Suggs to take aim on Bledsoe.

<p>The stop signs have been removed Saturday for Terrell Suggs and the Baltimore Ravens. <p>Two weeks of colliding with teammates ends with a preseason opener against the Buffalo Bills along with coaches' admonitions about holding back in contact situations. This is exactly what Suggs has been waiting for.

The rookie outside linebacker and 10th overall draft selection has been sprinting past blockers since ending his brief contract holdout last week. Now, Suggs hopes to take aim on Pro Bowl quarterback Drew Bledsoe as he works in behind starter Cornell Brown. Suggs will also play rush end in the Ravens' 3-4 alignment in obvious passing situations. "You get tired of going up against the same guys," said Suggs, who set an NCAA mark last fall at Arizona State with 24 sacks. "You want to hit some new guys. That part's going to be fun. There's no expectations. Just don't mess up."

Ravens coach Brian Billick emphasized that Suggs will be allowed to rush the passer, but within the confines of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan's game plan. "He's going to have plenty of opportunity," Billick said. "He's also got to show he can play within the scheme of the defense and do some of the other things."

INJURED LIST: The Ravens will hold several players out against Buffalo, including Pro Bowl tight end Todd Heap (back spasms), punter Dave Zastudil (strained hamstring), center Mike Flynn (arthroscopic knee surgery), linebacker Bernardo Harris (broken leg), offensive tackle Orlando Brown (thigh), running back Musa Smith (knee), receiver Javin Hunter (ruptured Achilles' tendon), defensive lineman Joe Salave'a (sprained medial collateral ligament), safety Ray Perryman (dislocated left shoulder) and receiver Todd Devoe (hamstring). Hunter is out for the entire season. Return specialist Lamont Brightful (hyperextended knee) is questionable.

After a three-year hiatus from football because of an eye damaged by an errantly-tossed penalty flag, Brown badly wants to play. He joked that he might just have to defy the coaches and run out on the field. "I hope he doesn't take any of our guys out on the sideline," Billick said. "He understands it will be ill-advised for us to play him."

The prognosis for Smith, the Ravens' third-round pick, remains unclear. Smith has a sprained capsule in his knee that's causing swelling and pain. The Ravens have already strengthened his dosage of anti-inflammatory medicine. "He just has to get comfortable with how that knee is going to feel," Billick said. "We've done everything we can for him medically short of doing surgery, and that's not what's advised right now."

REUNIONS: Familiarity won't breed contempt in the case of Bills fullback Sam Gash and defensive tackle Sam Adams. The two former Ravens told reporters in Buffalo that they're looking forward to this encounter to renew ties, not prove a point. "I don't hold grudges," Gash said. "Baltimore was a great place for me. We won a Super Bowl. I have no animosity toward Baltimore. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my friends."

Defensive tackle Sam Adams quipped, "We're looking to whip their butts, every last one of them., especially Mike Flynn. I hate Mike Flynn, just kidding." However, the true bragging rights will be contested between Brown, the Ravens' linebacker, and his older brother, Ruben Brown, the Bills' Pro Bowl offensive lineman. "We're close, but he could turn on me anytime," Cornell Brown said.

QUICK HITS: Billick noted that in Hunter's absence there will be increased work for Ron Johnson, Randy Hymes and Marcus Robinson. Milton Wynn and Marc Lester could also benefit from Hunter's injury. … With Salave'a out, rookie Jarret Johnson will see more snaps. … The Ravens practiced Friday at M&T Bank Stadium to get the players accustomed to their new artificial surface. Suggs got a tiny piece of granular rubber temporarily stuck in his eye. Asked if he still likes the field, Suggs said, "Yeah, it's good so long as you close your eyes."

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