Q&A with Courtney Upshaw

Ravens outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw spoke with the media about trimming down to a healthy playing weight.

Courtney Upshaw received a fair share of criticism after reporting reporting to OTAs overweight.

After trimming down a bit during offseason workouts with the Ravens, he continued his training at TZ Sports in Eldersburg, Md. His trainer told the Baltimore Sun he lost around 20 pounds during the summer.

Upshaw discussed working out to lose the weight with a handful of reporters when he reported to training camp this week.

Question: How are you feeling right now [after offseason training at TZ Sports]?

Courtney Upshaw: I feel great. I've been working to get [the weight] down but I felt good out there today. It was the first day back and I felt I moved better than I did at minicamp.

Q: How much lighter are you down to now?

CU: I mean, I'm down. I worked hard to get it down. I couldn't tell you [smiling, laughs].

Q: The reports were accurate, your trainer was pretty accurate?

CU: It was fabricated a little bit, I will say that. But I worked to lose a lot of weight. I'm feeling good today. It shows. I feel like I did good and I'm moving better than I did at minicamp.

Q: Did your trainer have you do stuff you hadn't done before, doing different kind of workouts?

CU: It was all kind of stuff. It was more on-the-field, cardio-type stuff, all in one. I felt like it was better than just being on the treadmill or bike all day. The work was definitely good. The temperature kind of helped too. We definitely got a good sweat in. It was a good workout.

Q: How hot did they have it in there for you?

CU: I couldn't tell you that. If I gave you a number I could be lying. But I mean, it was good, it was good work. It was a bunch of us in there. Just having my teammates in there with me, Bryan Hall, to see him lose so much weight, that really pushed me to lose the little bit of weight I did lose. I'm still working. I'm doing extra cardio while I'm here. It's work on top of work.

Q: Is it noticeable just in terms of how you feel? Do you feel different than how you felt during OTAs?

CU: I felt good, but I feel even better now. I really wanted for it to show on the scale that I lost some pounds. But I lost a lot of weight, I can tell you that much. I feel a lot better.

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