Orlando Brown: Leadership On The Line

Being a leader instills a special quality within an individual. The leader of a team has to be a person that is willing to stand-alone and risk all for the betterment of all. A leader has to be focused, and intense and willing to stand up for those that recognize him as the one. He has to be willing to take those to task who are unable to work towards the the next level. I give you all of this because I feel that we have a leader in the making in Orlando Brown.

Orlando has been preparing himself for a long time. You should see him doing the extra bike riding. You should see him lift the weights that he does. You should see him interact with the other players like Cornell Brown while they talk trash to each other. This is a leader in the making and someone that can make both sides of the ball better. 

Orlando is a guy that has a throwback mentality when it comes to his JOB. He is willing to go the extra mile. His practice habits are intense and focused. He is no nonsense when it comes to the preparation for the season and for ultimately his comeback. 

Make no mistake the other young fellows will take notice of this and will fall in line. When he has gotten his game back he will set an example by the the type of work that he has put in. He has an intense desire that is fueled by his almost three year lay-off and a belief that he will and must get back to top form while taking no prisoners. This mentality is something that will make us a tougher football team. We have some hard workers on the line and with the addition of Orlando's mentality we will be even tougher and quite simply put even more intimidating. 

This additional tough and mean attitude will carry over to other players, it will make the running backs and the QB better immediately. Production may even pick up on the outside as well. 

Let's hope and pray that he returns to form and continue to build himself up. The leader will emerge along with the transformation of our team.

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