Brian Billick On The Loss

"It was very disappointing," said Ravens head coach Brian Billick moments after the loss. "We'll have to go back to the drawing board and see what worked and what didn't," said Billick as he wiped the sweat from his head with a towel. "We have another shot at them at the end of the year."

Billick went on to say, "I think we reacted to adversity fairly well, being only down by six points. But then, we fell apart. We blew assignments. We'll have to look at the film and see where the breakdowns were."

Asked how the Ravens stacked up against the Steelers, Billick responded, "We have to match up with them if we want to win this division. They're 1-0 and the rest of us are 0-1. We're only one game behind them."

Offensively, the Ravens were not able to use their vertical passing game as much as they would have liked. Stifled deep, they had to resort to stop routes and dump-offs. One reason for this was the intense pass rush that was created by the Steelers' blitzing linebackers. That pass rush kept rookie Kyle Boller on the run all afternoon.

There also another reason.

"They were protecting against the deep routes," said Billick. "They took away the deep balls."

Even though the Ravens lost, Billick saw bright promise in Boller's debut.

"Kyle has a good head about him. We'll look at the film and see what needs to be done. He has a good thought process. Kyle, like the rest of the team, is resilient and will go forward. This is not the end of our season; it's the beginning.

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