra gear. He's tiny, but he's been clocked at 4.30 seconds.
TheFanatic Duty calls sometimes!! Speaking of duty...See Kenskin
aaronwilson Also, the linebacker from Hawaii, Brown, is a tough kid. And Gilman graduate, Chisom Opara, a receiver from Princeton, looked good as did fellow undrafted rookie Todd Devoe.
Dev21 Wow. I think someone who was a South Florida fan mentioned that he was the team's No.1 target.
Vagrant Aaron, who do you think will end up backing up J. Lewis? Musa Smith or Taylor?
purplepoe Aaron. I posted a WR question above
aaronwilson Chester Taylor, according to Brian Billick. I think Brian was attempting to deflate expectations for Musa Smith to take pressure off of him.
naca72 I read that Hartwell's back injury was not a serious one, but is that an injury from last season still lingering
naca72 ?
aaronwilson In terms of the wide receiver situation, Travis Taylor looked sharp in his routes. He also didn't drop as pass as far as I could tell. Anything is possible, but right now, it's Taylor, Sanders and Robinson, in that order.
aaronwilson Yes, Ed Hartwell's back just tightened up a little bit. It's nothing serious.
Musa how is Redman's arm strength after the injury and how does it compare to Boller??
aaronwilson Redman is a much better athlete all-around now that his back injury has been addressed. He can throw the football harder and longer than before. That said, Boller has quite the fastball. He's not as accurate, which is to be expected, as Redman right now. Both look like good quarterback prospects right now. The Ravens quarterbacks coach David Shaw said of the physical different in Redman: ""Night and day.""
naca72 Has there been any discussion of using Ovie Mughelli in the lead back situations?
TheFanatic How many wide receivers do you expect or think we'll carry on the active roster?
aaronwilson No, he's not much of a one-back. He's a fullback through and through. They will use him mostly on special teams and to spell Alan Ricard.
naca72 No, I mean as a lead blocker in the I-form sets
aaronwilson Four to five.
aaronwilson Yes, he'll be used that way in relief of Ricard.
purplepoe Can we expect the FO to go after a NT after June 1?
naca72 Matt Simon must be ecstatic?
TheFanatic So if Taylor, Sanders and Robinson appear to be ""Locks"", who to you see taking the additional two spots? I say Two because I don't see 4 as being enough.
aaronwilson Ozzie Newsome said he might pursue veteran help, but he will likely evaluate the current personnel before making any moves.
aaronwilson Matt Simon is extremely pleased.
aaronwilson Randy Hymes and Ron Johnson likely.
Musa Are they really serious about Zastudil being the kickoff specialist?
aaronwilson Yes, they're entertaining that option as a way to give relief to Matt Stover's leg and save a roster spot potentially.
purplepoe That extra roster spot could be crucial
Tonyp3 How did Jamal Lewis look during mini camp?
TheFanatic Was Hymes impressive or at least equal to what he looked like at the end of last season in the past mini camp?
aaronwilson Jamal Lewis reported in good shape and looked like he's primed for another 1,000-yard season.
adminsteve I just put up a great article by Pro BTW on Lewis.
aaronwilson Hymes was impressive, at times, shaky hands during the first day. He stood out with his wardrobe, too. Cool purple socks. lol.
Dev21 Do you see the Ravens carrying eight defensive lineman?
naca72 Does the defensive staff envision Terrell Suggs splitting time (at least initially) with Cornell Brown with Suggs being in for passing situations, or does it look like they're going to throw him in there and let him play?
aaronwilson Possibly. Do the math: Kelly Gregg, Anthony Weaver, Adalius Thomas, Joe Salavea, Maake Kemoeatu, Jarrett Johnson, Aubrayo Franklin, Riddick Parker.
Tonyp3 was there any difference between Boller from day one to Sunday? (better touch on throws etc..)??
aaronwilson It looks like both are going to play, but Suggs was out there with the first unit primarily at minicamp.
Dev21 I'm not a math whiz by any means, but that is nine players, lol.
Vagrant rofl
naca72 no it's not
naca72 it's 8
purplepoe LOL
purplepoe I'm never trusting Dev's post on the cap situation ever again!!!!
Musa Besides our 1st round picks, which rookie was the most impressive?
Vagrant at least you're right about the math whiz part dev :D
aaronwilson Boller improved markedly in recognizing defenses and his comfort level, feeling comfortable enough to joke around a little with Ray Lewis during Saturday's morning session.
