Injury RoundUp and Notes & (Official Injury Lists)

The Insiders take a quick look at injuries that could have an effect in week-two of the NFL season.


Buffalo Bills  QUESTIONABLE  WR Sam Aiken (hamstring) 
Jacksonville Jaguars 

DOUBTFUL  WR Micah Ross (ankle) 
QUESTIONABLE  DE Brandon Green (quadricep) 
PROBABLE  RB Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (hamstring); LB T.J. Slaughter (ankle); DE Paul Spicer (ankle); CB James Trapp (ankle) 

Carolina Panthers  OUT  LB Mike Caldwell (knee) 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

OUT  LB Shelton Quarles (forearm/elbow) 
QUESTIONABLE RB Darian Barnes (knee)
PROBABLE  DE Greg Spires (groin)

Cincinnati Bengals
OUT  WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (hamstring); RB Rudi Johnson (thigh); G Victor Leyva (chest) 
PROBABLE  T Willie Anderson (hamstring); LB Brian Simmons (ribs) 
Oakland Raiders

DOUBTFUL  DE Sam Williams (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  CB Nnamdi Asomugha (shoulder); S Anthony Dorsett (ankle); RB Chris Hetherington (hamstring); WR Jerry Porter (abdominal); LB Bill Romanowski (concussion); S Rod Woodson (knee) 

Cleveland Browns
PROBABLE  DE Courtney Brown (foot); WR Quincy Morgan (hip) 
Baltimore Ravens

OUT  RB Musa Smith (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  CB Corey Fuller (thigh); CB Alvin Porter (groin); WR Frank Sanders (foot) 
PROBABLE  G Casey Rabach (knee); P Dave Zastudil (thigh) 

Denver Broncos

OUT  DT Daryl Gardener (hand) 
PROBABLE  RB Quentin Griffin (leg); G Dan Neil (flu); TE Jeb Putzier (shoulder); LB Jashon Sykes (hip); S Chris Young (ankle) 
San Diego Chargers
QUESTIONABLE  TE Stephen Alexander (groin); WR David Boston (heel); CB Tay Cody (hamstring) 
PROBABLE  CB Sammy Davis (leg); G Solomon Page (back) 

Detroit Lions 
QUESTIONABLE  G Eric Beverly (leg); LB James Davis (rib); WR Az-Zahir Hakim (knee); DE Cory Redding (knee) 
Green Bay Packers 
OUT  WR Donald Driver (neck) 
DOUBTFUL  CB Chris Johnson (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  WR Robert Ferguson (knee/ankle); TE Wesley Walls (hamstring) 
PROBABLE  S Darren Sharper (groin) 

Houston Texans
DOUBTFUL  LB Antwan Peek (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  LB Troy Evans (groin); S Travares Tillman (arm); DE Gary Walker (shoulder) 
PROBABLE  C Steve McKinney (knee); RB Jonathan Wells (toe) 
New Orleans Saints
OUT  LB Cie Grant (knee); DE Darren Howard (wrist) 
DOUBTFUL  DT Henry Ford (ankle) 
QUESTIONABLE  WR Joe Horn (knee) 
PROBABLE  DE Charles Grant (calf) 

Miami Dolphins 
OUT  QB Brian Griese (toe) 
DOUBTFUL  T Mark Dixon (ankle) 
QUESTIONABLE  CB Sam Madison (ankle); S Shawn Wooden (hamstring/hand) 
PROBABLE  DT Larry Chester (feet); C Seth McKinney (finger); WR James McKnight (toe); DE Adewale Ogunleye (knee); P Mark Royals (hamstring); C Tim Ruddy (knee); LB Zach Thomas (ribs); RB Ricky Williams (ankle) 
New York Jets
OUT  QB Chad Pennington (wrist) 

New England Patriots
OUT  LB Ted Johnson (foot) 
QUESTIONABLE  WR David Givens (leg) 
PROBABLE  C Damien Woody (chest) 
Philadelphia Eagles 
OUT  DE Jerome McDougle (ankle/hip) 
DOUBTFUL  S Brian Dawkins (foot); CB Bobby Taylor (foot); DE Brandon Whiting (hamstring) 
PROBABLE  C Hank Fraley (quadricep/collarbone); DT Corey Simon (arm); WR James Thrash (back) 

