John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco transcripts

John Harbaugh discussed what makes the Eagles offense tough to prepare for while Joe Flacco talked about how to keep the momentum going this week.

John Harbaugh

Coach, their misdirection can create a lot of problems. How tough is it to identify what they like to do in that aspect in the pre-snap, especially when you're trying to study them on film?

"They've got plan-misdirection, which is difficult as it is, because they've got a really good scheme put together. They understand their personnel really well, and they've built the offense around their personnel. [Assistant head coach/offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] and [head coach] Andy [Reid] are historically West Coast-type guys, and you see the elements of that offense in there. But they've moved it a long way in the direction of the players they've got playing for them, and try to take advantage of their skills. Then you've got the unplanned misdirection, with both their quarterback and their running back and their wide receivers. So, you just have to play the full width and the full depth of the field against this team."

Considering the success you had on Monday night, what can be done to sort of carry that momentum over to Sunday?

"You've just got to work, practice well – the same things we did probably going in [to Monday night]. It's always going to be that way. You just try to continue to get better every single day. You don't try to maintain it. I don't know if ‘carry over' – from our standpoint – is the right word. [We're] just going to prepare for this game – it stands on its own two feet – and try to take the best execution into the game that we can."

What is it about Michael Vick that makes him so unique?

"He's just an unbelievable athlete. First of all, he can run like crazy. We had a debate in our meeting room this morning who was faster – Tyrod Taylor or Michael Vick? Of course Tyrod, he says they were tied. (laughter) So, the good news is we've had a chance to prepare for it a little bit, because we have seen Tyrod all through the offseason and all through training camp. But he's elusive. The thing you can never underestimate is his arm talent. He can really throw the ball; you can never underestimate that. He's very accurate, he's got a very quick release [and] he throws a BB out there. So, he's got just lots of talent."

How deceiving were his turnovers, and even the score last weekend, to what their offense is capable of doing?

"You really can't go by the score in terms of evaluating that. Go by the yards, go by the big plays. I think they overcame a number of penalties. [They] dug themselves in a hole and got out of the hole and moved the ball. They've got weapons, and they've got the ability to really gain chunks of yards at any time."

Joe Flacco

On playing in his hometown: "[There are] a ton more Eagles fans [than Ravens fans]. Hopefully, I will have a couple of guys that will convert for a week, but we'll see. They're pretty diehard around there."

  On winning AFC Offensive Player of the Week: "I'm happy, because it means we had a good day on offense. [We] put up some points, but really our focus is on Philadelphia now. [I'm] not too concerned about what happened last week."

  On balancing the number of touches RB Ray Rice gets: "I think Ray is going to be a big part of it. Obviously, by us not … The other night, he didn't have a ton of touches, but when he did touch the ball, they were pretty meaningful. I thought he looked really good back there, put the ball in the end zone twice, made some good decisions, and just because he had how many touches he had last night doesn't mean he's not going to have a lot more than that the next week. I'm sure if you talk to him, it's also a good thing for him when he can have that many touches and have that impact on a game. It's going to be able to keep him healthy, and it's going to be a plus for us come later in the year."

  On if there is a worry of a letdown factor going into this game: "John [Harbaugh] talked to us a little about that just because the last few years we have come out on the opening week and played really well and then had a little bit of a letdown the next week. We're doing the best we can to make sure to get our bodies rejuvenated on a short week so that we can go out there on Sunday and just get after it as best as we can."

  On if the excitement at the end of practice was the team announcing his award: "In our huddle at the end of practice? No, Jameel [McClain] just gave a good speech, so we were all just applauding him at a job well done."

  On the challenges the Eagles' defense will bring: "They have a good front. They've had a good defense there for a lot of years. They have good DBs. They can put pressure on the quarterback, and then they can cover in the backend to even create a little more pressure. They do a really job, and it's going to be a tough task. It should be a great test for Week 2."

  On how much he enjoyed the creativity in the offense on Monday night: "I thought it was really good. I thought Cam [Cameron] called a great game. I think we were able to keep the guys off balance and stay one step ahead for most of the game. If we can continue to do that, it will be great. It will be put us in a lot of advantageous situations."

  On his thoughts on the Ravens' offensive line that started on Monday night: "From what I could tell, I thought they did a great job, especially [in] Week 1 against a good defense. The Cincinnati Bengals are a great team, and they've been a great defense; they are a great defense. For those guys to step up and do the job they did, I felt really good about it."

  On the impact that new QBs coach jim caldwell has had on him: "Jim's great. He's a great quarterback coach. He's got a lot of experience. I think the biggest thing is he just helps out communication and making sure we are all on the same page. Just a great guy to have up there to bounce things off of and to make sure that we get the game plan as solid as possible."

  On how much input he had on calling the plays during the game: "I'm not here to talk about how much input I had. It's Cam's offense, and as the week goes on, we all have input in it, and it's my job once the game plan is in to kind of see the things that I like and see the  things that I don't like. Obviously, everything that we run I like, and the things that I don't like you guys will never see, because I don't like them. But yeah, I'm not going to stand up here and say how much input I have. It's Cam's offense; he puts the game plans together for the most part and it's our jobs – assistant coaches and players – to make sure that we get to him and let him know what we like and what we think is going to work that week. Then we see how well we run it in practice and see how it goes."

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