message board poster Prolific questions the ability of our receivers to umm...receive and offers one solution.

Note: Views expressed by fan commentators are not necessarily those of BynersInsiders.Com "> message board poster Prolific questions the ability of our receivers to umm...receive and offers one solution.

Note: Views expressed by fan commentators are not necessarily those of BynersInsiders.Com ">

Pro's Plea: Get Terrell Owens Here Pronto!!

Fan Commentator and long time <A HREF="">message board</A> poster Prolific questions the ability of our receivers to umm...receive and offers one solution.<br><br><br> <i><font size="1">Note: Views expressed by fan commentators are not necessarily those of BynersInsiders.Com</font></i>

I know that it's a shot in the dark but how much do you have to pay for a wide receiver that can catch? I thought the word 'receiver' was in the job description and it was understood that at some point you're going to have to actually CATCH the ball.

Thinking about Sunday's victory over the Chargers, I'm pleased anytime that my team can get themselves a 'W' but at the same time other than Todd Heap and sometimes Frank Sanders, our receivers having the 'dropsies' is absolutely KILLING the progression of 'Bolling-Thunder' QB Kyle Boller. His numbers should have AT LEAST been double if receivers would actually hold onto the ball. 

There needs to be a change once this season is over. No matter what it takes, get some receivers who can catch in Baltimore! How can I be more clear? I can't, no one could. It's to the point and oh-so critical.

No matter if a guy is 6`6, 235lbs with 4.3 speed, if his arse can't catch, we don't need 'em. Some receivers on this team who's names I don't even have to mention are literally 'dropping the ball' when they're expected to produce. Overpaid slot-holders like Travis Taylor and Marcus Robinson, guys we thought had overcome their travesties and would help our team in the passing game. I don't care what it takes, getting a guy in here who can assume the #1 dependable receiver need that the Ravens have is a must and no matter what it takes this rag-tag crew of receivers that the Ravens tend to consistently field has GOT TO STOP!

And Terrell Owens could be the guy who makes that happen. 

A few years ago there were rumors that the Ravens were in the running to land Pro-Bowl receiver Keyshawn Johnson. Some were excited, others were not but the point of the matter is that if he had become a Raven the passing game would have instantly improved. Now there's a possibility for another chance to land an All-Pro WR who strikes fear into the hearts of DB's everywhere. I know I wouldn't look forward to facing him if the 49ers played the Ravens. It's also no secret that he's fed up with the way things are going in San Francisco and has publicly stated that there's a good chance that T.O. will sign elsewhere in the upcoming offseason.

The reality of the situation is that no matter how well you scheme against your opponents, if your receivers can't catch, then they don't impact your game plan.

Sure T.O. would cost a mint, but it'd be worth it watching Boller throw the ball up to him in the end zone for a Ravens touchdown and it's no secret that the Ravens will have an abundance of cap room available this upcoming offseason. It's also a given that it'll be extremely hard to land an impact receiver with the Ravens 2nd round pick.

So it's pretty much a given that the Ravens will have to address their need via F.A. and look more for depth in the draft.

T.O. would be the best that F.A. has to offer hands down. He's tall, strong, aggressive, and can actually CATCH THE BALL. Add to that the attitude that he'd bring to the Ravens offense and you've solved two problems at once.

I'm sure that some would be wary of Owens because of his propensity to 'act a fool' from time to time. But this guy wouldn't be the one sneaking trips to Mexico on a business trip sippin margaritas and bangin senoritas. T.O. shows up every single game. He wants the ball and delivers more often times than not whenever he steps onto the field. The amount of drops that he has compared to the amount that our current receivers have are like night and day. Nobody's going to catch every pass that's thrown to them, but in the NFL you're expected to deliver more oftentimes than not.

T.O. delivers above and beyond what's expected, and reaches a new plateau the more often you get him the ball. T.O. is an impact player and a guy who would thrive in Billick's offense.

I'm sure that Billick would love to scheme plays just for T.O. and script him a 1,500 yd-12+ td season and the possibility of a SuperBowl victory.

Defenses wouldn't be able to key on Todd Heap or Jamal Lewis as much once T.O. is the benefactor of a few long bombs from 'Bolling-Thunder'.

The one thing that we're always hearing about our offense is a lack of an identity. The coach wants the Ravens to be an 'explosive' offense while the reality of it all is that they are a running team. Of course whatever it takes to get the 'W' is what they'll do but you and I both know that Billick would love to have a receiver like T.O. which would be the closest thing he's had here to Randy Moss as he's gonna get. The Ravens were smart to put their foot down on David Boston because he came with a whole lotta baggage and a ton of serious psychological issues.

T.O. is a guy who's never really done anything that would make you raise an eyebrow off the field. A consummate family man who loves his sons and enjoys being a dad to his kids, T.O. hasn't one blemish on his resume about his off the field antics. Sure his a little overzealous at times, but so long as he's succeeding his team will succeed and that'll be alright with coach Billick.

All that I'm saying is that it would be a good idea to take a serious look at T.O. IF he makes it to free agency. He's a play-maker, a guy who'll change the face of the Ravens offense and finally turn them into the explosive offensive team that we Ravens fans have been begging for.

Just my opinion.-Pro-

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