Insider Chat Transcript - June 12, 2003

Join the Insiders as they find out from Aaron Wilson how the Ravens look in their last camp before training camp begins at the end of August. Is Kyle Boller learning the system? How do the other rookies look? Will Alvin Porter make the team? Check this out to learn more!

aaronwilson good evening, not too many people here.
ravensfan4003 all the ravens nests met tonight
aaronwilson What's going on?
aaronwilson Oh, ok.
ravensfan4003 so there is no one here but me I couldn't make it
ravensfan4003 you can have the night off
aaronwilson I guess we aren't going to have much of a turnout.
ravensfan4003 but
aaronwilson Do you have a couple of questions?
ravensfan4003 first question
ravensfan4003 whew thank God
ravensfan4003 ok
ravensfan4003 first question
ravensfan4003 How is Ovie Mughelli? I haven't heard anything about him anywhere.
aaronwilson He's looking solid all-around, acclimating well to the Ravens' offense.
ravensfan4003 well that's good
ravensfan4003 drkraven you there?
drkraven I read the Ravens were unhappy with Terrell Suggs, Is that true?
ravensfan4003 Aaron we do have a Suggs question here
ravensfan4003 darkside from the rant
aaronwilson They are pleased with Suggs' progress. He's in the process of losing weight.
ravensfan4003 ok next question aaron
drkraven where is everyone? Gee thanks
DarkSide this is it?
ravensfan4003 Are the Ravens looking to make any transactions of any importance at all the rest of the off-season?
drkraven How upset was Brian Billick with the players altercation in camp?
aaronwilson They are pretty much done with transactions other than rookie signings.
aaronwilson He wasn't upset. He was pleased with the way Ray Lewis asserted himself.
DarkSide are they worried about Suggs foot speed in dropping back, or lack thereof?
ravensfan4003 well now I see your point
aaronwilson There are a bunch of nest meetings tonight, so everyone is attending and won't be in the chat.
aaronwilson They said they aren't concerned about Suggs' backpedaling ability. He will be blitzing the majority of the time.
drkraven Good
ravensfan4003 he better be able to cover in madden 2004 or I will have some problems
ravensfan4003 hmmm
ravensfan4003 let' see...
DarkSide any chance they'll just let him fill out, and simply be an end
DarkSide he's only twenty - he'll get naturally get bigger
ravensfan4003 nah I think in his scouting report it said his frame is set
aaronwilson No, he's going to play linebacker or bust.
ravensfan4003 Aaron we don't use that word around here
aaronwilson ha ha
ravensfan4003 unless we are discussing the draft picks of the Cleveland Clowns
ravensfan4003 then we use it in abundance
drkraven At least they are happy
ravensfan4003 speaking of the Clowns
ravensfan4003 How do you think the Cleveland Browns will do this year? Seems to me they took a small step backwards.
DarkSide get a chance to see Mike Mabry perform yet, Aaron
ravensfan4003 oh ya the nobody center
aaronwilson I think they will be third overall in the division.
ravensfan4003 I would love that
aaronwilson It's tough to tell much about a lineman at this point, particularly someone who doesn't play much. He's undersized, but Phil Savage is really high on him.
ravensfan4003 ok question for aaron
aaronwilson Ready for your question
ravensfan4003 Is Tom Knight totally recovered? Seems he sits out too often for someone who is completely healed.
drkraven mine are answered thanks, I'll play Crowdog and drum up the biz
aaronwilson He missed again today with a leg problem. He's a candidate for nickel duties if he can stay healthy.
DarkSide Is Gary Baxter going to be at safety?
ravensfan4003 that would be terrible that means fuller is starting
GamedayBeer If Tom Knight can't go during the season, who becomes our nickel and dime corners
Brandon74 I hope not
Brandon74 Chad Williams
aaronwilson It looks that way because he's played the position for two consecutive weeks now. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said the Ravens won't drag this process out indefinitely.
aaronwilson Alvin Porter.
aaronwilson Chad Williams is the dime back.
