Inside Slant - Ravens Vs Cardinals

Aaron takes a look at the key matchups in Sunday's game.

When the Ravens have the football
Anticipate a steady diet of Jamal Lewis runs with more frequent relief from primary backup Chester Taylor because of the so-called dry heat common to the Valley of the Sun. Plus, offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh will likely have some new progressions for rookie quarterback Kyle Boller to work with in a conservative passing game centered around Pro Bowl tight end Todd Heap

Key matchup
TE Todd Heap vs. SS Adrian Wilson

Heap's athleticism and smarts should give him a pronounced edge over the intensity of Wilson, who has gained 30 pounds of bulk since last season.

When the Cardinals have the football
Watch former Baltimore quarterback Jeff Blake use his arm strength and savvy to attempt to escape a focused pass rush. Blake will obviously throw it as often as he can to rookie standout Anquan Boldin. He doesn't have much confidence in his team's running game following Emmitt Smith's injury or his blockers after they got him sacked twice for safeties last week against the Dallas Cowboys. Can you blame him?

Key matchup
NG Kelly Gregg vs. RG Leonard Davis

Gregg's combination of a rare motor and leverage could overwhelm the 6-foot-6, 384-pound Davis. Davis struggled terribly last week at Texas Stadium.
Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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