An interview with Chester Taylor

Last season, running back Chester Taylor started twice, finishing second on the team in rushing with 122 yards on 33 carries. He caught 14 passes for 129 yards and two touchdowns, returning 10 kickoffs for 236 yards. Now, he's poised to act as Jamal Lewis' primary reserve again while specializing in a third-down back role. Here's a transcript of Raven Insider's interview with Taylor:

RAVEN INSIDER: What do you expect from this upcoming season?

TAYLOR: "I've got the plays down pat. It's all coming really easy for me. I ain't nervous about messing up anymore because I know the system."

RAVEN INSIDER: What was your progression like last season as a rookie?

TAYLOR: "Toward the end of the season, the more I was playing the more comfortable I got on the field. I'm just looking forward to this year."

RAVEN INSIDER: Do you feel like versatility is a hallmark of your game?

TAYLOR: "Yeah, whenever they put me out there I'm going to do the best I can do and I look forward to doing a lot of different things this year, too."

RAVEN INSIDER: Do you feel challenged by the Ravens drafting Musa Smith in the third round?

TAYLOR: "He's a great back. I didn't get a chance to watch him much when he was in college, but it's good to have him on board. I would just tell him to work hard and learn from us the same way I learned from Jamal. If he has any questions, I'm here for him."

RAVEN INSIDER: What did you pick up from watching Jamal Lewis?

TAYLOR: "I learned so much from Jamal and this year I can put that knowledge to good use when I get up in there. It's hard to learn patience. I learned that last year."

RAVEN INSIDER: Do you feel like it's an automatic mismatch if you're isolated against a linebacker?

TAYLOR: "Yeah, I feel that way. That's the type of mentality I've got. If I go against a linebacker, I know I can beat him. That's what I always want." RAVEN INSIDER: Have you gained much weight and strength from last season?

TAYLOR: "I'm like 220 now, so I just gained like five pounds. I tried to get stronger so I can break more tackles. I can bench about 430. I did 400 last year."

RAVEN INSIDER: What are Brian Billick's goals for you for this season?

TAYLOR: "He'll probably demand more from me because he knows what my capabilities are. I will demand more from myself. My role ain't going to be much different. They're going to use me just like they used me last year."

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