Insider Chat Transcript - August 14, 2003

Aaron Wilson answers questions for the Insiders as the Ravens prepare for Atlanta this weekend. See what the team thinks about the performance last Saturday night against Buffalo, and how the injuries are progressing!

aaronwilson Hello, ready for your questions.
Macadamia Howdy Aaron.
darb72 what's going on Aaron
Macadamia Let's do alphabetical again, that seems to work pretty well.
aaronwilson Not much, where is everyone?
darb72 I have no idea
B-more_Ravor Hey Aaron, heard Redman had quite a day today. Did you think the same?
HDDream Hi Aaron
Macadamia Bmore kicks it off (above), darb is on deck...
aaronwilson Redman was quite impressive. He was accurate. He was poised. He threw several long, looping spirals for touchdowns to Travis Taylor. Best day of practice he's had by far.
B-more_Ravor That's great news!
Macadamia darb is on the clock, HD on deck...
darb72 Then how does the offensive line look. Particularly the right tackle
aaronwilson Brian Billick, as expected, made no pronouncements regarding quarterback rotation or status, but expect Redman to start, Kyle Boller to go for the second quarter and Anthony Wright to play the second half.
Macadamia I guess I should've volunteered for Moderator eh?
aaronwilson Ethan Brooks has quietly had a solid camp. When Orlando Brown's thigh hasn't bothered him, he has been an intimidating force at right tackle. He expects to play on Saturday against the Falcons.
darb72 Aaron will do a fine job as Mod. Fair and impartial. Unless we bribe him
Macadamia Well if fair and impartial are job requirements, I'm not even going to bother applying.
Macadamia Is Marcus Robinson a bust so far considering what we'd hoped he'd be?
darb72 It also helps if you can type with a British accent.
HDDream Aaron, I saw that you (and others) suggest that Sanders was slow to pick up the defense and that was why he was cut more than anything. Still it seems awfully early to cut a draft choice, was he not showing up to meetings or was showing attitude problems?
Macadamia I thought I heard he got an injury settlement or something (Antwoine Sanders that is)?
B-more_Ravor LOL, HD, I was just typing up the same question!!
HDDream Yeah, he did, but apparently the injury wasn't serious enough to keep him out for the year or anything like that
darb72 Now we could have had Torrin Tucker, but nooooo, we can never have enough Safeties.
HDDream B-More, you and I are on the same wavelength, just floored me that a draft choice would go that early, even the last one they had
aaronwilson He received an injury settlement. He was slow to pick up the defense, particularly for an older rookie (age 25). Also, Sanders had several mental busts and wasn't very instinctive. He also had academic problems that kept him from entering college initially out of high school.
bugspit hello all
darb72 so he had talent, but no brain. Great combination there.
darb72 howdy bugspit
aaronwilson From what I could tell, he had an aloof attitude, but wasn't a bad guy. I talked to him a couple of times by phone this summer and he semed like a nice guy to me. Cooperative with the media. He even told me how much his bonus was when he signed his contract.
Macadamia Hey there bug!!
Macadamia darb who is Torrin Tucker?
Macadamia I asked a question about Marcus Robinson above Aaron.
HDDream Hey Bug
B-more_Ravor Yeah, HD, that's why I was thinking there must have been something else as well. First cuts were still 2 weeks away at the time.
darb72 Guard out of Southern Miss. The third highest rated guard by many draft publications
Macadamia Did he get drafted at all?
HDDream no, apparently very lazy
darb72 had some attitude problems it seems. Undrafted free agent by the Cowboys
Macadamia Aaron, my question was are the Ravens disappointed thus far with Marcus Robinson?
bugspit I came late, Aaron, is there any word on the condition of Suggs' neck?
aaronwilson No, Marcus Robinson isn't a bust. He's had a solid camp, just needs to be a tad more consistent. Overall, a prime talent that the Ravens acquired for an equitable price.
aaronwilson They aren't disappointed, just expect a lot from him.
Macadamia Me too!
Macadamia We desperately need a deep threat on this team.