Dev21 Like I said, I'm no math whiz.
naca72 lol
aaronwilson Ovie Mughelli.
naca72 nice
Vagrant How well is Boller picking up the offense?
aaronwilson He's learning fast. He's picking up the verbiage quickly as Brian Billick says. He picked up a lot of the line calls and protection schemes right away.
Tonyp3 I for one thought that Mitchell and Demps are barely adequate at Safety. I'm curious how did Sapp and Sanders did playing safety
purplepoe Did you get to talk to Mike Singletary at all? If so, what did he think of his first real coaching gig
aaronwilson Sapp is nursing a wrist injury. Sanders looked like a good athlete, but a tad lost as to where he's supposed to be. Understandable.
Vagrant Isn't Antwoine Sanders like 25 years old?
aaronwilson No, I didn't get the chance to talk to Mike Singletary. I have on several other occasions. His first coaching experienced appeared to go off without a hitch.
Dev21 How did Fuller play at the corner position?
aaronwilson Yes, Sanders is 25. He worked a series of blue-collar jobs after graduating from high school.
Tonyp3 how did Zeus look pass blocking?
aaronwilson Fuller is still really fast. He can cover and he can leap and adjust to the football. Tough guy all-around.
aaronwilson Orlando Brown's footwork looked solid. He also was able to control himself for the most part from roughing anyone up too badly.
Mjoh42077 Mobility wise did you see a big difference between Boller & Redman?
Dev21 That is definitely good news, because he seemed to slow down at the end of the year with the Browns.
aaronwilson Yes, Kyle Boller is much quicker and faster. Redman has less wasted motion because he's sure where he's going. Kyle's feet can get him out of trouble.
purplepoe Boxers or briefs
purplepoe :)
TheFanatic Do you think they'll make the move of switching Baxter to safety and let Fuller play corner?
Vagrant lol@purple
naca72 How did Orlando Brown look as far as being able to get out and pull...I know they were just in shorts...but does he seem light on his feet?
aaronwilson That's what Corey Fuller would prefer, but the coaching staff has to think long-term, too, and Gary Baxter could play for the next seven to eight years. Fuller probably has two more years left as a fast cornerback.
purplepoe hey, this is supposed to be fun!!!
Tonyp3 With all the talk about the is Chad Williams doing...I was really impressed with him last year.
Dev21 It sounds like Baxter had a hell of a minicamp.
aaronwilson They didn't pull him much. He moved well on some sweep plays.
adminsteve Did anyone look OUT of shape this weekend?
purplepoe It's gonna be tough to narrow down the secondary isn't it
aaronwilson Chad Williams was fine. He didn't get as many reps as Demps and Mitchell.
aaronwilson Tony Pashos is in good shape, but he doesn't look like it.
Dev21 In terms of coverage reading, how well did Redman perform?
aaronwilson Redman knows this defense pretty well and performed accordingly. The offense has a huge edge in these non-contact practices, too.
Tonyp3 Who do you think will make it in the secondary...a tad bit crowded in there
Vagrant Does the FO have any concerns about the Jags raiding their scouting dept?
aaronwilson Chris McAlister, Gary Baxter, Ed Reed, Corey Fuller, Will Demps, Anthony Mitchell, Chad Williams, Tom Knight.
aaronwilson Not really a raid: two scouts and a personnel director.
naca72 I was pleased with the Mike Mabry pick...that guy is nasty...but have you spoken with Jim Colletto in regards to his being a project type guy. We do have several G/C type players already on the roster.
aaronwilson They are sorry to see Terry McDonough and Art Perkins go, of course. Good scouts, good guys.
naca72 developmental squad I mean
Vagrant Remove raid, insert walk in, order a drink and leave
Musa please tell me there's no way Ethan brooks wins a starting job
Tonyp3 hopefully not....
aaronwilson Not much yet. Will zero in on Mabry's chances later. They consider him a sleeper.
aaronwilson Gerome Sapp has a good chance, too.
Tonyp3 how do you rate Pashos at camp...?
aaronwilson Ethan Brooks is likely a backup at left and right tackle.
Vagrant Lakers 4 peat?
aaronwilson Pashos did a good job. Big enthusiastic kid with great size for the position. Not the most nimble athlete, but gigantic.
aaronwilson Nope, sorry. They can't keep this up.