Brandon74 Alvin Porter, please god, no
DarkSide sorry to here that, he was coming on nice at CB last year
GamedayBeer Do the coaches ever talk about the fact that Alvin Porter plays 15 yds off the ball and gives up down and outs at will
Brandon74 why wouldn't they use will Will Demps in that spot?
aaronwilson Alvin Porter has been playing receivers closer to the line of scrimmage in practice sessions.
ravensfan4003 is Alvin porter still terrible?
ravens4ever1089 I don't know about you guys, but Alvin Porter is horrible
Brandon74 horrible is an understatement
ravens4ever1089 sometimes when I go to the games, I watch him get blown away by average receivers all the time
ravensfan4003 atrocious
aaronwilson Will Demps is a candidate for safety duties, not nickel stuff at this point.
GamedayBeer Porter tries his heart out. I give him that but I just wonder if he isn't really a weak link and somebody the other team can go after
ravens4ever1089 he may try his heart out, but that doesn't mean he's any good
ravens4ever1089 ok do that
Brandon74 I always thought Reggie Waddell was better than him anyways
ravens4ever1089 lol
ravensfan4003 ok...synonyms for bad...
aaronwilson Alvin Porter has improved. He has decent speed, is tough, but is undersized and tends to lose the football in the air. He's a hard worker whom secondary coach Donnie Henderson is extremely high on.
ravens4ever1089 hey aaron my question is how do you figure Chester Taylor and Musa Smith will play as backups to Jamal Lewis - is Chester or Musa the 3rd down back
ravensfan4003 slipshod
ravens4ever1089 *3rd down
ravensfan4003 Alvin porter's play is ""slipshod""
ravens4ever1089 good word
mkg02 how is Kyle Boller's development coming along? I saw that he was writing down plays on his hands today to help get the lingo straight
ravensfan4003 you damn right its a good word
DarkSide What's your take on Mike Singletary so far. And is he spending more time coaching .. lets say Suggs .. rather than Lewis and Peter Boulware
aaronwilson Chester Taylor is the No. 2 back and Musa Smith is No. 3 particularly in light of some of the rookie's slipups in pass protection.
ravensfan4003 tsk tsk tsk
ravens4ever1089 but who will be the 3rd down back do you think
aaronwilson Kyle Boller is improving rapidly. His grasp of the offense is quite advanced for a rookie. Accuracy is his biggest obstacle at this point.
ravens4ever1089 who do you think the 3rd down back will be this year though
Brandon74 Chester
ravensfan4003 can you teach pass accuracy?
aaronwilson Phil Zacharias coaches the outside linebackers and does a great job with that. Mike Singletary works mostly with the inside 'backers.
GamedayBeer Aaron, who is leading the race for the WR opposite Travis Taylor? Marcus Robinson or Frank Sanders?
drkraven How is Singletary doing as a coach?
ravens4ever1089 aaron can you see Jamal leaving after his contract is up and the Ravens planning ahead for Musa to be the starter of the future
ravensfan4003 Sanders I reckon
Brandon74 do you think Ovie Mughelli has a chance of beating out Alan Ricard?
ravensfan4003 dude Jamal is like 23
aaronwilson Singletary is an excellent coach. I sat down with him today in his office and he's truly passionate about coaching. He always wanted to be a coach and consulted his college coach, Grant Teaff, and Buddy Ryan before taking the leap. He's had several offers over the years. This felt like the right job to him.
aaronwilson One question at a time, please.
cusestudent1223 How does Orlando Brown look?
ravensfan4003 well Aaron looks like you didn't get the night off after all look at all these people
ravens4ever1089 yah but his contract is up in 2 years and he might wanna leave for more money
ravens4ever1089 I think its 2 years
aaronwilson Frank Sanders is the primary wideout other than Travis Taylor at this point. Marcus Robinson will see plenty of work, too.
aaronwilson I think that Musa Smith is quality insurance, but they would very much like to keep Jamal Lewis for as long as possible.