Macadamia It will open up everything.
darb72 The QB's need to be able to set up in a seven step drop for the deep pass to be effective though.
aaronwilson As for Terrell Suggs, trainer Bill Tessendorf informed me that Suggs' neck is fine. He has no history of neck or spine problems. His MRI was negative and he missed practice today with a sore neck. He will likely play against the Falcons.
B-more_Ravor Aaron, does Nate Bolling really have a chance to make the final 53? Everybody loves the guy, but he's never really done it against the 1st string. Or has he in practice?
aaronwilson He has an outside chance, but is hurt by the presence of rookie draft picks Aubrayo Franklin and Jarret Johnson. He's a hustler, but has limited talent and technique. We'll see what happens. It's too early to tell exactly what will happen, but the math works against him.
Macadamia bug, got another question?
bugspit Aaron, what is your personal evaluation of the wide receiver depth?
aaronwilson By the way, where is everyone? This is thin turnout.
Macadamia good man
Macadamia No idea aaron... disappointing to say the least.
bugspit they're watching the o's kick some yankee butt
darb72 so, what have I missed
aaronwilson It's solid, but not outstanding. Beyond Marcus Robinson, everyone is unproven and has some definite hole in their overall game. They have potential, but that's a dirty word in professional football. Randy Hymes and Ron Johnson have to be more consistent.
HDDream Aaron, speaking of the DL, who do you see as the odd man out there as far as making the final 53? Salavea? Parker? Nugent? Also, have you ever seen a team get this banged up this early in training camp? They had to keep 10 guys out the other night, that's amazing for a first preseason game.
Macadamia darb, Aaron thinks Bolling is probably a long shot and bug asked about our WR depth
darb72 works for me.
Macadamia and you're up again too darb
darb72 Goody
darb72 Do you think the Ravens would be interested in Brunell if he became available at the right price?
aaronwilson David Nugent or Joe Salave'a are more likely to be released than Riddick Parker, who's quite productive and steady. Salave'a has more upside than any of these players, but has to get healthy and begin producing soon to make a run. This is a wide assortment of injuries, a rare phenomenon, a lot to keep up with.
Macadamia Sorry to say I think that's a HUGE pipedream darb.
Macadamia Parker was a pleasant surprise last year.
aaronwilson No, besides Mark Brunell won't be available. He's the Jaguars' starting quarterback. He won't hit the market until next year and he'll still cost a lot of money. By next season, Kyle Boller will be entrenched as the starting signal caller.
darb72 I don't want him, I just figured everybody would want to know one way or the other
B-more_Ravor Yeah, I was expecting/hope for more from Salave'a.
Macadamia I didn't say it was YOUR pipedream my Ravens brother. LOL!
bugspit What do you think Mike Singletary's impact will be on the linebackers? Just how much better Ray & Co. get?
HDDream That last statement by Aaron's likely to get him on some people's ""hater lists""
Macadamia bug, we got HD, myself and RL in front of ya man... unless Aaron is cool with random Q's
aaronwilson I think Mike Singletary has gotten these guys to play even harder, especially Peter Boulware, while getting Ray Lewis, Ed Hartwell and Bart Scott to take better angles to the football. They are tackling as well as I've ever seen them hit in three years.
aaronwilson Curious, HD Dream, why would that statement put me on a hater list?
darb72 and somewhere, a RB cries
HDDream So was I, B-More, I suspect he's at the point where he's had the injury problems and now every little injury really affects him because his body has broken down
Macadamia Aw man ya gotta love that idea (even BETTER tackling, Boulware stepping up)
darb72 You don't read the chat board much do you Aaron. There are two factions set up.
darb72 Redman haters and Redman backers
Macadamia He means some Ravens fans are still married to Redman Aaron.
HDDream Aaron, the part about Boller being entrenched as the starter by next year, there's still a very strong Pro Redman contingent on the board as everyone here is aware of
aaronwilson Oh, I don't have a preference. I'm just impartially stating the reality. Don't shoot the messenger.