Dev21 How did Suggs handle dropping back into coverage?
naca72 That's why I think he would be great inside protected at Guard
aaronwilson He looked a bit unsure and occasionally forgot to drop back and rushed the quarterback instead.
aaronwilson Maybe. Guard is an athletic spot, though. It's no cakewalk and it's tough to hide guys there.
Musa Aaron I know its early but does this yr remind you of 2000 when we snuck up on teams?
Dev21 Yes to the Lakers 4-peat. Really, the Spurs are the only team that will stand in their way with Webber going down.
TheFanatic Is Ray Lewis REALLY at 240 lbs.?, If so, do you view this as a good playing weight for him?
aaronwilson We'll see.
Tonyp3 how did our DL look? Douglass healthy again?
aaronwilson Yes, he really weighs that. He could pick up a few more pounds as his shoulder handles more weight in the gymnasium.
Vagrant I have been a Lakers fan for a while so I hope they do. Would kinda like to see Dallas win one though.
aaronwilson Oh, my bad, forgot to include Marques Douglas above. He's almost all the way back and a big contender at right end.
TheFanatic He looked a little thin to me in some of the mini camp pics.
aaronwilson He's eager to get back in the swing of things fully.
Dev21 I'm a big Lakers fan, too. If they win it this year, that would be something else.
Dev21 See, I knew I wasn't crazy for counting nine players! I also included Douglas but didn't see his name.
purplepoe suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Dev
Tonyp3 I heard Taylor is a couple of pounds heavier this year..Any truth to that?
naca72 Travis or Chester?
Tonyp3 Travis...
TheFanatic Is Mike Nolan kicking his chops right now thinking about all the possibilities he has at hand right now? He may not be, but I am!!
aaronwilson Travis Taylor looked about the same to me. Keep in mind he gained weight last year.
Dev21 Hey, my eyes deceived me.
aaronwilson Mike Nolan is enthused about what his defense might look like. Gives him greater flexibility than last year to be certain.
Dev21 I also heard that both Gregg and Kemo looked stronger in the upper body. Any truth to this?
aaronwilson Yes, that appears to be true. Also Kelly Gregg appears to have addressed his lower body, too. He's about 310 pounds benching 550.
TheFanatic This defense will be scary!!
Tonyp3 Did Rabach put on any more weight? he is too lite to play Guard.. and no way he plays over Mike Flynn at C
Dev21 Damn.
aaronwilson Rabach looked about the same as last year maybe 5-10 pounds heavier, if that.
Tonyp3 did you talk to McAlister at all?? How does he feel about his situation?
Dev21 Which incumbent starter has the best chance to lose his job, in your opinion?
aaronwilson Chris McAlister declined a few interview requests by leaving the locker room and practice field.
aaronwilson Hmm, I would say Will Demps.
Tonyp3 How seriously is Knight hurt?
Dev21 How solid do you the team is compared with the rest of the division?
aaronwilson Not that seriously. It's a tweaked groin. It's not the end of the world.
aaronwilson I think they're right there with Cleveland or slightly superior at this point. Pittsburgh is still the team to get through to win the division title outright.
Tonyp3 `any comments by the FO about June 1 signings?
aaronwilson No, Ozzie Newsome said they will keep their options open, but didn't predict anything imminent. If they sign anything, it will be a quarterback or a defensive lineman or an offensive guard.
naca72 I really think Cleveland is in for a bad year.
Tonyp3 Did the ravens have any interest at all with Mo Collins before he resigned with the raiders?
TheFanatic I agree with naca, Cleveland appears to have regressed from last year.
aaronwilson They never held any contract discussions regarding Mo Collins.
naca72 Significant off-season losses+bad draft=not so good Brownies
Tonyp3 Do you have any idea on what type of contract (bonus etc.) McAlister and the Ravens are discussing
aaronwilson Probably so, but remember they still have good receivers and an improving running game. They're not that bad. Let's see if their young linebackers are better than the guys they cut.
aaronwilson It will be in the neighborhood of $8 to $12 million if it gets done this summer.
Vagrant ug, hopefully the former
Tonyp3 Does Trent Smith make the team?
naca72 Have there been initial talks with any of the draftees agents about contracts?
aaronwilson I think he has a great chance to make the team. He's a really athletic player with great hands and route running skills.
naca72 So John Jones has his work cut out for him?
aaronwilson No, they don't ever get any of that stuff done early, but holdouts are unlikely with this crop of agents. Kyle Boller (Mike Sullivan) and Terrell Suggs (Gary Wichard) are reasonable agents.
naca72 nice
aaronwilson John Jones has his work cut out for him, but he had a super minicamp, a bunch of circus catches.
naca72 you don't think they would carry 4 TEs do you?
