Ray Lewis ready for Vick challenge

Ray Lewis spoke to the media about containing both Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy in Baltimore's upcoming game with Philadelphia.

On QB Michael Vick being very dynamic: "Everybody knows it. It's no secret who this guy is. This guy is fantastic with the football, without the football, however you want to deal with it. So, I just think that we have to go in there and we have to play our game. You can't be enamored with what he does or not. He is Vick, and he is a very, very, very, very special talent. But, we are ready to go play a full football game."

  On if the defense will spy Vick at times: "Whether you spy him or not, either way you take somebody, you take [out] the integrity of your defense. You start to kind of compromise it a little bit. So, I just say that if you're going and you play your defense the way your defense should be playing, it should take care of itself. Anytime that you try to do something extra, for one player, no matter who it is, I believe it kind of messes up your scheme of things."

  On how the team can carry the momentum of Monday night's win into this week's game against the Eagles: "The only thing that breaks momentum is anything outside of the building. If you are inside of the building, you understand it's a 16-week course. You are not here to win every game, but you are here to fight the next week and go into the next game with a different mindset, and that's what we are right now. We are just in a different mindset. Practice was crisp. Practice was fast. Everybody really got their legs back under them today. That is definitely a positive, looking at it from that standpoint. Last week is last week – it's over. We're 1-0 in the division, and now it's time to move on."

  On how tough it is to identify the misdirection aspect of the Eagles' offense before the snap: "They do a lot, and there is a reason they do a lot. I just think, once again, it goes back to the point of just settling in and letting everything play itself out. If all else fails, just understand [to] keep your technique and keep the integrity of the defense, then pretty much everything with pan out. They do have some things that can pull you out of this or pull you out of that. But, if you stay with your eyes on what you are supposed to be looking at, you should be able to take care of yourself."

  On what the main critiques are for the defense after Monday night's win vs. the Bengals: "Every team across the National Football League is going to have something to work on. We do, like always. Whether it's communication or whatever it is, on the defensive side of the ball … There is one thing about playing on the road: We do get a little better communication because we can hear better and things like that. So, I think we're excited, definitely, to go and play a team like this, who has a very fast-paced offense. But, I think the communication overall is probably the biggest thing we'll work on from Week 1 to Week 2."

On what he sees from RB LeSean McCoy: "A complete back – complete back. He is one of those guys that he has a little flavor. I don't want to put him that high up there with [former Lions RB] Barry Sanders, but he has that type of ability to really jump in the hole, jump out of hole the way you saw many highlights of the many people he made miss time and time again. So, you really have to cradle him. You have to keep him in the box and make him play football inside those boxes, kind of where he doesn't want to be. But, he is a complete back, catching the ball out of the backfield, catching the ball on screens, running inside and outside. So yeah, we have our hands full this week."

  On playing at his lighter weight: "Playing at it is one thing. I have practiced at it the whole year. It just feels good. Running around feels awesome. I won't make too much about it. I like the way I feel right now. I like the way that I am just getting around everything, and we'll just keep going from there."

  On how it is to see the offense performing the way it did in Monday night's game vs. the Bengals: "You can answer that for me. It's awesome from my side. I just think it's awesome as a team to go out and just click on all aspects. I know a lot of people are putting emphasis on our offense and what our offense does. But, we've always believed in our offense, and I just think Joe [Flacco] has a lot of new pieces now that he can really play with. And that fast-paced offense … You watch all the great offenses around the league, they are really moving to that fast-break offense, and for us to go to it right now, with all the pieces we have, I think it's a great thing."

  On how much he takes from the Eagles' last game vs. the Browns: "Nothing. Same rules that we have. Really, it's the 24-hour rule. You have to move on, and for us to go in there and say, ‘The Eagles are not as good as they said,' we'd be fooling ourselves. We know that this is their home opener. We know it's going be loud, it's going to be rowdy, and they are going to be ready to play. We can't look at last week and say, ‘They are going to play as bad as they played against the Browns.' No, I don't think that at all. I think we are going to get everything they have as Philadelphia Eagles."

  On if Philadelphia's last game shows the Ravens their vulnerabilities: "I'll tell you what: The only vulnerability they can show us are the ones we create. This is the same offense that can throw four picks, and it can put up 400 yards, and you see it week-in and week-out. It's the National Football League. Some days you have good days, some days you have bad days. Hopefully, for my side, they can put two days in a row together, but we're not going to put all our chips on that. I think we're just going to go in there and get ready to play a fast, fast, fast-break offense."

  On if the preparation is harder because of Vick or if it is the same: "Yeah, preparation is the same. You don't go and do anything else outside of that. He's just one of those guys; he can make plays with his feet. A lot of guys, a lot of quarterbacks in this league can make plays with their feet. Whether it's a small sidestep or just breaking the pocket and making somebody miss. So, you don't change anything inside of your scheme for that. You just play sound football, and keep your eyes on him and don't let him pretty much break the pocket to make big plays out of the pocket."

  On if the defense is able to take more chances/be more aggressive because of the offense's success: "I mean honestly, I think that's what any, any good defense, any good defense … You have a team playing from behind, it's going to be rough, because you have to take chances that you wouldn't normally take to get back into the ball game. For us, we thrive on that, that anytime somebody has to do things that they aren't normal to doing, then the odds are going to favor us the majority of the time. So anytime our offense can go that fast pace and put points on the other side, it's going to put pressure on the other side."

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