John Harbaugh postgame quotes

Read what John Harbaugh had to say following Baltimore's 29-26 win over the Vikings on Sunday.

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Will we ever see another game like that again? You've got to credit both teams. Credit to the Vikings. Leslie Frazier is doing a tremendous job coaching that football team. They are really a very good football team; they really are. They have got a tremendous amount of fight in them and heart, and I would say the same thing about our team right now. To fight like that to the end, like Dennis [Pitta] said, four game-winning scores. Is that what it was? Five – there were five game-winning scores. I lost count. [I] could not be more proud of our guys. And I would also say just from a faith perspective, I'd have to say this: That the ability to maintain faith, to understand that there are great things at work in a group of men like this when they come together, and they form a team, and you see some of that stuff play out on the field of battle like that in that kind of an environment. As a coach, as a fan, as a player, as a parent – whatever – I hope people see the greatness of sports in a game like this and what it can mean to all of us. So, it was a great fight, and I think it is one we will all remember."

(on the difficulty to stay composed) "What choice do you have really? That is kind of [how it is] for me. At that point in time, I realize there is really not much I can do. It was really in the hands of the players. I though coach [Jim] Caldwell obviously called a tremendous game. Coach [Dean] Pees fought to the end there. Jerry [Rosburg] came up with a call on the pooch kick return. I just thought all of our people did a great job. And then the players to make the plays that they made in those kinds of situations – I mean, of course the guys who made the throws and the catches – but how about the guys who made the blocks? How about all that and what happened? I think that was just indicative of about the best team win a team can have."

(on what he said to TE Dennis Pitta after his touchdown) "I'm glad we put him up this week. (laughter) I don't know what I said, and I really don't remember other than just elation for him and just being appreciative for all of us. I think we all appreciate Dennis Pitta being back and what he means to our team. But for him to come out that first game after all the work he has put in … When you see the work a guy puts in in rehab in this league to get back from an injury like that, then you appreciate a moment like that."

(on what makes TE Dennis Pitta a good player) "It's a question that I think would be great. You look at [him], and I think you see it. He just makes plays, he catches the ball, he has got body control – all the things that you analyze. Those two guys probably have something a little more. There is some kind of a chemistry there between those two guys that is probably hard to explain."

(on how the weather affected the game) "[In] the first half, you could hardly see. I'm glad they wore purple pants. I'm not sure we would have ever seen them out there when the snow was coming down as heavy as it was. We just had to figure out what we could do. When the weather let up a little bit, we could throw the ball a little bit more, and we felt like we needed to throw the ball a little bit against these guys. They have a really good front. I thought our offensive line did an excellent job in pass protection. We even wore them down a little bit at the end of the game with the run game, and started ripping off some runs there at the end that were huge for us. This front four is as good of a front four in the league that you are going to see. That was the thing we really had to do was neutralize them, and I thought our offensive line at the end did a really good job with that."

(on if they are weather-tested as a team) "Is there other weather we haven't seen yet? I don't even want to say that because something is going to happen. (laughter) I'm not repeating that. It's a bad omen."

(on what this kind of win does for the team) "Well, it sure keeps you humble, doesn't it – if there is any fear of that. I don't know what it does for you. It probably makes you tough. It probably makes you resilient. It probably puts a lot of callouses all over your psyche and your character. When you've got callouses on your character, that's probably a good thing in the end."

(on QB Joe Flacco in clutch situations) "I see a lot of callouses on his character. Joe [Flacco] is our guy, and to me, that's all you really need to say. I love him, and I respect him, and I think he is a great player. I always have."

(on how this win propels the team into the final three games) "I don't know how it does. I think we're on a week-to-week basis right now; that's what we're on. Next week is Monday Night Football against a very, very good Detroit Lion football team in their place. We're literally going into the lion's den, and we understand what that means."

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