Pittsburgh Steelers 
DOUBTFUL  LB Joey Porter (thigh) 
QUESTIONABLE  RB Jerome Bettis (groin) 
PROBABLE  WR Plaxico Burress (quadricep); C Jeff Hartings (knee); TE Jay Riemersma (ankle) 
Kansas City Chiefs 
OUT  DE Eddie Freeman (elbow) 
DOUBTFUL  CB William Bartee (ankle) 
QUESTIONABLE  TE Tony Gonzalez (ankle) 
PROBABLE  CB Julian Battle (back) 

San Francisco 49ers 
OUT  TE Eric Johnson (collarbone); CB Jason Webster (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  T Derrick Deese (ankle); T Scott Gragg (ankle); CB Rashad Holman (groin); LB Brandon Moore (ankle) 
PROBABLE  DE John Engelberger (Achilles); CB Jimmy Williams (quadricep) 
St. Louis Rams 
OUT  WR Kevin Curtis (leg); CB Kevin Garrett (wrist); G David Loverne (elbow); WR Shaun McDonald (thumb); S Jason Sehorn (foot) 
QUESTIONABLE  DT Jimmy Kennedy (elbow); DT Ryan Pickett (ankle); QB Kurt Warner (concussion) 

Seattle Seahawks 
OUT  CB Shawn Springs (shoulder) 
QUESTIONABLE  LB Isaiah Kacyvenski (ankle) 
Arizona Cardinals 
DOUBTFUL  WR Larry Foster (ankle); WR Kevin Kasper (back) 
QUESTIONABLE  DT Marcus Bell (knee); G Leonard Davis (ankle); WR Bryan Gilmore (knee); S Justin Lucas (ankle) 
PROBABLE  LB Levar Fisher (concussion) 

Tennessee Titans 
OUT  K Joe Nedney (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  RB Chris Brown (hamstring); LB Rocky Calmus (hamstring); TE Erron Kinney (knee); QB Steve McNair (knee); G Zach Piller (chest); CB Andre Woolfolk (toe); TE Frank Wycheck (concussion) 
Indianapolis Colts 
OUT  CB Joseph Jefferson (pelvis) 
DOUBTFUL  CB Donald Strickland (groin) 
QUESTIONABLE  RB Dominic Rhodes (knee); WR Brandon Stokley (hamstring) 
PROBABLE  DE Dwight Freeney (leg); CB Nicholas Harper (knee); CB Walt Harris (knee); QB Brock Huard (hand); RB James Mungro (ribs); LB Jim Nelson (hand); C Jeff Saturday (back); DE Brad Scioli (neck); G Steve Sciullo (toe) 

Washington Redskins 
DOUBTFUL  TE Zeron Flemister (ankle); WR Taylor Jacobs (abdomen) 
PROBABLE  DT Jermaine Haley (hand); QB Patrick Ramsey (knee) 
Atlanta Falcons 
OUT  WR LaTarence Dunbar (groin); WR Brian Finneran (hand); QB Michael Vick (leg) 
DOUBTFUL  S Keion Carpenter (hamstring); S Cory Hall (knee); LB Will Overstreet (shoulder) 
QUESTIONABLE  CB Tod McBride (thumb); LB Sam Rogers (knee) 
CHICAGO BEARS (0-1) AT MINNESOTA VIKINGS (1-0) on Sunday night

Chicago Bears 
OUT  G Chris Villarrial (knee) 
PROBABLE  T-G Terrence Metcalf (finger) 
Minnesota Vikings 
OUT  S Jack Brewer (chest) 
DOUBTFUL  S Corey Chavous (knee) 
PROBABLE  RB Doug Chapman (ankle) 
DALLAS COWBOYS (0-1) AT NEW YORK GIANTS (1-0) on Monday Night 

