Demanding Rice Tape “Never Crossed My Mind"

Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti apologizes for handling of Ray Rice arrest in news conference.

Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti addressed the media on Monday, apologizing for not demanding to see the video of former running back Ray Rice punching Janay Rice and knocking her out in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

"There is no excuse for me to have not demanded that video except I wasn't concerned or interested enough to demand it, never crossed my mind," said Bisciotti. "I'm sorry for that, deeply sorry for that."

He continued: “"If it would have crossed my mind, I would have demanded it. If I had demanded it, I would've gotten it, and if I would've gotten it, I would have forwarded it to the NFL."

Bisciotti also used the conference to deny allegations in an ESPN investigative story that claim Rice was promised a future job to Rice in exchange for his silence over the team's handling of his case.

Rice is appealing his indefinite suspension from the NFL.

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