Kyle Boller Responds about Loss

Kyle Boller may have been bent by Sunday's intense pass by the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback was unbowed.

"Give the Steelers credit. They played very well. They were quick. The game was played at a very fast pace," said the Ravens number one draft choice. "I'll take some experiences away from this. I have to expect better performances from myself."

Boller was not happy with the way the Ravens struggled on offense, picking up only 240 yards in total offense.

"When you get a little momentum going, you have to keep moving the chains. We didn't do that," said Boller matter-of-factly. "When we take a look at the films, I'll be able to see what I did wrong."

When asked about tailback Jamal Lewis's contribution, Boller said, "Jamal is awesome. He runs so hard and gets to the hole so fast."

The game ended with the Ravens on the Steelers' 27 yard line. Baltimore had even called a timeout with only three seconds remaining, trying to get one more play off.

"The game is not over until the last second," said Boller. "It would have been nice to build a little bit of momentum with one more score."

"I hate losing. Losing is the worst thing that can happen to you," declared Boller. "I have to make up for losing. Losing is something that is not on my agenda."

In regards to being intercepted by Pittburgh's Kendrell Bell at the Steelers' 30, Boller said, "I needed to put the ball out there. I read the defensive back, but I didn't read the linebacker. I'm going to make mistakes. I just don't want to make the same mistake twice."

With that, Boller walked away, mentally starting to prepare for next week's home game versus the Cleveland Browns.

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