Insider Chat Transcript - June 4, 2003

<B><p>Join the Insiders as they find out the latest news about the Ravens in this week's passing camp.</B>

aaronwilson Good evening everyone. Ready for your questions.
crowdog89 Hi Aaron. What's the scoop on Suggs having back spasms? Anything to worry about?
aaronwilson He said it's something he's experienced before in college. He said it isn't serious and may keep him out for a few days.
crowdog89 Muscle type?
aaronwilson It's a lower back deal.
darb72 ahhh, it won't affect him much.
crowdog89 I hope its not a Redman type lower back deal!
aaronwilson No, it's nothing like that.
crowdog89 good
darb72 how much longer until the pre-season games start
darb72 and what's this I hear about a NFL channel
aaronwilson It's been approved on a league level, but hasn't been implemented quite yet. They're still working on the programming details.
darb72 show me the NFL 24/7. That's the only details I'm really worried about
drkraven That would be great
crowdog89 Seems like the competition for WR will be pretty stiff this are they looking? Also who in your opinion looks to make the final cut or is it too early to tell?
aaronwilson They will keep probably six receivers and it's way early to tell, but consider Marcus Robinson, Frank Sanders, Travis Taylor and Randy Hymes as virtual locks and Ron Johnson, Javin Hunter, Milton Wynn, Hugh Smith, Todd Devoe and Chisom Opara competing for the final two spots.
crowdog89 What about gee..can't recall his name..old age...the guy in NFL Europe?
aaronwilson And Marc Lester.
crowdog89 that's it!
darb72 are the Ravens looking to sign any more offensive linemen before training camp?
aaronwilson At this point, no. They consider this to be a thin market. Ozzie Newsome said it would have to be a situation where it would have to be a player capable of starting for the Ravens.
drkraven How is Chris' back holding up
aaronwilson Chris Redman's back has held up very well, not only structurally, but in terms of fatigue, too.
darb72 I'm capable of starting for the Ravens on the right side, and as Coach Martin was fond of telling me, I suck
aaronwilson For the moment, they will stick with Bennie Anderson at right guard and Orlando Brown at right tackle. That doesn't mean they won't entertain other options at some point.
crowdog89 I just now figured out that everyone must be skipping a Ravens chat for a stupid NBA finals game...geez.
aaronwilson The turnout does appear a tad thin.
adminsteve What's this about Anderson being overweight
aaronwilson Well, he' in better condition now since he spent the off-season training in Atlanta. He's not in bad shape, but he could get in better condition. He looks basically the same as he did in starting the majority of the last two seasons.
crowdog89 How's Boller looking?
aaronwilson He's throwing quite well. David Shaw and Brian Billick are impressed with his progression from college quarterback to NFL rookie.
darb72 Earnest said the guys were getting a little rowdy at practice. Do you sense them chomping at the bit, so to speak, to get started with the season
aaronwilson They taped rookie Hugh Smith to a goalpost today. I sense a lot of team spirit and camaraderie, too.
darb72 that's good
crowdog89 Glad to hear that. That's what made the 2000 team so special.
drkraven Do you know if HBO is doing Hard Knocks this year?
aaronwilson No, they aren't. Supposedly, the Chicago Bears were somewhat interested, but coach Dick Jauron vetoed the idea.
drkraven Bummer!
aaronwilson None of the other franchises expressed interest.
darb72 heck Drk, the only one that was any good was the Ravens
crowdog89 I don't get HBO, so I'm not missing much
aaronwilson It's quite a time commitment and potential distraction.
drkraven I enjoyed it. I still watch my tapes
crowdog89 I'm sure it takes some time away from the coaches, since they have to approve what gets aired.
adminsteve So TB declined it?
drkraven I'm surprised Danny boy wouldn't do it
adminsteve Filmed in 'ChuckyVision' LOL
crowdog89 LOL
aaronwilson Yes, apparently HBO approached everyone it could. In my opinion, last year's edition was fairly boring so the project isn't any big loss.
darb72 Ok, it's been fun, but I have to go. I'll talk to ya'll later.
crowdog89 Well....I don't have anything else at this point that I can think of...
adminsteve I agree.
drkraven me either
adminsteve Aaron if you want an early night lets do it tonight.
adminsteve When does that turf go in?
aaronwilson Well, thanks for all your questions. Perhaps everyone is watching the basketball game. See you all next week.
aaronwilson They install the turf next month.
drkraven see ya thanks
aaronwilson The lawsuit doesn't affect the installation.

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