Jacoby Jones: Ending was 'too confusing'

Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones thought the ending to Sunday's game against the Vikings was strange.

WR/RS Jacoby Jones

(on his late TD return) "All week in practice, we'd been working on people kicking us sky kicks. After a while, they get nervous or they weren't going to kick the ball deep to us. They popped it up, and I was able to get to the ball, and they did a great job of blocking it for me—[Kyle Juszczyk, Pernell McPhee, Vonta Leach]. That thing parted like the Red Sea."

(on what the final few minutes were like) "You couldn't even really get emotional. It was too confusing. It'd be like, touchdown….yeah. Then it'd be…whoa. Touchdown … yeah. Whoa. You know what? Hold on, I'll just slow that down, as long as we got the ball last, we're all right."

(on the kickoff return for a TD, did assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg say something to him about the Vikings kicking it shorter) "Yeah, he would alert [us]. But I was so locked in. I was zoned in [saying], ‘Take this thing back.' I'm walking around in the end zone like I usually do, pacing, and just happened to turn and look, and the kick was short. I was like, ‘Oh, snaps.' So I just started hauling butt, and thank God I got there in time."

(on what he sees in Joe Flacco in the clutch situations) "Since last year, when we got to those situations, I would see Joe, he's the same person, night and day. Cool, calm, collected. Never panics. He throws a good ball; he's still like ‘Whatever.' He throws a bad ball; he's still like ‘Whatever.' He throws a touchdown, then he'd be like ‘Yeah.' [He'll show], that little fist he throws. That's Joe. He'll be cool and calm."

(on playing weather like today) "You know what? Playing here last year, we played in Denver. That was crazy. We played in a tornado in Chicago. We played in a monsoon in pre-season in Tampa. It was [like] Disneyland on Ice today."

(on if he wanted to bring the last kickoff out, the one he took a touchback on) "No. The team we had set up was not for a real return. We thought [they] were going to squib the ball to us."

(on what's been the difference for him on returns in recent games) "That chemistry, you know. I hadn't been back there...I was out. I finally got back there, and so the chemistry with my guys that are blocking for me, we've got that chemistry going. And health—I'm feeling good again. I'm feeling like the old 12."

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