Insider Chat Transcript - September 16,2003

Aaron Wilson answers questions about the upcoming San Diego game, the new signees to the Ravens practice squad, progress of Boller, Zeus, Marcus Robinson, Jarret Johnson, Will Demps, and others. He also gives us an update on injuries for this weekend's game. Great stuff!

aaronwilson Hi, everyone. Ready for your questions. New software was slow loading.
Macadamia fast, gets open, but bad hands and not the most coachable guy is what I read on him
adminsteve Rell us about the two newest guys Aaron
adminsteve Early and Kelly
aaronwilson Kareem Kelly caught 204 passes for the USC Trojans, released by New Orleans Saints after being drafted in the sixth round. Michael Early is a 6-1, 317-pound offensive guard formerly of the Minnesota Vikings.
Macadamia Hmmmm, a fast WR/KR and a G... what does THAT tell ya?
aaronwilson Early is a moose. Kelly is fast.
Macadamia Early can play C too right?
ravenfan how would you evaluate the progress of Orlando brown? will he play the majority of the game vs. san Diego?
aaronwilson Yes, he can play center also.
aaronwilson Orlando Brown is progressing well. Like Ethan Brooks to quote Jim Colletto he has his moments and he also has his disasters. While Ethan was leap-frogged literally by Kenard Lang for a sack, Brown missed his man, whiffing on a run block when a Browns lineman slanted. They have work to do. The rotation will continue a little while longer.
harborraven how do you think billick is reacting to boller's learning process so far?
Macadamia Lots of TUMS!
Macadamia And Vodka!
ravenfan hehe
drkraven xanax
Macadamia There ya go.
ravenfan Todd Heap only had one catch. That HAS to improve Sunday for us to win.
aaronwilson I think Brian Billick and Matt Cavanaugh have been infinitely patient thus far. They realize that he's a rookie with potential, but still a rookie. Ozzie Newsome told me today that they were aware that this would be part of the learning curve.
Macadamia Any idea what jersey numbers these new guys will have?
aaronwilson No, I don't tend to worry about that. They are practice squad players. They may make the trip, but you won't see them anytime soon.
adminsteve Aaron, my counterpart from the Chargers site tells me that the Ravens are having an open practice Thursday in SD. Do you know anything about that i.e. a press release with times?
Macadamia Aaron rips the practice squad guys... hehehe
Macadamia poor schmoes
aaronwilson Practice isn't open as a rule. Interviews are at the Hilton in Mission Bay at 11:40 a.m. PST.
ravenfan It's a good thing Baltimore fans are so used to quarterbacks struggling. check out the McNabb simulator. ;-)
drkraven Are the coaches happy with Marcus Robinson?
aaronwilson They aren't thrilled with his work thus far. He has only two catches thus far. His incentive clause aren't likely to be reached at this pace: $50,000 for 40 receptions; another $50,000 for 50 receptions.
mistat Hey Mac. One of these days we'll catch up!
Macadamia He should pay the Ravens...shoot.
Macadamia True, true
aaronwilson Give me something tougher, guys. lol.
drkraven Why does Chris look so bad?
mkg02 speaking of receivers, how's frank sanders doing? do you think he will be more of a factor in this week's game?
Macadamia Would you ask someone on the Ravens to get Kyle to quit looking down at his feet after every bad play?
adminsteve How do you think defenses are going to react to us after Sunday. Will JL have another 'career day' this season?
aaronwilson Chris Redman's confidence appears to be fractured. People openly say he looks like a shell of a quarterback. His demeanor is especially glum. It's unfortunate. Good guy.
drkraven I agree
aaronwilson Frank Sanders is doing well. Ozzie Newsome said today he wants to see Frank contribute 65 snaps the way Travis Taylor is doing.
mkg02 good to hear
aaronwilson Frank the Tank ran a heckuva post corner route against the Browns for 25 yards.
adminsteve Should I spell check 'heckuva' Aaron?
aaronwilson Defenses will stack the box. Marty Schottenheimer tends to believe in his cornerbacks. He had Dixon and Minnifield in Cleveland. He had Albert Lewis and Dale Carter in Kansas City, Fred Smoot and Deion Sanders in Washington and now he has Quentin Jammer and Sammy Davis.