Macadamia I've got Al Davis Disease personally, JUST WIN BABY!!
darb72 of course, it isn't nearly as bad as the Blake/Redman factions. That little war was ugly.
darb72 Doesn't matter Aaron. Anything said positive about a QB can and will be misconstrued.
Macadamia Yeah at least the Redman/Boller feud can't get racial. Now Anthony Wright on the other hand... LOL!
HDDream you don't give up what they gave up to get him to have him sit on the bench for 2 or 3 years
HDDream anyway, who's got the next question?
aaronwilson Here's the situation: They have a multi-million dollar investment in Boller, who's a far superior athlete. Redman is a great guy and efficient and the best quarterback at the moment. He's also an unrestricted free agent after the season. Why would the Ravens sign him again to start unless they don't believe Boller is ready? I have no preference, just a feeling for what will happen based on economics, etc..
Macadamia You're up HD
darb72 But it did Mac. Remember me and PurpleGuy going at it for his Redneck remarks
Macadamia Over Boller and Redman? That's just silly. hehehe
Macadamia There he is... 'bout time Doggie
HDDream oh....ok...let's see...Will Orlando Brown play on Saturday? I also heard somewhere that they were using him on goaline situations on defense, is that actually true?
aaronwilson Did you all read my story on Anthony Wright?
B-more_Ravor Crow, where ya been?
Macadamia Sure did.
darb72 RPG insulted Rednecks, of which I am one
Macadamia read 'em all, r u crazy? hahahaha
darb72 Howdy Crow
crowdog89 Late night...exhausted
RLisGod In First Down (UKs weekly football magazine) it had a headline 'Baltimore Battlers not worth Raven about' Which I was kinda surprised about because Redman played well as did Boller
darb72 Tell your wife I said thanks for the information on those damn wasp
aaronwilson Yes, Orlando Brown will play some limited reps at offensive tackle. He's just getting back from the thigh injury directly above his knee. No, he's not part of the goalline package. That was Tony Siragusa's suggestion. It's not based on fact.
HDDream Crow always has to deal with more and more rodents when the Yankees are in town
darb72 lol
crowdog89 Will do darb, I'll add more later
Macadamia Speaking of Aubrayo Franklin, how did he and Tony Pashos play vs. Bills. I heard (actually READ) Gerome Sapp's name a lot.
aaronwilson Aubrayo Franklin was solid as a two-gapping nose guard. Tony Pashos was good on the running plays, a tad pedestrian on pass protection. He's a good prospect. Gerome Sapp is extremely instinctive.
Macadamia AWESOME! Thanks.
Macadamia RL is on the clock.
crowdog89 What went on today in camp?
aaronwilson The Ravens practiced twice, full workout in the morning, special teams in the afternoon. No new injuries. Randy Hymes left on a cart with muscle cramps. Hot day, but it wasn't serious. The players tested the new John Madden video game back at the hotel.
crowdog89 oops,sorry
HDDream apparently No. 7 had his best day yet Crow
crowdog89 cool
RLisGod Does Randy Hymes actually celebrate after TDs in practice and also does he actually believe he is TO? I'm sure I read somewhere that he called himself a lot like TO
darb72 Demps becomes a little player on that game.
aaronwilson He does celebrate practice touchdowns occasionally. He's a big TO fan, but has nowhere near that ego. He's a nice kid, very low-key, very quiet.
bugspit Aaron, on WNST this morning, there was a reference made to Terrell Suggs along the lines of not being the easiest guy in the world to get along with, i.e. a loner, marches to his own drummer, etc. Has there been any indication whatsoever of an attitude-related problem regarding Suggs, or was this just talk show fodder?
aaronwilson This is inaccurate information and unfair to Terrell Suggs.
aaronwilson He's 20 years old, first of all.
bugspit Glad to hear it
B-more_Ravor Have heard much (well anything actually) about Kemoeatu - what's up? He played real well last year - is he now fighting to keep his spot? Has Franklin passed him?
aaronwilson Second of all, Terrell Suggs is a little different, but he's respectful of teammates. He sang for the vets, Lean on Me.
RLisGod did my last message go through?
