Five observations from the game

FIVE OBSERVATIONS: 1. Quarterback review: Rookie quarterback Kyle Boller demonstrated quite a fastball with a few textbook spirals during the second half, generating some excitement in the loss. Incumbent passer Chris Redman hasn't changed his approach much in terms of taking what the defense offers to him. His back appears to be fully healed. Veteran Anthony Wright failed to recognize linebacker Carlos Polk's presence on an ugly interception.

2. Receivers Ron Johnson and Randy Hymes turned some heads during their increased playing time in the wake of Javin Hunter and Frank Sanders' injuries.

3. Rookie outside linebacker Terrell Suggs was active at the line of scrimmage in substituting for starter Cornell Brown. The first-round pick held his own at defensive end in passing situations. His conditioning must improve.

4. The Ravens' special teams had a horrendous evening, allowing a punt return for the game-winning touchdown along with a missed extra point by rookie Dan Nystrom and rookie Ryan Brewer's mental miscues in place of return man Lamont Brightful.

5. Reserve defensive end Nate Bolling stated his case for how badly he wants to make this football team again with three sacks.

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