harborraven how committed is the organization to keeping Baxter at safety?
ravenfan what's wrong with Brightful? he looked scared receiving kicks. do we go with someone else?
aaronwilson They will likely stick with this course for a while until they feel it's time to change, or if Corey Fuller loses too many more steps.
aaronwilson Lamont Brightful needs to be more consistent. It's somewhat maddening that he's this erratic.
ravenfan one of his fair catches there was 15 yards between him and the other team.
aaronwilson Correct.
harborraven ed reed returning more punts, any chance?
aaronwilson I don't think they want to risk Ed Reed in anything except for punt safe situations. That's why he was playing on the punt return team, not because they were experimenting with replacing Brightful.
Macadamia Aaron reached DEEP for the Minnifield and Dixon comment. IMPRESSIVE man!!
aaronwilson Thanks.
ravenfan sorry to hear that. ;)
Macadamia You ain't kiddin'
Macadamia But BOY did stickin' with this organization work out for me huh?
Macadamia hehehe
bugspit I came late, maybe it's been asked....How do you think Kyle will react to playing in his home town? More pressure or more relaxed, etc?
aaronwilson It's not exactly his hometown. He's from Los Angeles suburbs. Town called Newhall. I think he will respond well to being back in Southern California, as will Will Demps, whose brother, Marcus, starts at safety for the San Diego State Aztecs.
aaronwilson Kyle is a cool customer. He just needs to concentrate on his fundamentals and not over think his reads.
Macadamia Their corners are a 2nd year guy and a rook right?
aaronwilson Correct.
Macadamia Any more news on Muli's knee?
aaronwilson Edwin Mulitalo's knee is sprained. It's not as serious as his ankle. Keep in mind he weighs 350 pounds. It's an issue. Line coach Jim Colletto said he's not anticipating having Edwin available for Sunday or maybe another week or so. Casey Rabach will start at left guard.
harborraven does Jamal know any of the chargers linebackers- if so, has he been on the phone with them?
aaronwilson No, Jamal Lewis isn't real familiar with Donnie Edwards or Zach Moreno. He said no telephone calls this week.
ravenfan what is the condition of Chris McAlister? I know he left the game for a little bit. it's hard to follow him at the game? did he play well? i know they had very few passing yards.
aaronwilson Chris McAlister's thigh contusion was mild. As C-Mac said, any time he finishes a game he's playing the next week.
aaronwilson He played much better. Secondary coach Donnie Henderson was impressed with his progression.
Macadamia I was VERY surprised by how well our secondary played.
Macadamia What a difference, the Clowns have a ton of WR's.
Macadamia Where is Neil O'Donnell?
aaronwilson Neil O'Donnell is unsigned still.
Macadamia Hmmmmmmmm
Macadamia C'mon boyz, I can HEAR the crickets in here...
aaronwilson Do you guys have anything else?
bugspit Kyle says that he needs to stop ""aiming the ball"" and just throw. Do you see this (nerves) as his biggest obstacle thus far and if so, are there indications that he's ready to turn the corner soon?
drkraven I don't
aaronwilson Yes, it's mental and then it becomes physical. He needs to literally flex his knees and not just throw with his arm. His mechanics are admittedly regressing.
ravenfan he tends to under throw receivers. that interception he looked like he was aiming it.
Macadamia Speaking of Kyle, I get the impression the team really rallies around him. I even saw JO pat him on the butt after he gave up that sack.
aaronwilson They genuinely like Kyle and respect him. They all want him to do well. It's a matter of time before he performs better. Be patient. This is a two-year process.