B-more_Ravor RE: Suggs - If Terry and Drew said it, you should consider the source
darb72 anyone here ever been bit on the testicle by a wasp. It hurts.
aaronwilson Terrell Suggs is a nice kid. He's just young. He comes to meetings on time and he practices hard. He needs to get in better shape, but that's about it. They like him. Ray Lewis called him a great kid, too.
B-more_Ravor That's waaaaay too much information there Darb - LOL
aaronwilson Maake Kemoeatu remains ahead of Aubrayo Franklin. He's massive and active, much improved from last season.
Macadamia If RayLew likes him, that's good enough for me. Darb, you are SHOT OUT boy!!!
darb72 just letting ya'll know why I'm after the evil things
HDDream well, no one can't say he doesn't have big balls
aaronwilson Just curious, what was said about Suggs specifically.
Macadamia I saw that write up somewhere about Suggs too... can't remember where though.
Macadamia I don't believe half of what I read on other sites, and the other half is lies.
aaronwilson He signs autographs, too, for kids. He's a little different. Some Ravens teammates have made reference to the fact that he's a little different, perhaps a tad goofy, but nothing derogatory. He's intense and he has strange mannerisms and sayings on the field. He's just a little unorthodox in my opinion.
aaronwilson What was said this morning, though?
Macadamia You don't get the nickname ""T-Sizzle"" by being normal.
darb72 Heck, I think all football players are a tad off. If they were sane, they would play a sissy sport like baseball
bugspit The idiots at WNST made a reference to the effect that he was bothered by the rookie hazing to the point of it becoming a distraction.
crowdog89 Any chance the Ravens would be looking to pick up Ryan McNeil for some depth in the defensive backfield..say at the vet minimum since the Chargers have to pay him guaranteed this year?
Macadamia Ah, good Q Crow!!
aaronwilson He wasn't hazed yesterday because he cooperated with the singing.
darb72 golf claps
aaronwilson No, they have no interest in Ryan McNeil.
HDDream Aaron, do you see any chance the Ravens put Bernardo Harris on the IR or even release him with the idea of signing him when he gets healthy? Going into November is a long time to keep someone on the roster who can't play because he's injured, especially given all the special teams players the Ravens have?
Macadamia Can't he be PUP?
aaronwilson Bernardo Harris will be on physically unable to perform list more likely than injured reserve.
Macadamia <---- knows his stuff (sometimes)
aaronwilson They reserve the right to change their mind, though. Johnny Rutledge is a candidate to take his place. Promising player.
Macadamia Another guy who got the shaft in Arizona.
Macadamia Good luck Blake!
Macadamia Who's up doggie, me?
HDDream think so
darb72 sure, go ahead
crowdog89 sure mac
Macadamia How bad is Musa's injury... is the kid going to play this preseason at all?
B-more_Ravor I thought PUP could only be used for non-camp injuries?
HDDream thought I heard something along those lines too B-More
HDDream good question Mac, that's one I was going to ask
aaronwilson Musa Smith has a sprained capsule in his knee. They have increased his anti-inflammatory medicine, but he's not close to 100 percent yet. It may take a while to heal.
darb72 there is a non-football injury reserve I think. Like what happened to Thomas Jones last year in, of course, Arizona
B-more_Ravor BTW, HD, you did it again, Harris was my next question!!!!
HDDream lol
crowdog89 great minds....
HDDream uhh...great?
B-more_Ravor Yeah, but why am I involved?!?!?
crowdog89 who is next?
HDDream RL
darb72 you take it Crow
aaronwilson Someone ask a question, please.
fingers Not sure if this was covered already, but are Suggs and Boulware both out with neck injuries?
RLisGod2 did my question about Randy Hymes go through last time - I don't know because my chat froze after that
aaronwilson No, Suggs is out, at least he was today with a stiff neck, MRI was negative, Boulware returned after one day. His MRI was negative, too.
darb72 have any of the guards besides Mule really stood out in camp.
Macadamia I'll paste what Aaron wrote RL, it did go through...hang on..
aaronwilson No, not really. I haven't been particularly impressed thus far.
