Jamal Lewis: Chargers' Tomlinson will be shut down

Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis has ignited a touch of controversy. Lewis said he doesn't believe San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson is capable of eluding a stingy Ravens defense led by All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis.

"I don't think it's a matchup," Lewis said in a conference call with San Diego media after setting an NFL record with 295 rushing yards against the Browns.

"I think [Ray] thrives on playing against so-called good running backs. I think he's hyped about it and he's ready to go."

Tomlinson ranked second in the NFL last year with 1,683 rushing yards. Lewis said he would be surprised if Tomlinson gains 100 yards, saying if he does reach that number it would be a hard-fought performance.

When the AFC Player of the Week was told his remarks sounded like a slam of Tomlinson, he said: "I'm not slamming LaDainian. LaDainian is a great running back. He's very shifty and he's had great accomplishments in the past. "Right now, San Diego (0-2) might be struggling a little bit, but going against a great defense - now come on. A ground attack? I don't know how well it plays against a great defense like ours."

The Ravens are tied for second in the AFC, allowing an average of 74 yards rushing, and are tied for second lowest in the NFL with a 2.7 average per carry. Baltimore (1-1) has given up six rushing first downs, the lowest amount in the NFL.

"Jamal can pop off at the mouth all he wants to," Tomlinson told reporters in San Diego. "I don't need Jamal Lewis to motivate me. I'm motivated by myself, by different things that I'm able to do on the football field."

Chargers fullback, Lorenzo Neal, a rugged lead blocker, had a different reaction. "I take it personal," Neal said, "and I think everyone should take it personal."

INJURY UPDATE: The Ravens reported no changes to their injury report, which lists: fullback Harold Morrow (elbow) and running back Musa Smith (knee) as out, offensive guard Edwin Mulitalo (knee, ankle) and safety Gerome Sapp (knee) as probable, cornerback Alvin Porter (groin) as questionable and quarterback Kyle Boller (knee) as probable.

San Diego's most prominent injuries include:

wide receiver Reche Caldwell (wrist) being out with tight end Stephen Alexander (groin), receiver David Boston (heel), linebacker Donnie Edwards (groin), end Marcellus Wiley (hamstring) questionable.

Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said Boston has been practicing without setbacks.

KICKOFF TIME CHANGED: Baltimore's home game next week against the Kansas City Chiefs and former Ravens running back Priest Holmes was moved to 4:05 p.m. from 1 p.m. to accommodate CBS' television patterns.

QUICK HITS: Ravens coach Brian Billick sarcastically quipped that the run-oriented Ravens are going to pass 40-50 times a game. … The Ravens brought along their entire practice squad, including recent additions Kareem Kelly, a receiver, and Michael Early, an offensive lineman. … Cornerback Tom Knight expects to make his debut after not seeing action last week despite not being listed on the injury report.

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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