ravens4ever1089 I see thanx
aaronwilson Alan Ricard is entrenched as the starter at fullback. Ovie Mughelli is a candidate for significant playing time at fullback behind Ricard and will likely serve on all the special teams units.
nayrb014 ya
ravensfan4003 good Mughelli is a freight train with dreadlocks
aaronwilson Orlando Brown is really mobile for a 6-7, 350-pounder. He also has quite a mean streak and good blocking skills.
ravens4ever1089 Aaron do you think Tom Knight has a chance to make the team
ravens4ever1089 he's always injured
ravensfan4003 I think we asked this question
ravens4ever1089 o really I just got here
ravens4ever1089 sry
DarkSide How has Boller's accuracy been, when compared to Chris Redman's and Anthony Wright's?
aaronwilson Yes, Tom Knight is a strong nickel candidate. He just needs rest and stretching. His flexibility remains an issue.
ravensfan4003 its ok I think he said knight has a good shot at being the nickel back if he stays healthy
ravensfan4003 ya he said that
ravensfan4003 lol
ravensfan4003 oops
aaronwilson He's the least accurate of the three with the strongest arm.
Brandon74 Aaron going into this season and seeing what you have during the mini-camps, do you think they will keep 6 WR and less TE's?
cusestudent1223 How well does Kyle make his reads, and going through his progressions?
ravens4ever1089 how do you figure Harold Morrow fits in on the team
ravensfan4003 keep the TEs they are our strength
Brandon74 and what about that WR from Princeton, Chisom Opara?
ravensfan4003 one at a time people one at a time
aaronwilson At least six wideouts and three to four tight ends.
cusestudent1223 ravensfan4003 = unofficial board moderator, I love it!!!
aaronwilson Kyle is pretty sharp in finding his primary and secondary reads and looking off the safety. He needs to continue his learning curve and he'll be fine.
ravensfan4003 I used to be the hall monitor in grade school lol
aaronwilson Harold Morrow is the designated wedge buster. A genuine special teams ace.
nayrb014 who is the front runner for RT at the moment?
cusestudent1223 I can see that
cusestudent1223 lol
ravens4ever1089 ok
aaronwilson Chisom Opara, formerly of Lutherville and Gilman, is making a strong bid for the practice squad. He has great size and good acceleration after the catch.
ravensfan4003 the original ravensfan
DarkSide Do you believe this is truly an open competition for QB, from what you've seen so far?
aaronwilson Orlando ""Zeus"" Brown is highly likely to be the starting right tackle.
ravensfan4003 man you must have gotten up early in the morning to reserve that name
ravensfan :)
ravensfan4003 my bro played against Opara
ravensfan4003 said he was nothing special and he cant believe he's in the NFL
ravensfan4003 hey how long do these chats usually last?
ravensfan4003 like an hour?
aaronwilson It's truly an open competition at quarterback yet the deck is stacked for Chris Redman because of his knowledge of the offense and NFL experience. Kyle Boller will eventually be the starter. It's just a matter of when, not if. That doesn't necessarily mean an immediate ascension to starter status.
drkraven yes
ravens4ever1089 how many udfa's do you expect to make the team
ravensfan4003 I haven't been in one in a while
nayrb014 how is buddy lee doing?
ravensfan4003 ok so like 20 minutes left
drkraven no set rule
aaronwilson Perhaps one, maybe two or three, including the practice squad.
ravensfan4003 ya I know but roughly
ravensfan4003 big difference from last year
DarkSide Let's say Brown goes down - is Pashos next in line?
aaronwilson Kelly Gregg finished fourth in the fishing derby. He was the defending champion. Ron Johnson, a novice fisherman, won. Matt Stover was second. Chris Redman was third.
ravens4ever1089 o so they will probably all be on the practice squad rite
aaronwilson Kelly accused the quarterbacks of trolling instead of fishing the traditional way.
