Ravens owner says team won't dock Suggs' pay

The Baltimore Ravens aren't going to take away or reduce All-Pro outside linebacker Terrell Suggs' $4.9 million salary in the wake of his non-football injury, according to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti

The NFL Defensive Player of the Year suffered a torn Achilles tendon in late April that he said occurred during a conditioning drill with multiple reports stating he got injured playing basketball. Suggs has repeatedly denied those reports.

"He got criticized for being out of shape a couple of years ago and he said it would never happen again. He made the Pro Bowl last year and then he made Defensive Player of the Year this Year. I want these guys striving. It gets pretty boring in the weight room. He wasn't kite boarding. I'd like to see that one day. If he's playing basketball, that's great."

Regardless of how Suggs got hurt, The Ravens have the right under the NFL collective bargaining agreement to not pay him or reduce his salary because it was a non-football injury. However, that's not what they plan to do.

Part of the reasoning is that it would be a wildly unpopular move in the Ravens' locker room.

"I think it would send a really bad one, I'd be scared to come to work," Bisciotti said. "I think it would be a terrible message."

Meanwhile, the Ravens agreed in principle with former Cincinnati Bengals starting offensive guard Bobbie Williams to a two-year contract

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