Ravens third round pick: Brandon Williams

In a conference call, Missouri Southern State defensive tackle Brandon Williams told the local media what to expect when he arrives in Baltimore.

On what he brings to the Ravens: "Hard work and just relentless effort. I want to be that guy who when a team sees me get hyped, I just want everybody else to just feed off that, and I want to be a great leader when my time comes, just to be the best I can on the field and give everything I got for the Ravens."

On going up against better competition at the Senior Bowl and if he thought it was a big leap in talent or not: "No, sir. I always knew I could play at that talent and level. I just had to prove to the NFL that I could do it. I always believe in myself every step of the way. It just gave me an opportunity to just show my talent and show that I belong in the NFL."

On how he ended up at a smaller school: "I was partial qualified for my high school, so I had the ACT scores, I just didn't have the GPA score. So, I went to prep school for a year, and after prep school, when the NCAA came down on prep schools, so I had to either choose community college or Division II. I didn't want to go to junior college, just because a lot of athletes get lost in the shuffle there, so my head coach from my high school called me with a list of Division II universities, and Missouri Southern was on that list. That was my first visit to Missouri Southern, and as soon as I got there, they had what I needed; they had school, they had an education and they had football. I loved every minute of it. Practically, I went down on a Saturday and started school that Monday morning. It's just been a great journey. It's been a tough road, but it's been a great journey, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world."

On if he had a lot of teams interested in him after the Senior Bowl: "Yes, sir, I did, but the Ravens are the only one that mattered."

On if the Ravens showed him the most interest and if he thought they would select him: "Actually, yes. The Ravens actually showed up to my school, probably, a few times. I was loving the Ravens. I was like, ‘I can be a Raven. I want to be a Raven. I would love to be a Raven. I would love to be on that defense.' I know how nasty it is, I know how physical it is. That's exactly what I feel like I am, and I definitely wanted to be a Raven."

On if he had a visit or workout with Baltimore: "No, I didn't get a private workout or a visit to the Ravens."

On if he sat down with the Ravens at the Combine: "I saw the Ravens. I went to the table, but I didn't do like a formal interview with them."

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