ravensfan4003 LOL FISHING DERBY
drkraven Has Redman taken any ""hits"" in practice?
aaronwilson No, these are non-contact drills.
ravensfan4003 ya always in mini camp no hits
GamedayBeer Is there any chance that Ron Johnson does NOT make the team this year
ravens4ever1089 how does Marques Douglas look - trying to beat out Adalius Thomas
ravensfan4003 no dude he won the fishing derby
ravensfan4003 of course he will make the team
aaronwilson Not at this point, he's likely to stick again.
drkraven I'll feel better when he gets his first and bounces back up
cusestudent1223 How is Randy Hymes playing? Any improvement?
aaronwilson Marques Douglas has made a somewhat miraculous comeback from an ACL tear seven months ago. He's in the hunt for a starting job.
Brandon74 So, Javin Hunter is pretty much on the outside and has to have a really decent camp to make the squad?
aaronwilson Randy Hymes is playing much better, much more consistent. He's a top candidate for the fourth wideout spot.
ravensfan4003 if I was Hymes I would go around and scare small children with my freakishly huge hands
ravens4ever1089 yah what did Javin show last year that was good?
nayrb014 I hear that Lamont Brightful is playing some corner, how is he doing?
cusestudent1223 lol
aaronwilson Javin Hunter is in the mix. He has to earn his job on special teams, though, as well as receiver.
ravens4ever1089 he just fumbled and drop and took ephedrine
GamedayBeer Besides Kelly Gregg in the middle who do you seeing grabbing the other 2 starting DL spots
ravens4ever1089 *dropped
ravensfan4003 why do the questions come in hard-to-digest bunches?
ravens4ever1089 cuz
ravensfan4003 is that a threat?
aaronwilson Lamont Brightful surprisingly is making a bunch of plays at cornerback this week and the previous one. He's a tough little kid as Brian Billick calls the West Baltimore native.
cusestudent1223 Is Suggs entrenched at OLB or is it possible if he doesn't slim down that he would be forced to D-Line?
aaronwilson Anthony Weaver and Adalius Thomas.
ravens4ever1089 hey what did all over you think of that ESPN off-season thing on the ravens
ravensfan4003 that was crap
ravensfan4003 they were bashing Boller
mkg02 yeah
ravens4ever1089 I thought Pasquerelli was saying good stuff
drkraven did not see it
ravensfan4003 well basically
mkg02 I heard that guys had it in for Boller since he was in college though
aaronwilson No, he's going to be a linebacker. He's in the process of trying to drop 10 pounds. His agent told him to bulk up to play end in the NFL. He was on a high-protein diet, consisting mostly of steaks and potatoes. He's working on it diligently.
ravensfan this is one year that I'm really looking forward to seeing preseason games. do you think Billick will try to showcase Kyle Boller to Baltimore fans?
ravensfan4003 they said we will finish behind the Steelers and possibly the Browns if we don't get consistent QB play
cusestudent1223 I am coming down to the Bills/Ravens preseason game, can't wait!!!
aaronwilson Other journalists are entitled to their opinions. I think they made some valid points while overstating other areas of concern. The outlook for this team is overwhelmingly bright.
ravens4ever1089 Aaron how do you see Trent Smith fitting in - not making the team or special teams or what
drkraven bull pucky
ravens4ever1089 he looks good according to the draft reports
aaronwilson Trent Smith is a really good football player, a true find in the seventh round. Unless he's a complete wimp at the point of attack, he's going to be around in some capacity.
ravens4ever1089 Sporting News had him as 6th best TE and he went in the 6th round
DarkSide Who backs up Brown at RT. What's the depth chart look like?
cusestudent1223 What does the Fuller/Baxter situation look like right now?
aaronwilson Ethan Brooks is the primary backup at both left and right tackle. That makes him a valuable reserve.
ravensfan4003 Ethan Brooks
ravensfan4003 how's he looking?
