NT Kelly Gregg- More Than Meets the Eye?

Affectionately referred to as ‘Buddy Lee' by his fans and teammates, nose tackle Kelly Gregg is a player that constantly defies the odds and proves that no matter his stature he's most assuredly a threat on every down.

Going into his fourth pro season, Gregg is a player who seems to be constantly around the action, imposing his will upon the opposition almost as if a magnet to the ball carrier. 

But Kelly Gregg's value is more often times than not under-appreciated, having built himself up from a 285pd lightweight as a rookie into a 315pd powerhouse having added 30pds of pure muscle so far over the course of his career. 

Despite what the contingents may say, Kelly Gregg has been a more than effective player over the majority of his football career and even found the time to be ranked as the #1 wrestling prospect in the entire country before choosing to play football instead for the Oklahoma Sooners. 

In college, Kelly Gregg was as near dominant a defensive lineman as you're gonna find having recorded 117 tackles during his senior season including a Big 12 leading and Sooner record at the time of 24 tackles for a loss. 

Add to that a healthy 9 sacks and bottom line, this guy seeks and destroys whoever has the ball if you take him lightly. So much so that he led the Sooner defensive line in tackles his final two seasons with 98 in 1997 and 117 tackles in 1998 while also being honored as Oklahoma city's ‘Defensive Player of the Year.

Pretty high accolades if I do say so myself, especially coming from such a highly regarded football team as the Sooners. Gregg has the perfect demeanor for a position that demands quickness, brute strength and a stout, stocky build.

Unfortunately in the eyes of NFL scouts, being 6`0 places limitations on your capabilities on a ‘pro' defensive line. Had Gregg been able to put up similar numbers and be 3 inches taller, he'd have been a first round pick without question. 

But instead Cincinnati drafted Gregg in the sixth round in 1999, and after a few brief stints with various organizations, he eventually wound up with the Ravens. Obviously he made a good impression on the coaches with his tremendous work ethic and sound technique, as he's been a staple of the Ravens franchise ever since. 

Gregg is one of those essential players who stands as a shining example of what hard work, dedication, and a genuine love of football will get you; further than any scouts ‘measurables' ever will. 

A student of the game and a former championship wrestler, Gregg utilizes his tremendous leverage and brute strength to halt blockers in their tracks. Combined with a nice burst off the snap, Gregg may turn out to be one of the better nose tackles in a league where teams that play the 3-4 defense can truly appreciate what he brings to the table. 

He's arguably one of the strongest players on the team, and his lack of height actually gives him an under-appreciated advantage in the trenches. It's nearly impossible to get underneath of his pads and as he likes to put it, ‘the lowest man wins'. 

Having played around 305pds last season, Gregg is now on a mission to prove all of his doubters wrong. This off-season he's added another 10pds of solid muscle to his frame and increased his strength even more so than ever before.

Gregg logged very respectable 84 combined tackles in 2002 which led the defensive line and posted 2 sacks from a position where opportunities of getting at the quarterback are too few and far between indeed. 

This season should mark the arrival of the real Kelly Gregg, and Ravens fans will soon learn to appreciate exactly how talented ‘Buddy Lee' can really be. -Pro-

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