Learning on the Fly

There is a possibility that we can keep winning in the manner that we are operating in right now with Kyle Boller at quarterback. The experience that he is able to go through provides an excellent platform for him to grow and mature as a future frontline quarterback.

The fact that we have won the last two games in the manner that we have has said to me that he can learn as we win. If that is the case, this experience will build his confidence.


Jamal Lewis is the focal point of the offense, and the focus of every defense that our offense will face. The box is full of eight and nine men consistently, so that defenses can try to take away his running lanes, making the running less effective. The "beast", as he calls himself, handles this problem by running through or past the defensive backs once he gets a small crack to run through.


With the aforementioned thought kept in mind, we have to monitor the development of Kyle Boller, and the performance of the wide receivers within the passing game, as they continue to gain opportunities to make plays down the field due Jamal's effectivness. Kyle is going to continue to progress within a positive light, while he makes the mistakes that will only allow him to learn from. He must go through growing pains to get the wisdom to perform at a level of greatness in due time.


The emergence of one or two of the wide receivers will provide a release of pressure that is on Jamal Lewis' shoulders. It will also assist in the growth, maturation and confidence of our young quarterback.


I feel that the opportunities will be taken advantage of by a guy like Travis Taylor. He is on the verge of becoming the guy to go to. I like his positive energy and his desire. He can and will be a special player on day. When he does become the man, and make the plays that he is capable of making, than the mistakes that are made by Kyle will be minimized. This will assist with Kyle's learning curve while we win ball games. 

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