Joe Flacco post-game quotes

Joe Flacco talked about Sunday's loss and what it means to the Ravens moving into the final week of the regular season.

QB Joe Flacco

(on how his leg felt) "I probably didn't have the same burst, but I felt good. I felt like I could move on it and run on it and do all kinds of things. It held up really well."

(on the problems in the first half) "They played a lot of zone, passing things off, and didn't let us get any of the chunk shots on them. The check-downs were there, but we just didn't do it enough. We didn't play well enough and convert first downs. We ran the ball well but just couldn't convert the first downs that we needed to."

(on the incomplete pass to Torrey Smith in the first quarter) "I didn't get a good throw. I was trying to stare the safety in the middle and make sure that he stayed on Jacoby [Jones] or got locked on Jacoby a little bit for enough time to throw it out there and then when I did go out to Torrey, I was kind of just standing flat-footed. The ball didn't come out of my hand badly, but I just didn't get anything on it."

(on if his knee and the brace affected his performance) "It didn't affect me. I would have liked to have played better, but the brace had nothing to do with anything. I fell down moving out of the pocket to my left. I think my knee's a little bit bent when I'm in there when I'm taped up, and I just kind of mis-stepped and just totally whiffed on the turf. It was just really unathletic. But the brace didn't affect anything. My knee felt great."

(on the early 14-point deficit) "Yeah, you know we've been in it before. Even last year when we won here against those guys, we were in a hole. We went down 13-0 in that game. We never lost confidence in getting ourselves back in the game. Even at the end there, we put seven on the board and it's 20-7, and we're driving back down. We just throw four straight incompletions. We really had some room out there, and we were doing some good things. I mean, if we put the ball in the end zone there, who knows what happens? That didn't happen, and then a lot happened afterwards. We didn't play good enough. We got beat."

(on how he seemed to be more mobile and played better in the second half) "That's just the way it was."

(on if today felt like a day where nothing seemed to go right) "I mean, I guess you can say that. That's the way the game kind of ended up. I don't know if it's nothing went right. I just think we didn't play well enough."

(on being in the position they're in now in re the playoffs, needing some help) "I don't think we've ever needed some help and a win. We've always kind of controlled our own destiny. We've had to win on the last game of the season against the Bengals a few times to get ourselves into the playoffs. We've had to win to win the division, I think, once. But we've never had to rely on anything else. I don't know what those scenarios are. I'm not going to worry myself now. We're just going to worry about go getting a win."

(on how disappointing the overall performance and the outcome was today) "It's disappointing. You know, we're used to going out there and playing well when we need to when playoffs are on the line. We came out today hungry and ready to go get ourselves into the playoffs or make that next step towards it, and we just didn't do it."

(on what happened on the first interception) "I just thought I could get it over that guy, and I didn't."

(on if he felt anything in the knee on any of the hits that he did take) "No."

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