RLisGod2 thanks
darb72 great
B-more_Ravor With all of the injuries are they rethinking the KO specialist spot? That spot could be necessary elsewhere? Also, were they happy with the KOs on Sat night?
aaronwilson They are likely to have Chester Taylor do it again. They were slightly impressed with Hugh Smith, but he's likely to be cut, potential practice squad member.
bugspit How close is Todd Heap to being 100%?
aaronwilson He's probably about a week or so away. Todd said if this was the regular season he would have been playing. He was just being cautious.
Macadamia I think Ravor meant kickers Aaron, like Jenkins or Frost
crowdog89 What's the general consensus on the new turf? And what about the little rubber balls?
B-more_Ravor Sorry, Aaron, I was referring to them carrying an extra Kicker - any thoughts?
aaronwilson Oh, ok. No, they are still going to have Frost, Jenkins or someone else kickoff.
HDDream Aaron, are the Ravens working on anything to improve their short yardage package in running situations? They've got a huge OL, and a 235 lb RB and a good FB but they aren't very good. Any new wrinkles? A OL in the backfield or at TE? Mughelli at TE? anything?
aaronwilson Most of the guys like it, but it seems to be a factor in the injuries thus far of Randy Hymes, Travis Taylor, Anthony Mitchell and Frank Sanders.
RLisGod2 What's Chris McAlister's attitude been like - I heard a rumor that he is talking about how he doesn't want to renegotiate now until the off-season - I'm hoping this is just a rumor?
aaronwilson As for short yardage package, Ovie Mughelli is likely to be involved in tandem with Alan Ricard along with Terry Jones and Todd Heap occasionally playing fullback. Sorry, no Refrigerator Perry package in the offing.
fingers I've seen very little discussion about our DL. Do have any observations about them? I'm wondering whether our Run Defense will be where it needs to be in the AFCN division? On a related note, I'm trying to remember what our Run D was like before and after Douglas went down last year.
darb72 Interesting plan. Jonathan Ogden in the backfield.
aaronwilson The run defense ranked second in the NFL in rushing average allowed: 3.7 per rushing attempt. That was without Ray Lewis for 11 games. The defensive line is improved overall. Should be a solid, unspectacular unit.
HDDream Aaron, RL had a question about McAlister and his contract talks a few lines up
aaronwilson There are no contract talks for Chris McAlister.
B-more_Ravor I think the FO is missing the boat in this one - it's going to cost us more to sign him later.
aaronwilson He's the franchise player. He's making $5.962 million. The Ravens will wait to see how he performs, not just how good a game he talks, before ponying up more cash for McAlister. The jury remains out. They want him, but this isn't the time to negotiate.
Macadamia I have a comment not a question, I am SO glad to read about Fuller gettin' on our WR's and Zeus coming back. We need some guys on offense who will stand up to other team's d's!!
Macadamia You won't see another body slamming of Chester Taylor (like Warren Sapp) last year happen without retribution.
Macadamia And I want to see our guys pick Jamal up off the ground every single time he gets tackled too!!
crowdog89 How is TT looking? Do you think he'll live up to his ""This year there are no excuses"" mantra?
darb72 Second round pick for Kyle Turley. Everyone should listen to me, because I'm right and stuff
crowdog89 lol
aaronwilson I believe more firmly than last year that Travis Taylor will produce. Keep in mind each season has been progressively better for Travis Taylor. Now, there's less pressure on him. He's bound to play well.
darb72 I've read some good things about Travis so far
RLisGod2 Does the secondary look like it will be able to handle the Squeelers WRs this year?
Macadamia I think Fuller will be a better match for Hines Ward personally.
Macadamia Anybody know how their match-ups went last year while he was with the Browns?
darb72 I think that Baxter should be the CB and Fuller the safety
aaronwilson He defended Ward well. He also defended Marvin Harrison quite ably, too.
Macadamia Not gonna happen this year darb... you and I have to wait.
aaronwilson Couple more questions, guys.
aaronwilson Have to get up early for practice.
Macadamia Awwwwwww yeah, Fuller's gonna pimpslap that smirkin' jerk!!
