Joe Flacco postgame quotes

Joe Flacco was like the rest of the team and couldn't believe what transpired in the final 2:05 of Sunday's game against the Vikings.

QB Joe Flacco

(on the last 15 minutes of his life) "I have no idea. I have nothing for you, really. Oh my gosh. I don't know if there has ever been a crazier minute-and-forty-some seconds ever. Obviously, when they go down and score as quickly as they did – that one – OK, that happens. And then Jacoby [Jones] returns it right away. Then they had a wide receiver screen. And then we made some big plays there. Marlon [Brown] made some big plays – the first play of that drive to get us going, they dropped into coverage. I let it go early and Marlon got the ball in his hands, [it was a] nice catch. Scrambled to the right, hit Dennis [Pitta], goes down into range where we can just take a one-on-one shot; we can actually run a good play. I thought they had pretty good coverage on the touchdown play there at the end. Marlon did a good job staying with the ball, dragging his feet and getting it right in the back of the end zone. The one I was surprised about was the fourth-down touchdown to Dennis – the first time we scored – our second score of the day. I was surprised about how easy they actually let him run up and run out and hit it. That was nice, to be able to give him any easy one like that. Crazy."

(on what the mindset was when he got the ball for the last time) "The mindset is we've got to get some chunks and try to take up a lot of this field in a quick period of time. Really, the mindset for me is [to] get us into that 35- to 30-yard range so that you can start taking some legitimate shots. Kind of like we had against Pittsburgh a couple of years ago, and stuff like that. That forces them to, at some point … You can look somebody onto a [crossing route] and maybe hit a one-on-one nine route with Torrey [Smith] or Jacoby [Jones]. I think that's kind of what my mindset was, at least in the beginning of the drive. Then things just kind of play out. You can't just take random chances, you just have to play out. I think when we did get down there in range, that's when we hit Dennis [Pitta] coming out on a check down. Then we got inside the 10 [yard line] and we could actually run a legitimate play, and it worked out well. We executed it well, then we were just kind of hoping that we'd tackle him down on the kick off."

(on if this play was crazier than the "Mile High Miracle") "I think this is probably crazier. That one was probably a little more exciting, just because of what was on the line. But when you look at this, similar things were on the line, just not at the same time of year. It's not necessarily a playoff game – that was one score in over a minute. In the time period that Jacoby [Jones] scored that touchdown in the Denver game, I think we probably scored three touchdowns in this game."

(on if it's hard not to get swept up in the range of emotions) "You definitely get really high. I don't know how low you get. You're just in complete shock. I don't know if you get super low, but you definitely get really high when you score to take the lead. You get a little bit low, but like I said, it's more just shock. Rather than low, you get pissed [thinking], ‘Are you kidding me? How did this happen?' You take the field, and you see what you can do. Was it unlikely that we win this game today? Probably, but we did."

(on playing well in wintry conditions) "The second half was better because the field cleared up. That was the biggest issue with the field. The game was just so slow in the first half. I thought we did a pretty good job coming out, and then I threw that interception, and we didn't really do too much after that. I thought they kind of brought their coverage up a little bit on our inside guys because they knew we were going to run those little stop routes. In doing so, it kind of took away that little bit of delay where we can just pop the ball on the guy. I feel like we could have got some guys just running speed and got them in a crease, then that's what would have worked, but we just weren't able to do that. All the stuff that we were breaking out, hooking out and all that stuff, it was real tough to trust how well our guys were going to be able to get out of that just because everything was so slow. Everybody was having a tough time stopping and then restarting. The second half, when they got the field cleared off, it was pretty much a typical game. The conditions were pretty close to normal. As the game went on, the field was still icy and stuff like that, but I think everybody had pretty good footing."

(on having TE Dennis Pitta back) "I don't know how many plays Dennis [Pitta] ran today or what he did. He looked a little goofy on a couple catches (laughter). Dennis is a good player. First of all, it's just great [after] an injury like he had, to get back out on the field and contribute. Obviously, he's going to get better and better as the weeks go on. He's a huge player for us. He knows how to get open, he knows how to run routes, and he catches the football. He means a lot."

(on the possibilities of this team going forward) "We're confident. This game was crazy and we could've lost it, but we're a confident football team. We've got a lot ahead of us. As long as we go out and continue to practice the way we are and continue to play well on Sunday, like we have been the past couple of weeks and just getting better and better. We're starting to get healthier. We're starting to put it together as a team. We just need to start putting it together for a full 60 minutes and see where it takes us."

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