Do You Believe?

<p>Do you believe?<br> <br> The season is on the line and we are a head above our closest opponent. We are now striving for what is out there and within reach. The PLAYOFFS!!&nbsp;<br> <br>

What has made us believe and keep the fight alive?

Firstly, the knowledge of what is at the end of the season. The playoffs are a special place to exercise the will, a place where the inner man is challenged and the pursuit of excellence drives you. But what makes you believe?

It's the bar that you set for yourself and also the bar that has been set by your leader. Sure Brian is the leader in one respect – on the field but Mr. Modell has been a true winner in this league for the majority of his NFL career. Winning has long been his own tradition and he has always set the standard. That standard and his expectancy set the tone and has caused this team to believe.

That is said and proven. But what has given you the fan a reason to believe and have a hope that is undying? I feel that within each fan there is a hope that drives and directs our thoughts and actions. You believe because you have bought into the vision as well. 
It can be tough being a fan, especially this year as a Ravens fan and I for one appreciate your position. You want to believe in the players, coaches and the rest of the organization without fail and when the boys succeed it's something that you always believed was possible.

So we are at the cusp of what we all have believed was/is possible and face Pittsburgh in a tough nationally televised game. We have to continue to push forward and trust in what we believe. We have to set the tone against Pittsburgh early and continue on the path that has been set from the beginning of the season. 

Be a part and stay the course and beyond all ask yourself ‘do you BELIEVE!'

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