Blunder with Colts still haunts Jim Caldwell

When the New York Jets slipped past the Indianapolis Colts 17-16 in the 2010 AFC Wildcard playoff, one man's curious decision may have cost his team the game.

Indianapolis Colts fans never forgave coach Jim Caldwell after the peculiar timeout that he called with 29 seconds remaining in a playoff game three years ago against the New York Jets.

What made it worse was quarterback Peyton Manning's reaction on the sideline as he threw his arms up while looking on in disbelief.

The Jets, trailing 16-14, were content with attempting a field goal from around 50 yards.

However, during the timeout called by Caldwell, the Jets decided to throw a pass to Braylon Edwards instead, which resulted in an 18-yard gain and turned the winning kick into a 32-yard chip-shot while the clock ran out.

Caldwell's explanation afterward made no sense.

"They were in field-goal range,"? he said. "??So we wanted to try to make them snap the ball as many times as they possibly could. Wasn't going to let them just sit there and take (the clock) down. So (we) used a timeout in that situation."?

It was a mistake that Caldwell never lived down in Indianapolis. He got fired a year later.

Now he's the Detroit Lions' new coach. He better hope there's no blunders like that one.

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