Team Update

The time seems right for a report of how things are going with our team, especially the assimilation of the younger players.

Kyle Boller is the first player that comes to my mind. He has done a good job picking up the offense. On a few occasions when we have been in passing situations he has had the awareness to recognize the defense, dissect it and throw a blitz adjustment when a safety and a couple of linebackers flooded one side of the offensive formation. I can't tell you how long it takes players that are less aware to understand how to execute these hot reads. He is obviously a student of the game. When I spoke to him about it he told me some of the ways that he watches tape and it has helped his assimilation process.


Musa Smith is doing a great job as well with picking up the offense. The toughest thing for a rookie running back to understand is how to handle pass protection, and that has been his biggest struggle so far. Overall, though, Musa is doing fine and will be able to fill in as the starting running back if the time comes. Jamal and Chester missed two days of practice last week which provided Musa some additional time to get valuable repetitions and gain some confidence. His running skills, which are already pretty strong, will continue to develop. I love the energy that this young man has and pointed to the fact that he might just have to step up, and step in to the lineup at another point.


Terrell Suggs is a high motor guy. He has been sighted around the QB and ball a lot and does not mind talking a lot of smack. I love it. He brings youthful energy and some excellent abilities.  He has some grand ideas about what he desires to accomplish while recognizing that this team is Mr. Lewis', for now.


I also love the energy of Hugh Smith. He is a small receiver with a lot of speed and quickness along with excellent body control. He could be a threat in the return game as well. He brings a good attitude along with a deep desire to achieve. He is an interesting young man that we should keep an eye on.


One of the most completive positions on the team is receiver. They look like a forest of trees standing behind the huddle when the play is called, and while waiting for the next rep to come. Frank Sanders, Travis Taylor, Randy Hymes, Ron Johnson, Marcus Robinson and Milton Wynn all are over six feet tall. They are all making plays and by doing so, making a statement about what type of contribution they can and will make.


Frank stands out with his catching and running ability. He can make catches in tight spots. Randy Hymes has had some real good days and shows more speed than his posted 40 time. He has made many big plays during camp. Marcus Robinson is big and smooth. Milton Wynn has made some statements as well. There will be some tough decisions to make when putting this unit together but know this; we will be a better team because of this competition.


Everything is coming together, while the competition is turning us into a better team. Let's keep our eye on these key positional competitions and feel the energy of anticipation growing with each day passing, while a new season is almost upon us.

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