Don't Sleep on Anthony Wright

<i>The following is a rerun of a story Earnest did in May regarding Anthony Wright. We thought it was prophetic and that you would like to see it again.</i><br><br> I am at the first practice, which occurred two weekends after the draft. The feeling at camp was anticipatory to say the least. The talk was about Suggs, Boller, and Smith and mainly focused on a pending battle at the QB position.

Is Redman able to be a winner? Can Boller come in and be the man? Is Chris' back able to stand up under the pressure of a defensive tackle's sack or a DB's crunching blow to the back? All are legitimate questions and deserve to be the focused upon. But are we forgetting someone?


As I said earlier, I was watching practice and someone was throwing the ball with authority, zip and ran the offense with incredible flare. He was focused and intense while still in control of the huddle. He has been at the complex throughout the off-season and was sighted working out with Ray Lewis. It was Anthony Wright. Have we forgotten that he was a starter in the league? Have we forgotten that he can be a threat to scramble outside of the pocket when a play breaks down?  


Anthony has very natural movements in the pocket and can run with some good speed in the open field. I feel the positive energy around him and it is something that can be contagious. He is a players' quarterback. I mean, he is a guy who can hit it off with all of the guys and still maintain his leadership at the same time. Anthony is hungry and can see the possibility to become a starter, and with that being the case, he will be ready to play when the opportunity comes.


So let's not get caught sleeping. Let's keep our eyes on this derby and see which quarterback becomes the "one".


I am not saying that he will take over the lead as the main man. What I am saying is that this young man has the potential to be a player that can help us win. The spirit that is around him speaks to that. Let's watch and see.

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