Ryan and Idzik team up to rebuild Jets

At first glance they may look like New York's odd couple but head coach Rex Ryan and newly hired general manager John Idzik hold the fate of the Jets' organization in their hands, writes GWR's Thomas Rende.

Rex Ryan has survived the casualty of management changes and looks to form a strong relationship with newly named general manager, John Idzik. The need for a quick, positive impression is nearly essential for a coach that is working with a new general manager, especially for a coach who has been thrown on the "Hot Seat" by Jets' fans and the media.

Idzik spent time with Ryan in Mobile, Arkansas during the Senior Bowl Week as the two evaluated potential prospects in April's draft. With Idzik reportedly given assurance by Woody Johnson that he will have final say over all personnel decisions, Ryan seems willing to work alongside his new general manager to get the Jets back into playoff contention.

"Obviously, he has the last say in this is who we take and all that and personnel decisions and probably many decisions," admitted Ryan. "But I like the fact that he's going to involve several people, including myself and our coaches as well, as scouts working together and building this team with those goals in mind."

Ryan continually referenced Idzik's executive power when talking about the main difference between former general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Idzik. He seems to be excited that the decision won't be solely on one person's shoulder when evaluating a player, which we saw when we heard of certain "Rex's picks" during previous drafts. The use of the term "collaborative effort" seems to be a new way of doing things for the organization, and an idea that Ryan appears to be fully onboard with.

"You realize how similar our backgrounds are (and) even with his dad being a former Jet, my dad being a former Jet, noted Ryan of Idzik's extensive football background. "As John mentioned, being six years old and going to the practices and all those types of things and being around football his whole life, very similar to mine."

Ryan seems more secure in connecting to someone who has roots in football. Evaluating college stars together, Idzik and Ryan gained a mutual respect as the three days served to create a bonding experience between the two.

"The same kind of enthusiasm and energy and all that and I think a lot of that stems from, and not saying Mike (Tannenbaum) didn't have it, but when John came in, it's hard not to get excited when you listen to John talk about what he looks at as the future of the organization and things and the direction on how he's going to build it, how he's going to lean on the people here, said Ryan of his shared vision with Idzik. "I can't wait to start really getting into the personnel part of it and everything else and working side by side with him."

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