Dallas Cowboys 
OUT  CB Derek Ross (knee) 
QUESTIONABLE  G Larry Allen (hamstring); DT Willie Blade (knee) 
PROBABLE  TE Dan Campbell (groin) 
New York Giants 
QUESTIONABLE  CB Ray Green (hamstring) 
PROBABLE  RB Jim Finn (quadricep); LB Nick Greisen (hamstring); DT Cornelius Griffin (thigh); LB Wesly Mallard (hamstring); T Luke Petitgout (back); TE Marcellus Rivers (knee)

Miami (0-1) at New York Jets (0-1)

Miami: Backup QB Brian Griese (toe) is expected to be out four more weeks. Starting CB Sam Madison (ankle) is listed as questionable but is expected to play Sunday. Starting DE Adewale Ogunleye (knee) is listed as day-to-day, but is also expected to play Sunday.

New York: Starting S Jon McGraw (head) is expected to play Sunday.


Cleveland (0-1) at Baltimore (0-1)

Cleveland: No significant injuries to report.

Baltimore: Rookie RB Corey Fuller (quad) is day-to-day and is expected to play Sunday against the rival Browns. Starting WR Frank Sanders (foot) is listed as questionable to play this week, but he is expected to play.


Tennessee (1-0) at Indianapolis (1-0)

Tennessee: Starting QB Steve McNair (knee) will be limited in practice this week but is expected to play on Sunday. Rookie RB Chris Brown (hamstring) is questionable to play this week, but has been working with the team. Starting TE Frank Wycheck (concussion) left last week's game early and is not expected to play Sunday. K Joe Nedney suffered a torn ACL and is out for the rest of the season. Starting G Zach Pillar (chest) is listed as questionable, and is expected to be a game time decision. MLB Rocky Calmus (hamstring) is listed as questionable and his status will not be determined until late in the week.

Indianapolis: Starting DE Dwight Freeney (shin) is expected to play. Starting DE Brad Scioli (shoulder) is listed day-to-day. RB James Mungro (ribs) is day-to-day and is expected to play Sunday. RB Dominic Rhodes (knee) missed last week's game and is listed day-to-day. WR Brandon Stokley (hamstring) has started practicing and is questionable for Sunday.


Detroit (1-0) at Green Bay (0-1)

Detroit: Backup WR Az-Zahir Hakim (knee) missed last week's game. His status for this week's game won't be known until later this week.

Green Bay: Starting WR Donald Driver (neck) The Packers have stated his status is week-to-week basis, he will not play Sunday. Starting WR Robert Ferguson (knee, ankle) is listed as doubtful and he is not expected to play Sunday. WR Karsten Bailey (hamstring) is questionable for Sunday's game, and is expected to be a game time decision. TE Wesley Walls (hamstring) is listed as day-to-day.


Washington (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

Washington: QB Patrick Ramsey has a swollen knee, but has been working in practice and will play Sunday.

Rookie WR Zeron Flemister (Achilles) is listed as questionable, it is likely that he will play this week.

Atlanta: Starting QB Doug Johnson (knee) will play Sunday, despite a bruised knee. Starting WR Brian Finneran (broken hand) is out and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Starting G Travis Claridge (shoulder) is day-to-day, but has been working with the team and should play barring any setback. Starting S Cory Hall (knee) is day-to-day and is also expected to play.


Buffalo (1-0) at Jacksonville (0-1)

Buffalo: Rookie WR Sam Aiken (hamstring) is day-to-day.

Jacksonville: Starting WR Matthew Hatchette's (shoulder) status won't be known until later this week. At the present time Hatchette is still experiencing pain and swelling. WR Micah Ross (ankle) is day-to-day and is expected to play Sunday.


Houston (1-0) at New Orleans (0-1)

Houston: Starting DE Gary Walker (shoulder) is listed as questionable, but is expected to suit-up Sunday. RB Jon Wells (toe) is questionable and is scheduled to practice Thursday.

