Inside slant for Ravens against Broncos

Inside slant <P> When the Ravens have the football <P> Anticipate a game plan centered heavily on running toward newcomer linebacker Jahson Sykes and right end Bert Berry. Both are undersized and this is an edge that the Ravens' hefty offensive line could exploit.

Granting rookie quarterback Kyle Boller enough protection and time to throw is imperative. Right tackles Orlando Brown and Ethan Brooks have to put the clamps on left end Trevor Pryce.

Key matchup

RB Jamal Lewis vs. LB Al Wilson

The bullish Lewis gets another shot at his college teammate.

When the Broncos have the football

Expect Clinton Portis to attempt to run wide while Danny Kanell works the seams to tight end Shannon Sharpe with a few deep throws to Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie. Lelie's speed is a major factor.

Key matchup

CB Chris McAlister vs. WR Rod Smith

Ravens' franchise player has to thrive in high-profile situations to gain Pro Bowl acclaim, lucrative contract he's seeking.

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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