HDDream Harrison had the quietest 10 catch game I can ever remember seeing
Macadamia 7 of the 10 on the OTHER CB too
bugspit Aaron, do you see the offense opening up more based on some of the acquisitions (Frank Sanders & Robinson)?
Macadamia I tell you what, seeing Sanders get hurt on his FIRST reception sure was discouraging.
aaronwilson I think because of Robinson they will be slightly more vertical. However, Sanders is an intermediate route guy, a classic possession receiver. He doesn't stretch the defense.
B-more_Ravor Aaron, knowing that this is Ray Lewis' defense, what is his relationship with Mike Nolan?
aaronwilson They get along quite well. Mike Nolan is a players' coach. He has good relations with all of the players. He's one of the easiest people to get along with that you'll ever meet.
aaronwilson Keep them coming because we're about to wrap this up.
darb72 Not a question, but a statement. If Justin Smiley somehow makes it into the second round next year, the Ravens will move up to get him.
Macadamia How is Mr. Modell's health lately?
HDDream Aaron, what veterans are on the bubble to make the team? What about the rookie draft choices, who's on the bubble among them?
aaronwilson He's feeling better, although frustrated about not being able to get around better. It's tough on him, but he's a tough guy.
Macadamia Art RULES!
darb72 I agree 100%
aaronwilson Anthony Mitchell, Dave Nugent, Joe Salave'a, John Jones before Trent Smith's broken leg...
aaronwilson Mike Mabry is on the bubble definitely.
aaronwilson Two more questions.
crowdog89 I like Salave'a but he seems to have health issues
Macadamia Ya think?
HDDream did he even play on Saturday? Mabry that is, I don't remember seeing him in there, that's not a good sign
darb72 I don't know Aaron, the Ravens have a tendency to draft decent to good centers on the second day of the draft
bugspit Aaron, do you believe that we can reach the Super Bowl with Redman/Boller?
aaronwilson Mabry is solid, just deck stacked against him because of presence of Mike Flynn, Casey Rabach and Jason Thomas.
darb72 Saturday from the Colts, Jeff Mitchell, and Mike Flynn
aaronwilson I think this is a playoff caliber team, not a Super Bowl bound squad at this point in their development. They appear to be a year away.
Macadamia And we'll never live down trading out of the Steve McKinney pick either darb. LOL!
aaronwilson Last question.
B-more_Ravor The Ravens didn't draft Saturday did we? Flynn was an UDFA.
aaronwilson Flynn was undrafted.
crowdog89 anyone?
darb72 Saturday was an OFA as well
HDDream who's got the last question......?
Macadamia That Priest Homes fella wasn't bad for an undrafted guy either huh? TEEHEE
B-more_Ravor Will we ever beat the Steelers here in Baltimore? LOL
Macadamia UGH
aaronwilson I think this could be the year.
darb72 excellent question
crowdog89 Hell Yeah!
Macadamia I want to be there for that...c'mon Florida Lottery!
HDDream Double Hell Yeah!
aaronwilson Guys, thanks for all the excellent questions. We'll do this again soon.
bugspit Aaron, thanks for the great insight. Have a great night.
aaronwilson Get some of your friends to join us next time. lol.
darb72 I beat them the first game on Madden 2004. Redman threw for about 400 yards
crowdog89 Thanks Aaron
fingers Bye
HDDream Thanks Aaron, will you be on Fox 45 anytime soon?
darb72 take it easy Aaron. Have fun waking up early
B-more_Ravor As always Aaron, thanks much.
Macadamia Thanks Aaron, you rock!
aaronwilson Perhaps next week. Not sure.
bugspit Later guys.
HDDream Cool, thanks again
Macadamia Later bugman
Macadamia YEAH BABY YEAH!!
aaronwilson RL, just write me an e-mail about whatever you needed.
crowdog89 Darb and RL hang on for a minute
darb72 where the heck is EB. I haven't seen him on here in a while.
Macadamia That fingers guy was a big talker.
Macadamia LOL!
darb72 Are we going to get fussed at? Because if we are, I'm so gone.
aaronwilson Goodnight.

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