New Orleans: Starting WR Joe Horn (knee) will be listed as questionable for this week's game, and his status won't be known until later this week. Starting DE Darren Howard (wrist) is expected to miss ten weeks. Starting DE Charles Grant (calf) is probable for the game Sunday and rookie starting DT Johnathan Sullivan (wrist) is listed as day-to-day, but will play Sunday.


San Francisco (1-0) at St. Louis (0-1)

San Francisco: Starting CB Jason Webster (knee) is expected to be out 2-4 more weeks. Starting TE Eric Johnson (collarbone) is out for the next 6-8weeks. Starting OT Derrick Deese (ankle) is practicing and will play Sunday. Backup CB Mike Rumph (shoulder) is listed as probable, he has been practicing and will suit-up Sunday.

St. Louis: Starting QB Kurt Warner (concussion) will not start Sunday, but has been cleared to play. S Jason Sehorn (foot) has been working out and is not expected back until week four at the earliest. Rookie WR Kevin Curtis (leg) is out and is expected to return to practice within the next 10-days. Rookie WR Shaun McDonald (thumb) is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.


Pittsburgh (1-0) at Kansas City (1-0)

Pittsburgh: Starting OLB Joey Porter (gunshot) has been listed as doubtful for Sunday's game and could be a late decision. At this time Porter is not expected to play. RB Jerome Bettis (groin) is listed as questionable, but says he will play Sunday.

Kansas City: Starting CB William Bartee (ankle) is listed as questionable, but he believes that he will play Sunday.


Carolina (1-0) at Tampa Bay (1-0)

Carolina: Starting FB Brad Hoover (elbow) is day-to-day. OLB Mike Caldwell (knee) is expected to miss four weeks.

Tampa Bay: Starting MLB Shelton Quarles (elbow, arm) is expected to miss six weeks.


Seattle (1-0) at Arizona (0-1)

Seattle: No injuries of significance to report.

Arizona: Starting OL Leonard Davis (ankle) is listed as day-to-day, but is expected to play Sunday. Starting WR Bryan Gilmore (knee) is questionable and could be a game time decision. Starting WR Larry Foster (ankle) is questionable and he will be evaluated on Friday. WR Kevin Kasper (back) is day-to-day and expected to play Sunday.


New England (0-1) at Philadelphia (0-1)

New England: No injuries of significance to report.

Philadelphia: DE Brandon Whiting (hamstring) will be listed as doubtful. Rookie DE Jerome McDougal (ankle, knee, hip) is out. Starting CB Bobby Taylor (foot) also had an MRI, is listed as doubtful and will not play Sunday. Starting S Brian Dawkins (foot) is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.


Denver (1-0) at San Diego (0-1)

Denver: Rookie RB Quentin Griffith (leg) is questionable, but is practicing with the team and could be a game time decision. Starting DT Daryl Gardener (wrist) is out and expected to miss two more weeks.

San Diego: Starting TE Stephen Alexander (groin) missed last week's game, but his status for Sunday won't be known until later this week. Starting CB Sammy Davis (leg) and backup CB David Boston (heel) is questionable


Cincinnati (0-1) at Oakland (0-1)

Cincinnati: RB Rudi Johnson (thigh) and WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (hamstring) will not play Sunday against the Raiders. Starting OT Willie Anderson (hamstring) and starting OLB Brian Simmons (ribs) are listed as day-to-day, but both are expected to play Sunday.

Oakland: Starting QB Jerry Porter (abdomen) left last week's game against Tennessee and his status for the Titans game Sunday will be a game time decision. Starting OT Lincoln Kennedy (leg) is listed as day-to-day and is expected to play Sunday.


Chicago (0-1) at Minnesota (1-0)

Chicago: Starting G Chris Villarrial (knee) is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

Minnesota: Starting CB Denard Walker (concussion) is day-to-day and starting S Corey Chavous (knee) is listed as doubtful, but will not play Sunday against the Bears.


Dallas (0-1) at New York Giants (1-0)

Dallas: Starting TE Larry Allen (hamstring) are listed day-to-day and are expected to play Monday night.

New York: Starting OT Luke Petitigout (back) is listed as day-to-day, but is expected to play Monday night.

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