ravens4ever1089 what the safety situation, we got a bunch of talented people - it looks to me that the only way Gerome Sapp and Antwoine Sanders make the team rite now is through special teams
ravensfan4003 that's a shame too because they're both quality
aaronwilson Corey Fuller and Gary Baxter both prefer to play cornerback. They are practically even at corner. Gary is superior to Corey at safety. They haven't made a final decision yet.
aaronwilson He's solid, but has trouble with edge speed rushers like Peter Boulware. Who doesn't, though?
ravensfan how do the new receivers look?
ravensfan4003 Jonathan Ogden, for one
aaronwilson They are solid, particularly Frank Sanders and Marcus Robinson. Sanders' hands and routes are exemplary. Robinson is a real deep threat.
ravensfan4003 goooood
nayrb014 is there a chance that Alvin Porter will make the team?
DarkSide Pashos in a couple of years, maybe?
aaronwilson Yes, Alvin Porter is likely to make the team again.
aaronwilson Tony Pashos needs some work on his conditioning, but is a really good prospect down the road.
ravensfan4003 Alvin Porter - secondary whipping boy
md87ravens hello folks, fellow baltimorons :-)
ravensfan why does every football analyst forget that ray Lewis is our best off-season addition to the team? ;)
ravensfan4003 ok md87ravens we are gonna throw down
aaronwilson They tend to have short memories.
nayrb014 lol
nayrb014 lol
md87ravens lol
ravens4ever1089 how do you figure Gerome Sapp and Antwoine Sanders fit on the team
cusestudent1223 Has the situation between Weaver and Brown been resolved after Lewis rallied the team?
aaronwilson They are special teams candidates and long-range safety prospects. It's crowded at that spot.
ravens4ever1089 I know that's what I said b4
ravensfan4003 with all these people coming and going there are some questions repeated
aaronwilson Yes, it wasn't a major deal. They barely fought at all. Brown didn't overdo the tough-guy thing and Weaver didn't back down. It wasn't worth overreacting to.
md87ravens man, cannot wait for this season to roll know on ESPN in them articles I think our team is being really degraded, as usual, for some reason...feel we are being under-rated on offense
aaronwilson Yes, there is some overlap.
ravensfan we needed some attitude at RT.
ravensfan4003 ravens will prove the doubters wrong as always
md87ravens oh yes
ravensfan4003 as long as Billick is the coach and Ozzie is the GM we will always be fine
ravens4ever1089 do you think Billick's absence caused the fights
ravens4ever1089 even though they said it didn't
md87ravens like last year...we were supposed to be ""near the bottom of the NFL"" ended up 7-9 and in the play off race in week 17
md87ravens lol
aaronwilson No, they've fought several times in Billick's presence, too.
ravens4ever1089 maybe it had a little bit of effect on them without the head coach there
ravens4ever1089 ok
ravensfan4003 LOL
ravensfan are they keeping that smiley blonde cheerleader that never stops smiling. ;)
md87ravens all teams have fights at camp
ravens4ever1089 okok
ravensfan4003 you know that Stacy Keibler girl from the WWE used to be a Ravens cheerleader
md87ravens yea I know
ravens4ever1089 do you think that our LBs could be the best tandem in the league
ravensfan I call her legs
ravens4ever1089 I don't see why not
ravens4ever1089 Edgerton Hartwell, Suggs, Lewis, Boulware- can't get much better than that
ravensfan4003 Aaron I have a lot riding on our LB corps being the best in the league
md87ravens I do, our linebackers will rock, only question I see is Terrell Suggs coming in as a rookie....
ravensfan4003 I claim they are in my sig line
nayrb014 so is Suggs struggling a lot or is he coming on just a little slow?
aaronwilson Not that familiar with the cheerleader personnel. lol I'm supposed to be watching the game.
ravensfan4003 so tell them to step it up a bit
ravens4ever1089 I can't think of any better linebacker tandems
md87ravens who ever has the best defense in the AFC is going to be the most successful....bottom line, Ravens are pretty much almost to that point
md87ravens our defense on paper is looking pretty intense
ravensfan4003 yes
drkraven You are a don't need to look
aaronwilson Possibly, it's the best linebacking corps in the league. Certainly, at least one of the best.