Dev21 Aaron is right on the money. Don't expect holdouts, but these contracts won't be completed until the week before training camp starts.
aaronwilson Yes, I think it's possible.
naca72 wow...that surprises me
Tonyp3 any new return guys on the UFA list?
aaronwilson They will push it to the limit as they always do.
aaronwilson They really don't want to break this group of tight ends up. There's always the practice squad for Trent Smith, but he would be an attractive target for other teams to sign if he was placed on taxi squad.
nayrb014 do you know how Pashos did at the minicamp?
Dev21 Keep Smith on the practice squad.
aaronwilson Well, the Ravens are well-stocked at return specialist with Lamont Brightful, Chester Taylor, Javin Hunter and maybe Hugh Smith.
Dev21 Damn, meant to say don't keep him.
aaronwilson Pashos performed well. Bulky kid, tough, decent footwork, looks a little awkward. He'll show up better in full pads.
Dev21 I'm not having a good night, lol.
TheFanatic Too many return specialists to be trying to keep.
aaronwilson Well, they'll have to make some tough decisions in general with this roster. Things have changed.
Mjoh42077 How did the rookie LB Givan look?
Tonyp3 do you think Hunter's return abilities will have an impact on WR battle between Hymes, Johnson and Himself
Dev21 Do you see AD being used to drop back into coverage like last year?
aaronwilson He didn't stand out one way or the other. Fast linebacker, though.
TheFanatic Speaking of Return specialists.... Are McAlister's days of returning punts over? Or should e expect to see him back there again this year?
aaronwilson I think it could, but Hunter has to earn his keep as a receiver legitimately, too.
aaronwilson Adalius' outside linebacker days appear to be over. He played with his hand down at all times.
Vagrant What would you recommend for someone hoping to one day become an NFL scout?
aaronwilson Yes, he's done with that from all indications.
adminsteve Lets have one more from everyone and then we'll wrap it up.
Crazyraven Will Jamal role be diminished since Musa is now in the game (running back by committee)
adminsteve OK Aaron?
aaronwilson I would try to major in sports management, volunteer as a coach with the football team, try to become a graduate assistant and then write all 32 NFL teams asking for an internship. Be prepared to work for free. The Houston Texans' respected GM, Charley Casserly, got started that way for George Allen's Redskins.
Vagrant Good call.
Tonyp3 what was the point of McAlister attending if he wasn't gonna practice? I admit, I was happy he wasn't holding out...better for chemistry..
aaronwilson It was a gesture of good will, I'm assuming.
Tonyp3 Is Travis Taylor in his last year of contract?
Musa any chance of getting a veteran QB
TheFanatic Has anything been brought up to ""Zeus"" by the media in the form of a question regarding his less then desirable departure from Baltimore a few years ago? If so, what was his response? If not, do you think it will eventually be brought up at some point?
aaronwilson Keep in mind that Chris McAlister was trying to make sure he didn't get hurt because he wasn't under contract technically. He hasn't signed his one-year tender.
ravensfan4003 its been going on for an hour??
aaronwilson Travis Taylor has an option year, I believe after this one.
Tonyp3 team option?
Musa veteran QB??
ravensfan4003 Has anyone asked how the safety situation is shaping up?
Dev21 Fan, Bruce Cunningham said he would ask him about that personally.
ravensfan4003 Ed Reed and ?????
TheFanatic Cunningham says a lot of things.
ravensfan4003 ok back to my safety question
ravensfan4003 nice name heap
aaronwilson Right now, it's Will Demps and Anthony Mitchell at free safety. Watch for Corey Fuller or Gary Baxter being moved inside, one of them, by summer's end.
ravensfan4003 hmmm
aaronwilson Veteran quarterback isn't likely to happen until after June 1, if at all.
ravensfan4003 What the hell Aaron?
ravensfan4003 that doesn't make any sense to me
Tonyp3 how did Musa Smith look?
aaronwilson The Ravens actually like Anthony Wright to an extent. They know it's not the security of an established backup, but it's one alternative.
ravensfan4003 You told us he was God-awful terrible.
aaronwilson Musa Smith is a tough kid. He's learning and he's a heckuva prospect for the future.
Mjoh42077 Any chance of Franklin sneaking in as a Starter? Since the Ravens are looking for a big body on the D-Line.
HHHEEEAAAPPP yea but injury prone, or so I hear
nayrb014 how did Redman do?