Macadamia Yeah watch Quincy Carter last year (hell, last game) and then watch him last night.
bugspit Are there any indications that this may be Stover's last year here?
aaronwilson Not really. They said before the season that Matt Stover could kick for three more years.
ravenfan that 56 yard field goal was SWEEEET
adminsteve How about Demps Aaron. I thought he played well (from my vantage point in the nose bleeds) Will he be starting regularly?
aaronwilson Will Demps is performing well. He delivered quite a hit to force a fumble Sunday. He won't be starting regularly. He's set for the nickel package again on Sunday.
harborraven how about Suggs? I couldn't help but notice ray congratulating him after the sack. does he appear to be learning well from his mentors and showing maturity?
aaronwilson Terrell Suggs is making a strong impression. Ozzie Newsome was quite complimentary of him in an interview today.
ravenfan do the chargers like to spread the field with receivers like the Steelers and Browns? if they play ""marty ball"" then it's right up our alley. we want the other team running at ray and company.
aaronwilson They aren't capable of doing that often when David Boston isn't available. Boston said his bruised heel could keep him out again. He also apparently left the game before it ended last weekend and didn't stay to hear Marty's post-game summation. They will run it quite often with Tomlinson.
bugspit Suggs is on a pace for 16 sacks, not bad. :o) In your opinion, has Zeus worked his way into a starting role yet?
Macadamia Wow, and I really wanted us to get that guy. What a jerk!
drkraven I'm glad we didn't
Macadamia ""bruised heel"" Guess he can't lift weights with that...pfffft!
aaronwilson I think it's time to replace Ethan Brooks because Brooks was absolutely bull-rushed and embarrassed by Kenard Lang for two sacks. This will happen again. Also by my count he commits at least one penalty per game. He committed one in virtually every preseason game, too.
Macadamia Thank you Aaron... get that guy outta there!
aaronwilson Yes, Boston has nothing structurally wrong with his heel. He rules himself out, too, instead of waiting for the trainers to make that determination.
bugspit I apologize if I missed a Marcus Robinson question earlier. Has Billick packed this guys bags for him yet?
Macadamia Is Corey Fuller going to be healthy enough to be back at CB this Sunday?
aaronwilson No, Robinson will get more opportunities. They hope he'll come around.
aaronwilson Corey Fuller is likely to start on Sunday. He's much healthier.
ravenfan what is your prediction on how the game will unfold on Sunday? What are the keys to the game?
aaronwilson The Ravens will control this game behind a strong running game and defense. The formula could work again.
adminsteve Your quick take on what's happening in Cleveland. Lots of message board stuff this week about the FO down to the players. All bad. Your take?
adminsteve Keep the questions coming guys
Macadamia How please have the Ravens been with Jarret Johnson?
aaronwilson They have major issues, but they shouldn't pack in the season just yet. The young linebackers need time. The secondary needs to play more physically. Everyone needs a tackling drill or two or three. Gerard Warren and Courtney Brown need heart transplants. Offensive line is scrappy, but small. William Green has the tools. Receiving corps is top-notch, as are the special teams. It's time to go back to Tim Couch. He's better than Kelly Holcomb.
ravenfan it took a while. i didn't think he was better than anyone it took so long. ;)
aaronwilson They are enthused in a major way with Jarret Johnson. He's a tough guy with a top motor and technique to match. He has the tenacity of a Nate Bolling, whose practice squad deal was terminated today along with Marc Lester, with the skills to match.
bugspit Aaron, have you personally spent much time with Redman lately? It's a shame to see him so apparently rattled. The defense should keep us in the race all year. Can Chris regroup and get himself ready to perform if needed?
Macadamia Very cool, thanks.
ravenfan anything new to report on Musa Smith? is there a place on the team for him with 2 proven running backs?
aaronwilson I talk to Chris Redman occasionally, obviously not as much as I used to. He's not the starting quarterback anymore. That's the reality of the situation. I don't know if Chris Redman can regain his confidence unless he accepts that he lost his job and must move on from this to earn a fresh start somewhere else. He needs a change of scenery.
Macadamia Oh he'll get one.
aaronwilson Musa Smith isn't practicing yet. He will contribute next year. He was red-flagged medically coming out of Georgia. This is a redshirt year.
aaronwilson Last one.
adminsteve Anyone?
ravenfan ummm
Macadamia I'm happy thanks Aaron.
harborraven thanks Aaron.
ravenfan ummmm :)
bugspit Thanks Aaron, great job.
mkg02 thanks Aaron, have a safe trip to San Diego!
ravenfan ummmmm
aaronwilson Thanks for all your great questions. We'll do this again soon. Goodnight.

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