ravensfan4003 zip
ravensfan4003 bam
ravensfan how good is Harold Marrow at special teams? is he a gunnner?
ravensfan4003 straight to the moon
ravensfan4003 to the moon!
md87ravens Ravens will be back on track in the NFL very soon
md87ravens we need some respect too
ravensfan4003 we're gonna win the AFCN in week 17
aaronwilson He's a wedge-buster. He's one of the best in the league at that job.
ravensfan4003 we're* excuse me
cusestudent1223 What is happening with kickoff duties, is it going to be Dave Zastudil or the newly acquired kickoff specialist?
drkraven We will never get respect
ravensfan4003 course not
ravensfan4003 go to we are the most hated team there
ravensfan4003 Aaron why do you think everyone hates us?
DarkSide Are there any disappointments so far, Aaron? I only here good things, which I'm glad for, but it does make me wonder.
md87ravens winning the AFC North, would be great....but its a toss up, Pittsburgh Steelers are going to have a great passing game and a decent running game.... Bengals could hand out a loss or two here and there to AFC North teams in the race....and the Cleveland Browns have gotten weak on defense but still have a pretty out there offense
aaronwilson Dave Zastudil is not a candidate for that job. It's between Derrick Frost and J.R. Jenkins.
md87ravens this division here is a toss up either way you see it.... Ravens, Steelers... one of them will win it though
aaronwilson I'm not sure why the team isn't appreciated in some circles.
cusestudent1223 you guys live in Baltimore, you don't what its like in Central NY, everyone hates the Ravens and you get no coverage except box scores
ravensfan4003 lol Aaron it was a facetious question
ravensfan4003 if there is such a thing I'm not too bright
aaronwilson Aubrayo Franklin and Grant Noel could get in better shape.
drkraven They don't know what they are missing
ravensfan4003 is Grant Noel just another arm or does he have a snowball's chance in hell to make the team?
md87ravens So, do the Ravens make the play offs as AFC North division champions or a wildcard? or at all for that matter?
ravens4ever1089 how long until Matt Stover is done
aaronwilson I think Grant Noel is running behind the other quarterbacks and it will be tough for him to make up that ground.
md87ravens I give Stover some time yet
ravensfan all things being equal do you think it's better for Suggs to be an outside linebacker or on the line? I hear so many people that say he's better suited for the line.
md87ravens three years perhaps
ravens4ever1089 he was kicking 45 yarders short last year
aaronwilson I think they are a wild card in all likelihood.
md87ravens yea but he is a good kicker though
ravens4ever1089 he mite be leaning toward the end maybe
aaronwilson Matt Stover is not going to be the kickoff guy, either.
ravens4ever1089 we might need a new leg in there
ravens4ever1089 I'm talking about field goals
aaronwilson Suggs is more suited to outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme.
cusestudent1223 it just takes time to get used to your style that's all
aaronwilson Anything else, guys.
md87ravens yea Aaron I am aiming for the wild card as well, 10-6 will get you there, and in the AFC last year even 9-7 could have done it... I think we are in good shape as far as that is concerned...we need to win some more of those close games....
cusestudent1223 So Matt Cavanaugh, is this year put up or shut up, do you have any insight to that situation?
ravensfan4003 Aaron you wanna be in my fantasy football league?
md87ravens Ravens are a contending franchise...lets think of it as...the more we are degraded and looked down on...the better we look when we win... like the good ole xxxv
GamedayBeer Aaron, what will be our cap situation after next season. We should have Chris McAlister signed long term then and we will be rid of Michael McCrary's salary
aaronwilson He's a close friend of Brian Billick's. He's also lacked the personnel in past years to really put up large numbers.
aaronwilson Perhaps, let me know more about it.
ravensfan4003 ya lets give him some good players before we start bashing him
aaronwilson It will be even better in terms of cap management next year.
