Michael Oher talks ankle injury

Michael Oher talked about his ankle injury and his eagerness to get back on the field Sunday against the Browns.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Michael Oher can manage pain with the toughest.

So when he was forced to leave last Thursday's game against Denver with a sprained ankle, it had to have hurt.

Oher spoke with the media about his injury and how he considers himself lucky in regards to it:

On how the injury feels now: "Just rehabbing, doing the best I can to get back to 100 percent."

On how bad it felt: "It definitely hurt me pretty good, [or] pretty bad. I'm getting a lot of treatment, trying to stay on top of it. Hopefully I can go Sunday."

On if he prides himself on playing in every game since he was drafted in 2009: "I just work hard to be out there every Sunday. But this is one of the worst sprains I've had."

On if he's optimistic he'll be able to play: "I want to be out there for the team. Also, it's a long season and I want to be healthy at the end of the year."

On if he can play without practicing if it came down to it: "I definitely want to practice. We'll see what the trainers and everyone else feels about it."

On going against Paul Kruger: "It'll be great. We came in together, I practiced against him for four years. It should be a lot of fun."

On getting a good run/pass ratio: "We want to do everything well. We want to pass, run well. If we can get it going, that'll be great too."

On if he feels the injury could have been worse: "Looking at it on film, definitely got let off the hook and got lucky. I just thank the man above."

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