Tonyp3 Any idea if the FO drafted him because of Injury fears or Off field issues about Jamal?
ravensfan4003 ooooooh look at that emoticon
ravensfan4003 that's pretty sexy
aaronwilson Well, he was, but he does have a strong arm and some experience. They aren't going to get everything done that you want them to. They've already exceeded my expectations of what they would do in free agency. I would be satisfied if I was a fan. It's not flashy, but their additions make sense.
nayrb014 :)
aaronwilson He's not that much bigger than Kelly Gregg. He's smaller than Kemo.
aaronwilson They drafted him for depth and because he can occupy two blocker and still penetrate the line of scrimmage.
Mjoh42077 for some reason he looked really big to me on film
HHHEEEAAAPPP how is Joe Salavea, and what are your expectations of him?
aaronwilson Redman threw very well. His back held up fine. He looked much more athletic since the surgery.
ravensfan4003 thank you very much
nayrb014 I hope he will become a good QB for us
aaronwilson They haven't said so publicly, but we all know Jamal's situation. Obviously, this is quality insurance in case Jamal's knee flares up or any other situation arises.
ravensfan4003 we all do
Tonyp3 if you were a betting man, do you put your money one Redman or Boller starting this year?
ravensfan4003 he does say his knees ache sometimes
TheFanatic If Redman does well this season, do you think it's possible to retain both him and Boller?
aaronwilson Joe Salave'a is a big, tough, strong veteran who should play a lot of football for Baltimore this fall.
aaronwilson I would bet on Redman because he's likely to be healthy and they don't want to rush Boller and impede his development and confidence.
ravensfan4003 yes
ravensfan4003 this is true
HHHEEEAAAPPP how many years do you think Jamal has left, I know he is only in his third year, but I don't see him playing for that much longer
aaronwilson It would be asking a lot to make Kyle Boller wait a few seasons when they've invested so much in him in draft picks and money. It would also be tough to ask Chris Redman to become a backup. Someone would have to go. It would likely be Redman. Prepare yourself for that scenario.
ravensfan4003 noooooooo
drkraven noooooooooooo
ravensfan4003 that's horrible
aaronwilson I think Jamal Lewis can play for several more seasons. I wouldn't be writing the epitaph on his career just yet.
TheFanatic I have, but I think most folks haven't!!
ravensfan4003 I HAVEN'T
ravensfan4003 Redman does well and we get rid of him?????
ravensfan4003 that makes no sense to me
Tonyp3 I wish Redman was a jerk...I would be so much easier letting him go
TheFanatic Financially it makes a lot of sense!!
ravensfan4003 what if Redman does well, we get rid of him, and Boller sucks??
nayrb014 lol Tony
ravensfan4003 then we are scrooged hardcore
ravensfan4003 ya why does Redman have to be such a nice guy?
Tonyp3 haha
TheFanatic There have been a couple people on the board trying to say that this will happen only to be ridiculed and called Redman haters.
ravensfan4003 because it sounds ridiculous
ravensfan4003 but if Aaron says it is true it must be
aaronwilson Well, it's a dicey situation. Stay tuned and it will likely work out for the best. It's really early to make these projections, too.
HHHEEEAAAPPP how much of a role will Sanders and Robinson play/fill?
ravensfan4003 if Redman does well I say screw Boller
HHHEEEAAAPPP who will have a bigger impact?
aaronwilson I say that because they have a lot of time and money invested eventually in Kyle Boller. That's the reality of the situation.
TheFanatic What kind of a contract to you anticipate Boller receiving?
ravensfan4003 ok
ravensfan4003 but I don't like it
ravensfan4003 don't like it at all
aaronwilson Sanders and Robinson both might start.
ravensfan4003 over Taylor?
Tonyp3 As much I like Redman as a Player, I just don't see him sticking here over Boller...I am really high on Boller...I think he is gonna be THE superstar in the draft...but then again, what do I know
aaronwilson If one winds up playing the slot or third receiver, it will be Sanders who has the most versatility of the trio.
aaronwilson I think Sanders will catch more passes, but Robinson will be a greater deep threat.
Mjoh42077 Could not agree more Tony
HHHEEEAAAPPP I don't see them both staying healthy for the duration of an entire season
aaronwilson Boller will receive slightly above what the 19th pick last year got. It's all based on slotting. The rookie pool is a flat cap this year again.
ravensfan4003 good
ravensfan4003 did EB show up?