ravensfan4003 aaron again I was joking having you in a fantasy football team would just ruin it completely
ravensfan4003 you do this for a living
ravensfan4003 16-0 and the championship now what fun is there in that?
md87ravens Ravens sign a vet QB?
cusestudent1223 you could just have Aaron chose your team for you?
aaronwilson Ozzie Newsome assures me that the Ravens' cap situation will be top shelf for next off-season.
drkraven good
ravensfan4003 ok guys I guess we have to wrap this up
ravensfan4003 it's been fun
aaronwilson They are unlikely to sign one. They like Anthony Wright and don't want to take away the reps from the young quarterbacks.
md87ravens I agree with that
aaronwilson Thanks for all your great questions, guys. I'm glad so many people showed up.
md87ravens Chris Redman and Kyle Boller can do the job here...
aaronwilson There's a new article on the page front by the way.
drkraven thanks Aaron
mkg02 thank you Aaron!
cusestudent1223 thanks Aaron, it was informative!!!
ravensfan4003 greg too late
aaronwilson Does anyone have another question or two? I guess I could stay for a second.
ravensfan4003 thanks Aaron
DarkSide Okay, thanks Aaron .. see you next week.
ravensfan4003 oooh Aaron wait
ravensfan4003 greg just came in
aaronwilson Go ahead with a couple questions.
ravensfan4003 maybe he has a question
ravensfan4003 greg you got a question? aaron was just leaving
aaronwilson Still here....
md87ravens I have a question concerning tickets
aaronwilson Ok.
aaronwilson What is it?
md87ravens if that's ok
ravensfan who has a better arm. Boller or Hymes? :)
ravensfan4003 if Pashos and a gorilla got into a fight, who would win?
md87ravens alright, I'd like to know the best way to get tickets to the Sunday night game against the Steelers this season
aaronwilson Kyle Boller has more velocity. Randy Hymes can throw it really far, though.
Baltimore_Greg Don't sweat it, I was just wandering by
aaronwilson Ha ha. I would bet on the gorilla. They are strong enough to rip a human's arms off.
ravensfan4003 I love how Aaron actually answers my retarded questions
ravensfan4003 Aaron you are the best man
aaronwilson Try putting an ad in the newspaper or try one of those executive ticket web sites.
ravensfan4003 ok bye
md87ravens you wouldn't try ticket master?
aaronwilson No problem. Thanks for the interesting questions.
aaronwilson That would be a good alternative to explore, too.
ravensfan if they made a basketball the size of Tony Siragusa's butt could randy Hymes palm it?
aaronwilson On that note, goodnight guys.
ravensfan4003 LMAO
drkraven nite
md87ravens see-ya Aaron
aaronwilson Thanks for all the questions.
ravensfan thanks Aaron!
ravensfan Aaron
aaronwilson what.
ravensfan4003 damn he can't get out
Crowdog89 Great, just in time to hear good night...
ravensfan I'm sleepy
Baltimore_Greg This stupid thing is calling me Baltimore_Greg instead of Baltimore Greg and has taken away my mod powers
drkraven better late then never
aaronwilson Got a quick question, CrowDog.
Baltimore_Greg I can stand losing my power!
aaronwilson I'm about to bolt.
ravensfan4003 bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Crowdog89 LOL, it's that little hooyah in-between Baltimore and Greg that you can't stand...right?
Baltimore_Greg Actually, I checked and this is the ID I have been using.
Baltimore_Greg Oh well.
aaronwilson I've got time for a quick question if you guys have one.
Crowdog89 I love 12 hour days
md87ravens yea
md87ravens me too lol
md87ravens oh yea I have a question
md87ravens about the defensive line
aaronwilson Ok.
aaronwilson What is it?
md87ravens is it, or, isn't it there lol
md87ravens I've yet to hear anything, about the d-line
ravensfan4003 bleh
aaronwilson Alright, goodnight. It was fun.

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