TheFanatic Doesn't exactly sound like a bank breaking figure that would force the loss of Redman for financial reasons.
ravensfan4003 was he supposed to?
adminsteve Aaron, how are you for time bud?
aaronwilson No, but it's still first-round money. Also, they traded next year's first and this year's second to obtain Kyle Boller.
aaronwilson I've got time for just a few more questions.
HHHEEEAAAPPP how do you think Orlando brown will end up playing
ravensfan4003 goodly
Dev21 Fan, usually they may something like $8-to-$9 million total over five years.
Vagrant Going to see The Matrix: Reloaded?
TheFanatic Do you think it would be possible for them to use the ""Tag"" on Redman?
aaronwilson I think he'll be an asset as a run blocker and not embarrass himself at all in pass blocking situations.
Tonyp3 Tag would be too expensive for Redman
Tonyp3 QBs make a lot of money
aaronwilson Yeah, I think it looks great. I really like the first one.
ravensfan4003 lol YEAH
HHHEEEAAAPPP will Tony Pashos start?
aaronwilson They could tell Chris to test the market and then see if he wants to come back and compete with Boller or act as a backup.
aaronwilson No, he's a backup for foreseeable future.
ravensfan do you think Robinson might return to his production his good years or do you think it will be difficult for him to get separation?
aaronwilson I think he can get open based on what I saw this weekend. He looked really fast.
TheFanatic If he does well this year, in this QB starved league I expect him to be gone.
ravensfan4003 actually fanatic
ravensfan4003 is it really that QB starved?
aaronwilson Perhaps, that's always the risk of free agency.
ravensfan I hope so.
ravensfan4003 there were only 3-4 other teams that really needed QBs this year
nayrb014 if we get McAlister under contract... we could franchise him....!
TheFanatic See Jeff Blake, Plummer, Griese, Kordell, etc.
aaronwilson Yes, they could.
Mjoh42077 What if they can't sign McAlister to a long term deal? Do you think they trade him after the season to get the #1 back?
Tonyp3 and sign Champ bailey
ravensfan lol
ravensfan4003 ok well
aaronwilson However, paying Chris Redman the top five average salary for quarterbacks is an extremely unlikely proposition. It's a cap-killer and it makes no sense to pay Chris Redman that much.
ravensfan4003 Blake was signed by the cardinals
ravensfan4003 and well
ravensfan4003 they're the cardinals
aaronwilson No, they would just franchise Chris McAlister again.
aaronwilson Anything else, guys.
ravensfan4003 hmmmm
ravensfan how does Suggs look?
Dev21 McAlister should not be used as trade bait.
ravensfan4003 ya how does Suggs look?
aaronwilson Suggs looked a tad lost in pass coverage, as expected. Excellent pass rusher.
ravensfan do they want Suggs to lose the weight he gained?
TheFanatic Any more word on the possibility of you having a TV show yet during the season?
Tonyp3 did he loose weight?
ravensfan4003 ok well don't drop him into coverage
Vagrant has he already lost it?
ravensfan and pick back up the speed he lost?
aaronwilson Yes, he's in the process of doing that. He looked thinner than he did at the draft a few weeks ago.
ravensfan4003 excellent...
ravensfan sweet
aaronwilson Nothing yet.
aaronwilson I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear something like that.
Tonyp3 Who do you think will have more sacks...Boulware or Suggs?
ravensfan4003 ok well I think you can go now
HHHEEEAAAPPP how is Suggs against the run?
aaronwilson Suggs. I think Boulware will drop back more than Terrell will. Both should have close to double-figures.
ravensfan do they plan to use him only on passing downs?
aaronwilson Suggs stood up well against large Pac-10 tackles on running plays at Arizona State.
TheFanatic I'm telling you, this defense will be freakin scary!!!!!
ravensfan4003 TRUE DAT BROTHA MAN
ravensfan4003 TRUE DAT
aaronwilson No, they want him to be a three-down player eventually. If he can't handle that, Cornell Brown will gladly take those repetitions.
TheFanatic I can't wait!!!
Tonyp3 Could you tell Suggs that he is one ugly mofo but we all love him....hehe
ravensfan4003 dude
ravensfan4003 he is not that ugly
aaronwilson Goodnight everyone. Thanks for all the great questions.
Musa Aaron thanks for all the great insight...gotta run
Mjoh42077 thanks Aaron
ravensfan thanks Aaron!
aaronwilson Wish I could stay longer.

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